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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The "Runway Run" down

I'll say it for you, "Yes, Captain Doug has a big head!"

Meteorologically speaking it was perfect. Actually, a light northwest wind advected jet fumes to the runway. Ordinarily, pilots like the smell of jet exhaust but when you are panting like a overworked thirsty dog with it's tongue hanging out, it added to the challenge. It's my excuse...anyway...

Logistically speaking (on my end) it worked out well. Giving my talk in front a crowd of over 2000 went without a hitch and selecting the winners for two tickets anywhere Air Canada flies and an hour's simulator session..flawless. I was thrown to the wolves as far as the P.R guy for Air Canada. As you know we went throw a tumultuous week with labour unrest so management was not to be seen. But the show must go on!

My talk was short. I knew people were more interested in running.

Here's some of what I said....

Good morning everyone...this is YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING!!! (yes, I still get laughs from that opening line)

To all of my fellow runners and walkers! It’s not every day a person gets to run or walk down a runway. So I’ve laced up my running shoes to join you out there today.

For me, a pilot with 18,000 hours, it will be the first time I step foot on a runway. Think about it, if I’m walking on a runway, I’m not having a good day....

We had an Airbus 319 parked at the start/finish line.
It's painted with the Kids Horizons decals. 
This was my first race...ever. I ran 5 km in 22:59. Not bad for a guy who did not train in the last two weeks because he was following orders in the backyard from "number one" plus I dislike running. I placed 66th out of 1086 runners.

The winning team. Yes, we won the "centipede" group and our times  beat the "other" team grouping as well.
We donned blue Kid's Horizons shirts for some P.R shots.

The fella on the extreme left came 13th overall. Our slowest runner, recently promoted to left seat of the B777 had to walk for a bit. But he said a very rotund lady (I'm not using his own words here) passed him. That was enough for him to start running again and beat her to the finish line. Men! Pilots! 

This Georgian aviation management student in Barrie (an hour away) drove to meet me and to get my book signed. First time I signed a book in the intake of a jet engine. :)))

There were lots of other departments present for the families. This is "Birdman" who drives around the airport with a trained falcon to scare off birds. One day, his falcon took a disliking to my Airbus during taxi. The bird soon realized I was not a threat. True story.


Captain Doug said...

Hi Capt Doug:

With the Grace of God, I would like to express many thanks for taking the time out for signing my book. It was a pleasure meeting you today at the runway run event. I have attached some pictures taken with your “Air Canada” team and a couple of pics with us along with the book. Thought to share it with if you wanted to post it on your blog. I really enjoyed talking to you but due to limited time, was unable to benefit more from your mentorship.

I’m currently an Aviation Management student with Georgian College in Barrie and came down today specially to meet you and to get the pleasure of having my book autographed. I have worked with Transport Canada in the Airlines Division in Ottawa throughout my co-ops and had your blog pictures put up in my office. I had mentioned your name several times to the Transport Canada Flight Ops inspectors and they were thrilled to know how you have been inspiring Aviation enthusiasts and also Aviation students like myself in guiding towards chasing our dreams. Way to go Captain!!!

I thank you for all that you have done in the Aviation industry, and how you have inspired people to better their careers and fulfill their dreams. Your book educates on the different phases of flight and yet, is simple and logical, read popularly by both Aviation and non-Aviation readers. Two thumbs up!!!

You are my Aviation role model and one day I’ll be up flying high in the sky with the Airline and when you will come across a familiar name Capt Khan, definitely you'd recall a familiar face whom you had inspired, a female pilot to-be, future Capt Khan, who’s book you had autographed on runway 24L on June 18, 2011 and who had looked up to you as her amazing motivator, a teacher, a role model........... and she is now living her dreams i.e flying forever and ever God Willing.

Captain Doug said...

Dear future Captain Khan :))))

Those were extremely kind words. Actually, they were humbling!

Thanks for the pics.

Again, thank you for buying my book, your enthusiasm, and for going out of your way!

You have what it takes, so I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Captain Doug

rubykhan said...

Hey Captain:

Every single word of the comment comes out genuine and I feel honored to share it with everyone on the blog and express it to the world out there! You're such a God-gifted gem. I appreciate this gift BIG TIME. :)

Thanks for wishing me luck and I hope to see you again.

Cheers, Future Capt Khan (God Willing).

getjets said...


the results....and I love the "from the bottom up" math Craig R....lol

Great pics Captain Doug, looks like the swelling went down a bit.....

or I thought the "HOT AIR BALLOON" race was last week.....i'm in trouble now.....


