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Kelly's pic

Picture of the day was sent in by "rampie" Kelly in Calgary, Alberta. He did have attached "if ain't Boeing, then I'm not going. LOL (I am okay with it....really)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Captain Doug!

Fifty years ago, Douglas Edward Morris was born in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland. He grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and now resides in Toronto.

Many will  deem my video narcissistic, but heck anyone who hosts a blog could be labelled pompous, egotistic, vain, and an attention seeker. LOL

Always thought getting old would suck, but now I look at it as an accomplishment. (Oops, there is a self-centered comment)

My intent (really) was to say... max out your life!!!! Many people die in their thirties but live until their eighties. 

Captain Doug...fifty today



Happy Birthday ya old fart!!!!! LOLOL!!!!

HEY, has anyone seen the METAR for Oakville today?????!

Severe UPDRAFTS from 50 candles on Captain Doug's cake couple with extra severe( if there is such a thing ) LOW level wind shear from Doug trying to blow all of those damn things out!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL :):)))))))))!

Doing great for 50 Doug....I'm 35 and I'd have a time keeping up....actually I run 10 K a day too!

Have a great one, and here's to another 50!!!!!! Health and happiness always!


CAT III Approach

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach. Love your Oakville METAR. A sense of humour can take people far!!!

Thanks for persevering during my blog drought.

Captain "D" who is "fifty."


METAR YYZ 071600Z 04020KT 3/4SM VCTS SH BKN003 LLWS OVC010

My poor attempt at writing one for your birthday.....LOL...

Like the rhyme....D to the fifty....:)

Glad you saw the humor! Can't let you be the man every day....roast day today....right Getjets??? lolol.....

Hope Charlene and the kids got you a huge cake with lots of icing...and a beer to wash it down....

CAT III Approach

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Apporaoch. I am standing by to be showered with gifts. Nothing yet.....:((((

Actually, number one is out buying me a Tim Horton coffee.

The stronger stuff will come later today. My brother the cop will be taking me out tonight.

Things may get out of hand then....

Captain Doug

P.S You are pretty good with the METAR stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Loved the video...you should be proud of what you can do at half a century!!

:) :) :) :)

(btw...loved the METAR...ha ha ha...)

First some digs from CAT III...now waiting for getjets....

Bas said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPTAIN! What a milestone! I love the video, and I don't think it's narcissistic, people should watch and think they can be like you once they're 50 :)

Best wishes from The Netherlands & Go easy on the beer!


Captain Doug said...

Anon. Bring on the digs!

I thought today I would be stooped over in despair but I am far from it.

I've said this before, one has to look at birthdays as an accomplishment. Gee... there goes yet another
self fulfilling comment. LOL

Captain "D" who is "fifty"

Captain Doug said...

Bas. For a young aviator, you sure are diplomatic! You would do a great job buttering up us old captains. LOL

Go easy on the beer? I don't think so. lol

I feel great this morning, but tomorrow morning might be a different story!

Thanks from Canada to the Netherlands.

Federico said...

Happy Birthday Captain!!

Right from a new follower from Italy, where we say Buon Compleanno!

Looking forward to being like you at 50, I'm lucky enough to have another 20 years to get in shape.

Mostly, I'll need a lot of training to blow 50 candles and not pass out!

Enjoy your day, adn go easy with the beers, we need them too!

Captain Doug said...


Thanks from Canada to Italy!

You are a young ATCer. Good for you!

I'll try to go easy with the beer, but I can't promise anything! LOL

Again, Grazie!



Now I know what all Captain D's training was for!!! Totally makes sense....the candle blowing! Why didn't I think of that LOLOLOL!!!

Rumor also has it that Doug ran his Airbus cabin low in pressure to even better his odds at not passing out......high altitude training in a jet! LOLOL!

Can't help myself...I'm tired from nights....:):):)

Did the METAR make sense...not sure of the sequence but I tried to model it after another one I found....LOL don't answer that....it's your birthday:)

CAT III Approach


sorry...Federico....put an extra R...my apologies.

Anonymous said...

