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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ten more on the seniority list

Well Captain D took off that dorky hat that made me look like a "golf tee" and put on his weather hat. 

Actually meteorologists don't wear hats, but you know what I mean.

For over four hours I pounded the new hire class with meteorology.

I showed them weather reports are not in the same format around the world. What does 9999 mean for Heathrow's METAR? (Answer: unlimited visibility)

I showed them the device that measures RVRs is no longer a transmissometer but a forward scattered RVR sensor.

I asked them where are all aviation forecasts are written in Canada? No one knew, no one ever knows and to be honest no one cares. :))) It doesn't matter really. But in case you are wondering it's Edmonton, Alberta and Montreal, Quebec. Kansas city looks after most of the American cities.

We talked about the tropopause. Only two of the ten candidates ever penetrated the "trop."
One flew the B737 for Sunwing and the other...a business jet.

Then we chatted about jet streams. Minimum speed for it to be labelled a jet stream is 60 knots.

Turbulence. What is the difference between chop and turbulence? There are six different types of turbulence and one is man made - wake turbulence. What is the separation for a medium (A320) behind a medium (another A320)? There is none. One in the class knew this. I didn't until a few days ago.

Then it was significant weather charts, icing, volcanic ash, space weather, and weather websites.

A great bunch and I think they learned something.

Off on a four day mission tomorrow. I avoided four day pairings. How did that get there?

Oh well, Winnipeg here I come!


getjets said...

LLLLOOOOLLLL Craig R....the hat looks like a giant golf tee.....can you imagine the size of the golf ball......all those dimples....this is just too traumatic...
wait.....lets play hockey....alright Captain, I'm done.....


Captain(Dr Seuss "cap" in the hat)Doug.....

I'll get back to talking aviation....but you should have thought about that before donning that apparatus.....on yo head....

does it have it's own zip code?

hat ever mistaken for a "mancave"

can it vote?

front runner for the Macy's day parade....

is the world short of "black felt" because of it's birth?

did you claim it on your taxes?

are your children jealous?

does it take unleaded gas?

aren't you afraid some one will mistake it for a pinata???

Global warming(all that hot air)

guess I better get some work done

getjets said...

have you been compelled to say when walking into a room with the said HAT on...."I COME IN PEACE"?

can I "google earth" it?

BIG FOOT hiding place?

does it have it's own health ins.?

aren't you about "class B(bravo air space??

getjets said...

correction......not "ABOUT....."ABOVE"....OOOPS


gotta go, no more friends....

Anonymous said...

@ getjets --> Ha ha ha ha ha...


Bas said...

Weather, awesome thing... (Well, not always haha) Still waiting for your weather book Captain :)


Captain Doug said...

Anon. Yes, Getjets is on a roll but I don't have time to respond to all of her funny quips. :))

Gotta go to work.

cstclair@pelmorex.com said...

Hey Doug - always great post - as a met and captain - you'll like this - linked story from the Av Herald this morning - http://avherald.com/h?article=43e84361&opt=0

Captain Doug said...

Bas. You made my eyes go to the floor in disbelief....I have yet to light the fires about my weather book. :(((

Student pilots and "on line pilots" in Canada are in desperate need of a new/good weather book and I know just the fella to fill that niche. But there's one problem with this guy (actually there are many according to number one) but this guy is a procrastinator. I need someone to kick me in the "dairy-air." :))))

Thanks for checking in. You may have a "heavy hitter" come join your blog. He will keep you and your commenters on your toes! LOL

Captain D

Captain Doug said...

Chris, thanks for the link. I am absolutely amazed there aren't more collisions with weather balloons. They get as big as a two story building when they burst at 100,000 feet. They are launched from 1000 sites twice a day! The probability is there!

A few weeks ago while at flight level, I was thinking this very thing. What is the chance of me seeing a weather balloon???

They are out there and I will be getting a new camera to capture the moment. It better not happen until my 50th birthday on July 7th. (That's when I get my camera) (Ahem, I can't believe I typed that number...50.....)