Captain Doug said...


The swelling comes and goes.:))))

Regarding "hot air," that race never ends...

And as far as getting into trouble, you'll have to dig a little deeper for that.... :)))

Thanks for posting the results. I still can't believe I placed 66th. Must have been the beautiful weather, the site of airplanes, the fact I was the team captain,
my ego (both male and pilot) or it could have been the one I was trying to keep up to.
She beat me to the finish line. You always have to have a motivator. LOL

Captain Doug with a ton of chores on Father's day.

I bought (sorry my kids bought me) a power washer. Guess what I'm tasked to do today? :)))

Happy father's day to your hubby. :)

getjets said...

ah yes....."MOTIVATION".....it DO come in many shapes and sizes!!!!!!!!!!!

and you are right....there was plenty of scenery at the 'run'....love the 2 way street, so to speak...lol

I would have given anything(almost) to have been there and have a picture taken...................................................................................with..........................................
.................................................and nestled in front of......................................that perfectly................................................... round..........................................................
sitting all up close and personal..... right up in the engine intake of that BEAUTIFUL Air Canada jet......!!!!!!!

oh and you could have been in it to.....lol

so you getting a "power washer"....is that like me getting a BRAND NEW vacuum cleaner????

ain't Love grand!!!!!!....LOL

the best part is........it is Grand!!!!!!
not in trouble yet????? i'll keep digging....problem is
starting to look like a grave....YIKES!!!!

bye bye "Daddy Morris"

and Thank you for the Father's day wishes for hubby.....

rubykhan said...

Dear Captain Doug:
Happy Father's Day!!! Thank you for being you and everything that you do Captain!

I guess lots of cleaning to do with your powerwasher today..........lol.

Have to wish my dad right now, who also was a pilot with more than 10,000 hours and flew mostly in Pakistan, Middle East, Africa and U.S. He’s been my Aviation mentor right from day one and will always be. I love him to the moon!!! 

Love you Aviators, my mentors, role models and teachers!!!

God Bless you all!!! Happy Father’s day!!! 

Craig R said...


If I didn't think that way I would never find myself in race results! I'm never a threat to win, so I just enjoy the scenery.



getjets said...



I hope you don't mind, Captain Doug, but your your washing down the mansion anyway....LOL

The Le Bourget "PARIS AIR SHOW,2011" is this week coming...and the above website allows you to register and have your own Paris Air Show coverage online...
least that's what it says.....

I am giving it a try.....
the Paris Air Show is June 20-23 for the BIG DAWGS(median income of 10's of zilllions of $$$$$$'s(buyers and traders)

then, for the common folk...June 24-26....yea thats when all they have left is 'bar brand' liquor'left.......LOL

miss(stick her nose in everything)twa

getjets said...

Craig R.....so true.....the only way I would have crossed the finish would have been on a 4-wheel drive gurney, straight into an ambulance(spelled backwards on the windshield)...my luck they would have dropped me going ....but I would have loved the attention....lol

Captain Doug said...

Craig R. Sounds like you were also enjoying the scenery. :)))

As we pilots say, "you always have to keep your scan up." lol

Bas said...

Love the photo Captain, this post brought a smile on my face! Looks like everyone enjoyed being there :) How's fathers day so far?


getjets said...

What a Beautiful Family, Captain Doug!!!!!

Foggy said...

Cap'n Doug,

That is one "BAD" hat!! Well done on the "win"; all down, I'm sure, to class 1 leadership and teamwork.

Odour d'avtur - another thing I miss about working "on the line". "Interesting" that "management" made themselves scarce! I shall say no more. So, the plan for next year is: Same again, this time pulling the 319!!

Tough luck on the Fathers Day chores - same, over here though it's been raining again so the grass is getting longer. Cooked the roast chicken dinner - "Boss" at work, No. 1 FO doesn't do roast chicken, No. 2 FO was "away", so it's down to cabin boy Foggy to save the day...

...and a really nice picture of (most of) the clan...

cheers again

Captain Doug said...


I try to log on with your attached link but "no joy." Looks like I'm not going/visiting the Paris Air Show. :(

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Yes, I have three great kids!

Thanks for the kind words....

rubykhan said...

Charming family Captain Doug!

Captain Doug said...