CAT's on FIRE!!!! Ha ha ha ha....

Craig R said...

Happy B-Day, ya punk!

Love the video, and no man, it's hardly narcissistic. In fact it's quite the opposite - more like inspiring beyond words! Great choice of music too :-)

Life is short, and it's a HUGE gift. What we do with that gift is entirely up to us. The more we put into it, the more we get out of it. Sounds cliche, but it's really true.

Watching that clip, and reading your writing, I'd say you're tearing it up pretty well. Most 20-somethings would never be able to keep up with you. Their loss, I say. Keep going hard and enjoy every second of it!

So now that you've hit the big 5-0, any thought to stretching out that 5K and trying a marathon? Come on Captain D .... you know you can do it.

* big grin *

Hope your B-day is truly awesome. Congrats, man. You rock!

Craig R

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of your blog, yet I never understand why you talk about yourself in the third person.

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Happy Birthday Captain Doug!!!!
Glad to see you are still active and living the life!! The video sure did put a grin on my face!! lolol
Have a good one,

The Winnipeger,

carlton said...

Happy birthday - its cool that you can still ride a skateboard when 50!

As you all say in Canada - "have a nice day"


Andrew said...

Happy Birthday Captain Doug!

Hope you have a great day!


Jack said...

Happy Birthday Captain Doug!

What a great video! An inspiration for us all. I'm a few years behind you, but I don't think I could keep up with you, and I thought I was in good shape! 9.0mph on the treadmill??? My speed is more in the 7.0 range!

I recently enjoyed a round trip flight to YWG last weekend - my first flight in a while. Although I was disappointed that you weren't in command of either flight, it was great to see your column in EnRoute and see the questions from a familiar blogger (Christer).

BTW, I showed my "Number 1" your blog entry on the backyard work you did - she's wondering why I can't do something like that! Thanks alot...

Jack (Capital "J")

getjets said...

~~(sweet eyes...)

ok...ok....****terrible Marilyn Monroe****


pretty lame, but I am 52...and I can blame it on medication...


I thought the space shuttle took off...come to find out, your Birthday cake had just cleared the tower.....even heard the sirens..from here....and it was nice of the FAA to send the 747 WATER CANNON JET TO HELP WITH THE CLEANUP!!!!
I had to don my "Cataract Sunglasses" to deal with that flash!!!!!!!

I love your video....maybe you should have skipped 19...LOL...LOL...right???
Seriously....I hope your day...is fanFu%#*gintastic!!!!!

no way...are you POMOUS(with a capital PUSS),EGOTISTIC (egotesticle), ATTENTION SEEKER,(attention deficit),or VEIN...oops VAIN...
a few thoughts...
and in NO random order....










describes self...in 3rd person....

AARP SECTION OF BUFFET...but charge extra to "puree" mash potatoes...
weren't you playing tennis in your video....Mmmmmm I guess you know where those tennis balls are going now....(walker)...with rollbar...
I gotta stop....with this comment, you'll be 51 in about 2 more of my sentences....laugh;))))))

Captain Doug...I really do wish you the BESTEST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!, AND I WILL TOAST YOU THIS EVENING...
picture this.....

never mind...i will just send this picture...as a token of my af..........


and in closing ....now you can join the "RED HAT SOCIETY....
better yet...


it was your head....


miss(diahrea of the mouth)twa

^D^ birthday boy...


Christer said...

Happy birthday!! Glad to hear you're enjoying the day so far! Looks like CAT III Approach got the eBirthday beats off to a great start- hard to follow that lol:)!

I need to include myself in the camp of people who couldn't keep up with what you're doing at 50, and I'm just T-minus two weeks away from 30. Congratulations, and here's to the next 50 years!

Cool video too- you mentioned your daughter took some of the footage, but were you the editor-in-chief?

Enjoy the rest of the day, and congrats again!


Cedarglen said...