Off to YVR and then to YWG....

Anonymous said...

You need a personal assistant to keep you focused, I guess. Getjets would be the perfect person. :)

Heavy hitter? I think Bas's blog will be enriched greatly by Cedarglen's presence.

Captain Doug said...

I just might ask Getjets if she would be my assistant. :))))

She is a great writer and upbeat. She has many guises.

I too believe Bas's blog will benefit. He needs some male commentators to even things. :)))

getjets said...

Captain.....there is no need to answer my OUTRAGOUSLY HILARIOUS QUIPS............LOL





Anonymous said...

Bas can hold his own...but yes...more testosterone would be good.

More people should check out his blog. :)

getjets said...



gotta go

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Hey Captain Doug,
Glad to hear that you will be in the "PEG" today!!lolol
Today is the day True North tells the city what our new NHL team will be!!!
When will you be upgrading to the 767?
Safe flying,

The Winnipeger,

getjets said...



are you your own territory??

shouldn't it come with some Orange highway cones?

Jack said...

Hi Capt Doug,

Nice time on the 5K run for a "non runner" as you describe yourself! You must be in good shape. I would have loved to join you in the runway run, but was in Guelph doing a triathlon. My 10K time at the end of the swim and bike was 47 minutes, so your pace was better than mine!

I guess I'm one week too late to join you on the Winnipeg run. After a 4 year hiatus in the air, I have 4 flights to/from Winnipeg next month. Hope to hear you on the PA!


Wild Blue said...

I think you're off on the US Aviation Forecasts. I think some (area forecasts, Airmets, Sigmets) are written in Kansas City, but I know the local TAFs are written by the local National Weather service office.

grantingram said...

If you write a book about weather I will definitely buy it! I was getting rained on only today and realised how little I know about it...

Congratulations on the 5k run by the way, it looked like a fun event.

Cedarglen said...

Doug: Thans for the link to BAS's blog - and the reminder that it has been listed for a while.(Shame on me.) BAS: I'll check in soon, young sir. I've been in love with your beautiful country for ~40 years!
@GetJets: I don't know how you amass the data that you do, but you sure keep the rest of us on track - and on our toes. Those outside links are often fun and thanks.
@all, a fun space, room for everything and 'moderated' by that smart guy with the really funny hat. Does the odd blog read get any better? I'm thinking not.

jack said...

Somebody took my name!!!!!

Cedarglen said...

Thanks. Working BAS's blog as a write. Sorry that I missed the obvious link. I hope that the current line pairs and line pairs work OK. That junior FO to your right can fly. Please help him or her to fly a little bit better.

Jack said...

Sorry "jack" - you can be the "lower case" Jack - I'll be the upper case one!!!

Craig R said...

Two Jacks .... I'm not sure how many Craigs now (four?) .... good grief, what an unusual little gang we are!

Bas said...


Haha, thanks for the kind words :)

Captain 'The HatMan' Doug, HandyMan, keep those nicknames coming! :)


getjets said...

Hi Captain Doug, remember me....."BE AFRAID.... BE VERY AFRAID" yea I know.....just because I may be LOL...doesn't mean you are LOL(ing) too.....

thanks Cedarglen, for the mention...that was nice of you....I am the Aviation Geek of Geek's...and I like to share sites I run across ....Aviation is a serious business, and I am it's guardian angel(hence ^J^)of sorts, but I also don't want to be a pest!!!!!!

course as of yesterday, I am out of a job(slacking, imagine that)....Kidding....I always get my work done!!!!and that is serious business too!!!

maybe 2 Jack's, 4 Craigs...but only 1 getjets.....
if I'm not banished from here....

Captain, stop being so hard on yourself...about writing a 'weather book'.....there's enough pressure, and too much we put on ourselves, I believe....

ok, time to get serious, I am sure you have heard about the runway "incursion" at JFK, on Monday night....here's the website that also has the live ATC recording....and when I say it's INTENSE....I AM NOT KIDDING....



and Thanx Captain Doug, for the shuttle video.....
MMMMMMMMMMM, only 1 more shuttle mission...
think 'THEY' can stop handing out "government cheese" long enough to squeeze in just 1 more mission....I am going to miss those launches..


getjets said...