Father's day was typical dad stuff: I painted three doors, did three loads of laundry, cleaned the garage, power-washed my driveway with my new toy, power-washed my neighbour's driveway (I got carried away with my new toy) and power-washed my front steps. I took my son to hockey
and "number one" cooked me up a storm. Now I'm readying for my class tomorrow. Captain D will be wooing 12 new hires on meteorology.

So like a good teacher, I must prepare for my class. Though I think I can bluff my way pretty good for five hours. :))))

Glad the photo brought a smile. But you are a young man, your smiles should be found in swanky bars (cafes as you call them) and getting
people's names mixed up!!! Yes, I'm referring to your blog. LOL

So, go out and grab the world by the you know what. Don't wait for the huge mortgage, five cell phones to pay and putting two of three kids through university.
Cause it makes you boring really fast...... :)))))

Captain Doug said...

Ruby. Yes, I love my "new toy."

And say "hi" to Dad. (From one pilot to another)

You have a gift with your words. :)

Thanks for the "Happy Father's Day."

Captain Doug the aviator

P.S And thanks for the kind words about my three children. :)

Captain Doug said...

Foggy. You have some humdinger lines..."odour d'avtur" ... lol

To be honest I did not know "Avtur" stood for aviation turbine fuel. I'm embarrassed.

By no means did I try to give anyone the illusion I was management. Although they probably assumed it. I am just an "on the line" peon who they give the keys to a $60 million airplane. :))))

An airplane pull sounds like fun. I think that exists as well but I'm not sure when.

Funny a father at hockey today postulated this question, "why do we take the mother's out to a restaurant and we Dads cook for
Father's day?" Actually, that doesn't happen in my house. Number one is an awesome cook and I love food. After all, what else is there? LOL

Thanks about the pic. You can guess who was taking the picture.

Anonymous said...


Captain Doug said...

Anon. Thanks for the link. Although, I don't see myself tugging on a Fedex plane in the near future. :)

They actually had an airplane at the run yesterday, but our A319 stole the attention.

Looks like you guys in YOW have all the fun. :)))

Craig said...

That's about the only fun we have at YOW. Standing around for 30 minutes while spotting and not seeing a single departure or arrival is not a whole lot of fun, lol. And then a Dash-8 shows up...

I like the family pic. More specifically, your daughters... ;)

Hope you had a good day!

- Craig M

Captain Doug said...

Craig M.

You guys in YOW have a neat spotting place near the button of 25.

Tis a shame most airports around the world don't realize there are tons of people who would
actually pay to watch airplanes. I often thought a place in Toronto should be set up.
One could watch airplanes, listen to a scanner, talk the talk and absorb the aviation.
Airports shouldn't be a cold place to visit. It should be a fun one. Just my observation.

Rumour has it, Pearson is realizing they need a P.R make over. Bout time.

And as far as my daughters, yes they turn heads. I wish I had the power they have. LOL

Craig said...

Yes, we definitely have some great spots along 25/07. I love when the 767's hold short of 25 and their wing tips are right over the top of the fence. Listening to the engines roar up from that close as well never gets old.

As for observation decks, I agree! They had a great one at Paine Field when I was there. Tables and chairs and scanners hooked into speakers for everyone to listen to. I've met plenty of great people while spotting, it's a shame a lot of places can be rather strict about it (although I certainly understand why).

I'd love to spend an afternoon at YYZ. I could likely make a nice little day trip out of it, but then again Montreal is much easier to get to for me (and finally have daily A380 service!).

- Craig M

Captain Doug said...

Craig M.

You got to Paine Field? Just heard one our Airbus guys was getting checked out on the B777. Rumour has it he was asked not to bring his Airbus gym bag on the premises.

I don't believe security is as big an issue as many make it out to be. One can easily make an observation area free of any security implications.

Craig said...

My dad and I took a drive down there while in Vancouver last month. The factory tour is really great, especially right now with all the 787's and 747-8's being built and lying around the facilities. They're very strict about everything. The only thing allowed on the tour is you and your clothes. Boeing Field is also very interesting with a nice big museum to check out. Never thought I'd get to stand next to a Concorde.

I highly recommend it if you ever have a Vancouver layover long enough to do so (assuming that the A320 still doesn't fly the YYZ-SEA route)!

rubykhan said...

You`re welcome Captain. Thanks for your warm comments. And yes, I`ve conveyed your hi from one pilot to another. lol

Also,dad says(pilot to pilot talk)....to stay below the MACH number and keep the blue side up. And, don’t forget gears down, three greens and locked.LOL.