Happy Birthday, youngster. Loved the video (except the skateboard shot, hmm). It may have taken 50 years, but it looks like you've mastered the balance of work and pleasure to arrive at Gate 50 on schedule and without too many dents. Congratulations! As one who is Ten years and a month your senior, I can assure you that it keeps on getting better. Play like a kid, fly like a cautious old fart and enjoy both. Best wishes! -Craig. P.S. Did I mention that I enjoy your blog? Naw, only only about 50 times... C.

Captain Doug said...

Craig R

What a great compilation of words of wisdom! Don't know what else to say except thanks!

I'll be needing to get back on the treadmill after tonight's beer endeavour.


P.S I'll leave the marathon stuff to you!!!! *big grin*

Captain Doug said...

Anon. Thanks for the comment. I think I talk in both first person and third. After all...variety...is a spice of life.

I don't think my readers want to hear "I this, me that." Although with the amount of pictures of me smeared on MY blog maybe it is all about me? LOL

Plus, I like to shift to third person when I am treading on a thin line. I realize many sorts are reading my blog and I must chose my words wisely. Having a blog is avant-garde in the aviation world because image is everything.

I'll keep you in mind next time I post. Maybe I should alter my heading a little? :)))

Me :))))

Captain Doug said...

Adam the YWGer. I gotta keep in shape to keep up with you young guys!

"Miller Time" will soon be upon me... :)))

Oops. I better watch what I say...you may not be drinking age. LOL

Captain Doug said...

Carlton. As you can tell that shot was just a stunt. Second time ever. It's my son's "longboard" which he HAD to have. I figured I should see what I paid
$350 for. LOL

And yes...Doug will have a "nice day." It's approaching dinner (tea) time and I feel
like having a few.

Looking forward to share a few with you in London sometime.

Maybe I'll bring a new shiny B787 over for the occasion?

In the meantime....party!!!!

Captain Doug said...

Andrew. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Much appreciated! Captain Doug

Foggy said...

Many happy returns, Doug.

The big Five Oh! Have a good time this evening - hoisting a small one on this side of the ditch in your honour.

Kind regards / "Foggy"

Captain Doug said...

Jack with the capital "J"

A speed of 7 is fantastic! I was up to warp speed to see if I could beat my "runway run" time. Couldn't do it. But I'm not giving up. Being in the gym twice that day and showing off in front the camera kind of wore me out.

Not only did blogger Christer make it, but the most vivacious blogger my site sees, "Getjets (not her real name lol)," made her presence in enRoute.

I hear ya about "number one" and her comments. Husbands tend to give me dirty looks. No, no not for that reason...lol...but because I have lots
of time off to take orders from MY "number one."

Heck, I was painting the front steps today. Halfway through I stood up and said, "WTF? This is my 50th birthday!"
I put away the paintbrush and will be hoisting a few.

Thanks for the kind comments. :)))

Captain Doug

Captain Doug said...

^J^ Getjets.

How do I retort to that? I won't. I will lay down my pen and just say thanks for being you.

You know how to call a spade a spade and then some! lol

The link you sent had only pictures of airplanes and buses. Boring. I thought everyone was going to
see a revealing pic of Getjets.

I have a new camera but I don't think I can zoom in that far to catch you hanging your bloomers out when flying over KMSY.

Speaking of which. Number One and her twin sister maybe heading your way this August.
Stay tuned with that one.

Thanks Getjets for all you do.

Your trophy pilot. I am honored. (Look I even used the American spelling)

Again, thanks.

^D^ who is 50

getjets said...


Hey Birthday Boy.....well since I am about to 'burnt' my bridge....just as soon torch the .......and don't try sucking up to just yet......

yea I made it to EnRoute...like you had anything to do with that....LOL
I am honored though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

few more thoughts...

Captain Doug....speaks in the 3rd person....his translation(YEA....ME...MYSELF...and I)....:))))

4 stripes on the pilot shirt....means your the Captain.....
4 stripes in underwear....time to throw them away...lol(right?)

and you didn't even say the dreaded....TICKETY BOO...in your breakthru video....lol

big boy diapers....mystery....
will they fit in the 'overhead bin'...or will you carry them in via your person...I am sick...

ground hugging wind shear....