Bas said...

That call from ATC was really at an urgent tone! Did you ever have to abort a take off Captain? And I don't mean in the Simulator ofcourse :)


Captain Doug said...

Adam the YWGer.

I'm presently in the "wet" "Peg." I haven't been here on a layover in about 12 years. I know that airport terminal has not changed one iota.

I do realize there is a brand new terminal sitting next to it but they ran into technical difficulties. We queried the ground controller last night
as to when it opens and he said, "who knows..?" But he thinks it may be the end of October. It was lit up like Fort Knox.

Captain Doug said...

Jack (with a capital J) :)

I guess maybe I'm in better shape than I thought. I can run for an hour on the treadmill (I haven't done it in months), bench press my weight
10 times, do 15 chin ups and could probably rattle of 60 push ups in a minute. Heck, you might see a video of it for my 50th.

That is, if "number one" allows me to keep my blog going. Like at work, we are in intense negotiations. LOL

A triathlon? Good for you! You are an elitist. I commend you!

Yes, hope to have you on my flight. A young boy came up to the flight deck after the flight here and gave me some great drawings. I will post them later.

Thanks for checking in Jack one or Jack two. :))))

Captain Doug said...

Wild Blue.

I understand the NWS (National Weather Service) falls under the umbrella of NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration).

NWS (NOAA) provides the info found on the ADDS (Aviation Digital Data Service) located in Kansas City.

I've been looking for more detail from the "net" but they tend to keep things hush-hush plus my laptop
which I use on the road is on its last legs. Could you enlighten me and my readers?
You seem to be in the know and I'd love to get some solid info. I think I've been lead astray and I apologize for that.

As well, if I'm going to put this in a book I better have the facts correct. :)

I'm also under the impression ADDS is a private company. Here in Canada, NAVCANADA supplies the aviation forecasts but is subcontracted out to MSC (Meteorological Service of Canada a.k.a Environment Canada)

Looking to hear back from ya.

And again, thanks for setting me straight. :))))

Captain Doug said...

Grantingram. Just looked at your blog...again. Firstly, thanks for promoting my blog on your site and secondly for putting in a good word for the airline I fly for!

I'll put you down for "first dibs" on my weather book. :)))

The 5K run was fun before and after the run. Much of the time while panting profusely, I was thinking..."how did that A340 (I won't mention the airline) run out of runway??? It seemed perpetually long although it is the shortest at CYYZ.

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Hi Captain Doug,
We had one nice summer day but now it is all rain!:( There is one thing we don't need is more rain! We have so much water here it is unbelievable. The new Terminal was supposed to open in 2010, that did not happen. I am hopeing that it will open October 30. If you want to see the May photos for the Terminal here is the link: http://www.waa.ca/blog/read,post/735/may-2011-construction-update
Safe Flying,

The Winnipeger,

Cedarglen said...

Calling all Craigs. What fun, but we manage. My first introduction to another - any other - with 'my' name was ~6th grade, about 50 years ago. THree of us in a class of ~25, we went by C1, C2 and C3. The others remain friends to this day. Yes, FTFD visitor BAS has a wonderful site, though the email button barfs on me. Oh, sure , we'll keep Captain Doug in the loop, too. Congrats on the x10 improvement in that ever-popular seniority list. AC will give you bigger keys in time. You'll make it. If you get the Boeing 76n, you might have to re-learn how to fly . Best to all. -Craig (Sticking with Cedarglen.)

Craig said...

I've only met one other Craig my entire life. Then I start commenting on a blog and meet....three others? How on earth does that work?

I'll stick with Craig M, lol.

- Craig M

Craig R said...

Same for me - there was another Craig in my high school, but that's the only other one I've ever known.