Foggy said...

Hi Doug,

I guess the photographer is "Diesel Daughter"?

And on photographs: is the "falcon" a Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus)? A number of RAF airfields had a "Birdman" - they tended to use smaller birds of prey like Kestrel or Sparrowhawk. Mostly, we just made do with Air trafficers driving around the peri-track in a Land Rover firing "flash-bangs". That just moved the birds from one side of the runway to the other...

Thanks for the info - I'll reply later today.


Captain Doug said...


Actually, "Diesel Daughter" is in the white dress the night of her prom. My other daughter is going into third year engineering. "Number one" took the pic.

Not sure on the "falcon" model. :))) I didn't have time to talk to "birdman" but they are present in CYYZ big time. In fact, I made a really great contact with the airport authority so if I want to visit any of the many departments, he said I'm in. I always wanted to see the vehicle which barrels down the runway, hits the brakes, to determine the "braking index"
on contaminated runways.

It's true about "bird scarers" they just make the birds take off and land somewhere else. :)))
Many airports use propane guns which send a noise and shock wave to get them airborne.
But I see that technique is waning...


Captain Doug said...


Tell your dad, thanks! Now there's a procedure I have not heard in awhile..."three green" and "check gear down and locked."

Landing gear issues sure are rarer and rarer these days. (knock on wood)

In fact, until recently, we would confirm the gear by saying "lever down, three green, spoilers are armed."

Now all we say is "no blue." It's Airbus talk saying no item has been missed. In other words we rely entirely on what the airplane thinks. Between you and I, I still check to see if the gear handle is down and we have "three green." :)))))

Cedarglen said...

Happy Day After, Captain (Father) Doug. In no particular order, a Beautiful/Handsome family and an AC had to kill for! 1100 runners had a good time and raised some bucks for charity; that't can't be all bad, even if some don't care for running - yet still lead the pack. You'll come to love that pressure washer. I've found plenty of uses for mine. I hope youro new hire students get a good lecture on the hazzards of winter weather and the de-icing process! Regards, -Craig. (And with so many of us, I'll certainly maintain the Cedarglen log-on.)

Cedarglen said...

Let's make that 'hat to kill for.'

Bas said...

What a day Captain! Last weekend I had the great idea of visiting my blog after going out with friends lol... Here's a tip for you, don't comment on your blog while you've been drinking haha :) Makes things akward =P


Christer said...

Looks like it was quite an event! Wish I could have been there- guess there's always next year:) Glad to hear your talk went well, and thanks for posting the pictures too.

Hope the pressure washing goes without a hitch. One piece of advice if I may take the liberty- if you're trying to clean the side of your house, don't get high up on a ladder and hold that thing in both hands no matter how hard you lean against the ladder. When you pull the trigger and it kicks back, the ground suddenly feels a lot higher than it looks, even at half a story. I made that mistake, once....:)

Happy belated father's day to you, and safe travels wherever you're off to next!


Cedarglen said...

Good Captain: I've see several mentions of a blog operated by our regularly posting friend, BAS. Is his blog av-related and can 'general public' folks visit? If BAS's blog is open to new visitors,I'd like to have the address. Of course, this is still HomeBase, but other flying blogs are often a good thing. Thanks. to both Doug and to BAS. Cheers!
-Craig - one of the many...

Bas said...

Hey Cedarglen,

Yeah I've got a blog too, I'll ask the Captain if I can post the link here. Anyone can visit and comment, so no problem. (I think that, if you click on my name you can see a link to my blog under the header 'My Blogs').

Hope you enjoy, and excuse me Captain for talking about my own blog on yours!


getjets said...


ooopsi daisy............

getjets said...


Craig R said...


I agree on the hat. Kind of makes him look like a big golf tee, doesn't it?

Just kidding, Captain D!


rubykhan said...

You're welcome says dad. Thanks for informing on the current procedure "lever down, three green, spoilers are armed." Between you two pilots talk, I'm getting to benefit from learning..........BIG TIME!!!

Good stuff! Checking gear handle, you're ahead of the game........Captain. :)))

Fly safe and keep us in the loop!!!


Captain Doug said...

Hi Cedarglen (Craig).

Taught ten of Air Canada's newest pilots today.
They've been told hiring will continue for the foreseeable future.

Great bunch and I wish them well.

Six of them will be cruisers on the B777 and four F/Os on the Embraer.