Hey who needs friends....when I got a mirror....

no need to reply....I am scared....

now you know this is for entertainment purposes only....and that I am joking!!!!!
just because it's at your expense....should thought about that.....

hey did the picture go thru.....
white with a splash of red...is so you Birthday Boy.....:)))))))


Captain Doug said...

Christer. Yes, CAT III Approach was on a roll this morning. He came up with some great quips.

One old ornery boss once said, "if you are not flying the airplane to barberpole (max speed) then you are
not trying hard enough." I guess that applies to life. :)))

Hope your California endeavour is fun!

Captain 50 (editor-in-chief)

Captain Doug said...

Cedarglen (Craig) Love your saying,"play like a kid, fly like a cautious old fart and enjoy both." It's so fitting!

Speaking of my blog. My blog hiatus must have got everyone stirred up. I may be setting a new record today for visits. :)))

Captain D the youngster. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Foggy. Thanks for hoisting one in my honour on the other side of the "ditch."

Now that the postal strike is finally over I should launch my book your way!


Anonymous said...

LOL @ Julie...

Four stripes in your underwear?!?! Ha ha ha....

You are tooooo much!

Poor Doug! Ha ha ha ha....

Anon. In tears from laughing!

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Got the pic although I had to cut and paste the address. Nice shot of two men with the blow up Air Canada planes. But they were in a "gay parade." LOL

Don't think you will see Captain D in that parade none too soon. LOL

Third person Captain Douglas Edward Morris :)))

Nadia said...

Cool video ;)

Happy Birthday Captain !!!


Cedarglen said...

Birthday greetings for the Big FIVE-Oh are worth a new blog hit record; looking good. (Readers should offer support to Senior Citizens . I also note that the gross hit count is approaching a Quarter Million. For a one-off, DIY blogger, that is seriously impressive. Your regular readers know why and the new visitors quickly learn. It is probably the best DIY blog one the web! Again, HBTY, (old fart!)

Daniel Asuncion said...

Getjets [our poet-in-residence] is a hard act to follow, but here goes:

Remarkable video, Doug! People don't realize that the bar, without the plates, must be 40 lbs.

Too bad seniority isn't based on chin ups. I could do as many as you, but it would take several weeks.

That's a great photo of the Morris boys. [They look so harmless]

So remember, on your birthday, that 50 is 40, with 10 years experience!

getjets said...


and in conclusion Captain (Navy Seal...)Doug

.....I know your going to look on your blog before bedie bye...so here is a revealing shot of getjets....I love that dress so much.....Mardi Gras....nothing like going to an uppity party, and bottom feeding....laugh....

see that look...I invented it, just for you....

yes, you have to 'copy' and 'paste' all the sites i put in my comments....
i do try to limit them....except for the really good ones....

speaking of which.....


it's your day....and I hope I made you smile...and I know I have been hogging....you should turn 50 more often....
A TOAST.....



Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

Happy Birthday sir!

Hope you have a great birthday with your loving family, you truly are very blessed!

May your next 10...err...15 years of your career be your best!

YYC Dispatcher

getjets said...

Captain Doug, and all.....I have had a couple of drinks..so I will try to keep this under 10,000 words...

my only point is, no matter if it's the simple ist "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPTAIN DOUG"..OR the long ramblings of me(getjets)...there is NO or what I am trying to say...forgive if it seemed I have been trying to "ONE UP"...or maybe it seems I am trying to out-do...
I am your people...and the bottom line is that you have a family here..Captain Doug...
it's not my fault I have the biggest mouth....lol see there I go again..

and Nadia...I don't know you luv, but I was wondering....have you had your little bumkin yet???


please don't reply...we are all equal...:)))))

I have until 12:00 Am Central Standard time....I ain't touching the frog then....

Good nite...to you all you Good People...

and Good nite Captain(just for men)Doug..no I did NOT just say that....

miswstwa(getjets)Julie Theriot

Captain Doug said...

Nadia. Merci! I hope things are going well for you. When do we announce a future pilot is born? LOL

jack said...
This post has been removed by the author.
jack said...