I have to admit, I find this Concentration of Craigs somewhat amusing. Ironic that there is only one Doug, since I always thought that was a far more popular name.

getjets said...


Paris Air Show, day 3

jack said...

Sounds good Jack


Captain Doug said...

Hi Adam in the "Peg."

I see you guys are finally basking in sunny weather. Yesterday I walked by the most famous corner street in Canada, Portage and Main.
Lots of songs reference this intersection including Randy Bachman in the band BTO.... "Portage and Main and 50 below."

I also walked by the Fort Garry hotel where I had my wallet stolen some 25 years ago at a weather conference. Good times... lol

Took a look at your link. It's going to be a gorgeous terminal when it finally opens but I'm afraid it's taking on a bit of a "white elephant" appearance.

My F/O is from the "Peg" and he is up on it's history. I forgot about all the old beautiful buildings built in the 1900s. Plus I didn't realize your city is enriched with so many elm trees. You have a great city there...too bad...it's not further up on the "must" visit list for many.

Now in YUL.

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Listened to the tape. Sounds like an "ooopsie" happened and someone is going to get their "you know what" slapped. :)

Yes, great job on behalf of Lufthansa! Not only are they a professional bunch, but they have the cleanest fleet in the world. I guess most airlines don't invest in soap and water like they do. LOL

Yes, there is only ONE "Getjets" "Miss TWA" and "^J^" :)))))

And let's keep it that way.....LOL

Anonymous said...

@ Captain Doug--> Ha ha ha ha...

(ducking...waiting for the backlash)

Captain Doug said...

Bas. "No" to your query...at least not at any significant speed.

Although, you had me thinking about things when accelerating down runway 36 in Winnipeg, Manitoba last night. :)))))

That's one of the three emergencies we review before the start of every pairing....

"In the event of an abnormality prior to V1...I will call 'continue' or 'reject,' if the decision is to reject...I will...."

We call them our "I wills and you wills." Think wedding vows. lol

Christer said...

Speaking of takeoff procedures, I've got a question about heavies taking off in YYZ. The other week, I was on a fully-loaded A330 bound for MUC, and the captain announced at push-back that we'd be having a rather long taxi to runway 06. However, we ended up pushing back an hour late due to a no-show passenger who's bag had to be removed (took 45 minutes to find it, plus some other delays). We then proceeded to Runway 33L, and after an extremely short takeoff roll, made a quick right turn and were blasting (sure felt like it) towards YUL and the east coast.

I was surprised that a fully loaded A330 used 33L. Isn't it much shorter than 33R? Whenever I've been on a flight and 33s are used, the heavies have always taken 33R (and that's been a lot of flights for me). I've only taken off on 33L in DC-9s and smaller equipment. Not a big deal, but I found it interesting, especially since a Cathay Pacific 777 was lined up beside us on 33R and departed after we did. Fin 935 surely showed what kind of guts she had though- made me think of your reference to her as the sexy sports car of the Airbus fleet!

Captain Doug said...

Christer...Bonjour from Montreal.

You're right! Runway 33 left is 9100 feet whereas 33 right is almost 2000 feet longer.
But if they are using the 33s (it's rare) then you can rest assured it's windy from the north or northwest.
Having said that, they did take the "wrappers" off the runway when runway 05 was closed a couple of weeks ago.

The shortest runway at Pearson is the one I ran down, 24 Left at 9000 feet.

The F/O and I were drooling over the A330 yesterday while taxiing by her in Toronto.

And yes, she puts out!!!! :))))

Christer said...

Thanks for the quick reply Doug! Drooling over the A330:) I can see why- it too is my favourite looking airliner out there. Something about the proportions just seems right.

Looking forward to my next flight on the A333 from ZUR-YYZ in J- had luck with my upgrade clearing instantly this time. No aerolotto at the gate WOOT (although, I was a lucky areolotto winner at the gate last time:))

Enjoy Montreal- hopefully you have enough time to enjoy a beverage or two!