It will be awhile until they trickle onto the A320 to meet Captain D. :)

Captain Doug said...

Bas. Everyone knows drinking and blogging doesn't mix. ahem... lol

Captain Doug said...

Christer. Happy belated Father's Day as well.

I'll heed your advice about the pressure washer. LOL

Captain Doug said...

Ruby. Just taught a new hire class of 10. I've also received an email saying another class starts in July, August and September. It's rare to be running summer courses. We need pilots! So go get your qualifications!

Six will be cruising (dozing for dollars or yawning for Yen) on the B777 and four will be F/Os on the Embraer.

rubykhan said...

Hi Captain D:

Wow!!! ten pilots.......cool. Is the training conducted at the CAE/Air Canada building on Logistics Drive. I've had a tour there, in fact I got a chance of doing a circuit with Transport Canada inspectors on the E-190. It was a co-op trip arranged by TC with AC. I loved the trip, AC staff and the sim overall. :)))

rubykhan said...

Certainly.......this hiring process is making me more inclined towards getting my flying licences ASAP. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. Captain D, please keep me in the loop, I would wish to be among your class of new hires upon completion of college and getting my qualifications (licences) by next year 2012 God Willing.

Captain Doug said...

Cedarglen. Bas's blog is definitely public. If you look on the left hand column of my blog you'll
see "Other Great blogs" and you'll see his.

Here's a direct link:

Bas's blog

Let's hope you and others pay his blog a visit.

Captain Doug said...

Ruby. That's the place! We are all under the same roof now. It's a nice place but the only thing lacking is adequate food services. The class gets a catered lunch. They really don't leave the classroom so it allows us instructors to pick on them. LOL

So you got up for a spin in the sim. Great stuff!

Captain Doug said...

Getjets, glad you like the hat. Tomorrow I get to wear my normal hat enroute to Vancouver and Winnipeg.
(My head still fits in that one) :)))

I have not laid over in Winnipeg for over 12 years.

Looking forward to getting back to work....

Captain Doug said...

Craig R "Captain D the golf tee." I agree. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Ruby. I did not realize Georgian College still teaches the actual flying. I thought that part ceased?

shege2000 said...

Captain Doug,

Please dont forget the signed book I ordered.

Congrats on your running!

Captain Doug said...

Shege2000. I certainly did not forget about your book but with this postal strike I elected to hold off.
I see they are legislated back so I will mail it tomorrow prior to my four day mission.

Sorry, I've been meaning to email you!


rubykhan said...

I concur: the last time, I went there, had to rely on vending machines........lol. There are nice restaurants on Airport Road, North of Derry..........I love Pakistani/Indian food, so lots of choices and options to eat.

Catered lunch is convenient and besides, more time for Capt D to pull pranks on new comers.........lol. :)))

Georgian College's Aviation Mgt program, includes flight labs but not actual flying. Students have to learn it separately out of their pockets, and that doubles the debts on them. Gets pretty costly!!!
Any tips on managing to pay off school debt and managing to take flying lessons at the same time?

Captain Doug said...


I too love Indian food. Rumour has it they are looking at flghts back to New Delhi. I never realized how bland the Canadian diet was until I flew to India.

LOL about pulling pranks on the new hires.

I hear ya about accruing debt. While chatting with the new hires, I mentioned the B767 comes with over a $30,000 raise. One student piped up and said,"that's what I will be making." I looked down to my feet. Silence. But another student came to the rescue and cheerfully said, "one step backwards, two steps forward. That's exactly what I said when I was hired over 15 years ago!!!

Pilots and debt goes hand in hand...unfortunately. :((((

But hey, you told me your father was an airline pilot...he must be rolling in the money. LOL

rubykhan said...

Good morning Capt Doug:
Just heading off to school, thought to quickly drop a line before I get occupied for the rest of the day. Have aerodynamics class today. Phew! Aerodynamics is tough when you have a Nuclear Engineer teacher.....LOL. Way advanced for us!!!

Yes, Pakistani and Indian foods are yummy yummy and if you’ve got the taste bud to take the heat of spices, go for it then Capt D. Lol.

I really admire, your comment of one step backwards and two steps forward. It really gave me motivation. Now I can change my way of thinking and align myself to this positive mindset.
WAY TO GO AVIATOR!!! Bring them on.............!!!

My father was an airline pilot but currently is running his own business. Besides, it’s my desire to achieve my goals on my own God Willing.

Have a safe flight and enjoy your four day Mission!!!

SMILES!!! :)))

Craig R said...

I think "one step backwards, two steps forward" is a tremendous attitude, and one that can be applied to many occupations. Grinding through those early years of hard work with humble pay is making an investment in one's future. It's also any industry's way of weeding out those who aren't truly committed. Hold the course and the rewards will come.

Craig R

Captain Doug said...


The hottest Indian food I ever had was in Hong Kong. We were on fire!

Speaking of motivation, I just responded to a guy in his early thirties thinking about changing careers to become a pilot.

I told him he has been bitten by the "bug" and the only way to cure it is to grab an instructor, go in debt and fly, fly, fly!

I too financed everything on my own. Tree planting really helped pay the bills for me.

Yes, I'm off on a four day mission and I'm looking forward to it. I don't care if it's "Timbuktu" I'm doing what I wanted to do....


rubykhan said...

Yes Craig, patience pays off. Where there's a will, there's a way!!! I'm really enjoying this blog now. I'm learning a lot here. :)))

rubykhan said...
This post has been removed by the author.
rubykhan said...

Capt D:

You were on fire............LOL.

Interesting to know, about beginning flying in thirties............!!! Do you think switching career and starting from scratch in that age is not late. What are the pros and cons of starting so late? I switched my career too from Automotive to Aviation (Although they both are transportation, but I love cars and planes both.....lol).

Do you think there’ll be a shortage of pilots in Canada due to baby boomers retiring? Would airlines be hiring directly from flight schools and putting pilots on the right seat due to the shortage. I wish we had the MPL training for Canadian airlines............!!! I believe Jazz hires fresh off Seneca College. What’s Air Canada’s approach?

Wow!!! You did tree planting, very ambitious of you. I guess, I need to be patient and focused. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!!
TIMBAKTU...............hahaha!!! I always wanted to know, if this place really existed. LOL.

rubykhan said...

Captain Doug:

The final numbers are in from GTAA for the runway run event:

Organizer of event from GTAA says, "We had 150+ volunteers. There were 2400 people on attendance and raised $130,000.00 for the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation. This money will truly make a difference in someone’s life, and we have been informed by the foundation that our donation can purchase 2 neo-natal beds."

It feels so good to be a part of such a noble cause. SO HAPPY, we all did it!!! Thanks to Almighty God for making it happen. Yeah!!!

Captain Doug said...


The only "con" about starting late is you will have regrets of not starting earlier....that's all.
Sure you may not get a full pension (I won't) and you may not reach the top as far as pay but look at the journey. It will be the journey you wanted to pursue. It doesn't matter when you visit the Taj Mahal in life but as long as you visit. Been there!

Baby boomers retiring? Yes...I think there will be a serious shortage...for now. But as you know there are retirement issues that must be
resolved. When I go to flight planning there is a lot of balding grey hair heads there. And I'm one of them... :))))

Airlines are already hiring directly for pilots. Air Asia is a leader in MPL (Multi Crew Pilot License) and in fact they trained here in YYZ at CAE.

Jazz used to hire directly but stopped. So says my F/O last night. He is ex-Jazz.

Air Canada now wants either a degree or diploma, about 3500 to 4500 hours, and turboprop time.

Tree planting? One of my greatest nightmares is to wake up under a canvass roof reminding me of my tree planting days.
Gotta about 400,000 little rascals growing because of me. It's not a job for the faint of heart. :)))

Timbuktui (Africa) is equivalent to Tuktoyaktuk (Cananda's north). We use them as places no one visits but both exist.

Captain D in YWG

rubykhan said...

Capt D.
I’m already having those regrets..........switched my industry couple of years ago and now starting from scratch. I’ve always longed to go down the path of flying but held it off due to the industry downfall after 9/11 incident.

As you said, what matters is to pursue the goal no matter when and besides, I’m from Pakistan (thought to let you know, lol) but love your example of Taj Mahal. Haven’t visited yet......LOL.

During my co-op at TC, I was aware of MPL and Air Asia’s 1st batch graduation this year.

Currently working on my Aviation mgt diploma and then gotta get those flying hours rolling God Willing.

Wow! That’s a lot of trees to grow. Strong guy eh!!!
Tuktoyaktuk............I’ve just learned of another catchy phrase......infact a place...LOL. :)))

Enjoy your stay in YWG and thanks for the motivation. It really helps.

God Bless you captain!!!