Happy birthday Captain Doug! You are in much better shape than almost everyone your age, which is definitely an accomplishment.

This may seem like a silly question, but it is actually fairly important to me. I like to try and be as environmentally friendly as possible. I know though that flying takes up a ton of fuel. Once I get to the commercial level though, I know that it is the most fuel efficient form of travel, which is how I feel I can justify the fuel consumed for flying. What I am having trouble though justifying is the training and the amount of fuel required to train just a single person. Maybe you can help me justify that, being someone who has already gone through that process?

I know it probably seems like a pretty silly question, but it is actually pretty important to me, and is one of the major reasons I am currently steering more towards medicine rather than aviation. Currently I am going into my third year BSc, so I can go either ways.

Thanks in advance, and have a great 50th!

jack (lower case j)

shege2000 said...

Eku Odun, Eku iyedun, Emi ase pupo ojo!!( That is a greeting in my African language-Please interprete into english and you get a birthday gift of your choice(make it affordable for me}}})

Thanks I got your book yesterday and half way reading it through.



Hello Captain Doug!

Congratulations on the quarter Million!

YMM to YYZ to YSJ departing 13:00 hrs for me!

Baring some nasty CB's don't get in the way.....should be an interesting ride :(

How was the party?

CAT III Approach

Captain Doug said...

"Lower case jack"

As far as training in the big leagues, "no fuel required" in the sims.

But if you want to see gobs of fuel being burned look at the military. Sure it's a definite necessity but look at some of those gas guzzlers.

But back to your question, I know one professor (she actually gave me a copy of her book) believes much
more training can be done virtually.

I can see steering into the medical profession both for passion and money but because of fuel consumption? Hmmmm.

You better not find out how many military planes are overhead the American skies 24-7 waiting for "something to happen."

Captain D gone flying in his relatively fuel efficient Airbus :)

Captain Doug said...


Glad you received my book! Actually, that's incredibly fast knowing the post office has to move mountains of backlogged mail.

As far as my wish, it wasn't materialistic. Hope is comes true. :)))

Thanks for the birthday gift and for buying my book! :)))

Captain Doug said...

Cedarglen (Craig) Not only is that 10 years of seniority you have over me packed with wisdom but also charm!

"Best DIY blog on the web."

Wow! :)))))


Captain Doug said...

Daniel. "50 is 40, with 10 years experience." I love it! You'll have to "patent" that saying.

I hope you don't mind me using it.

In fact, I'll try it on some of the younger staff today. :))))))))

Captain Doug said...

YYC Dispatcher. Yes, sometimes one has to step back and thank their "lucky stars!"

Good point as to when I retire. But I always say, I will be retired by the time it is resolved. :)))

I'll be laying over a little north of you today...YEG.

Captain Doug said...

CAT III approach. There better not be CBs today. But I am heading west.

Oh well, I have my new camera so hopefully I can capture some great shots.

The party? My brother brought me lots of "liquid gifts." LOL

jack said...

Hey Captain Doug,

Thanks for help. I guess the best way to justify the training is to look at the gas guzzling Americans, which oddly enough actually helped me justify it.

Actually, fuel consumption isn't one of the reasons I am looking into medicine, it's just another option. I guess I just really like jobs where I have peoples lives in my hands every day.

Have fun flying!

Captain Doug said...

jack, all the best with your decisions. My flight is delayed. We might have people's lives in our hands
but we have little control over delays. :)))))


Captain Doug!

I rolled down the window in seat 21A of my AC E190 and waved as you passed by.....we had a nice js, landed early doing close to 560 kts....

The climb out was bumpy due to some weather rolling in, but our pf did a nice job keeping in minimal.....

Couldn't help notice when you updated the count for the day the record stated 2010 but I belive it was set this year in 2011 je pense??

Hope the ride to YEG was smooth, and you got some great shots with the new camera on the way! It sure wouldn't have been smooth yesterday....we'll the approach anyway.....

Looks like the thunderstorms have vacated YSJ as well so homeward bound!!!!

Take care and safe flying!

CAT III Approach


I think I just missed you by minutes...if you were AC 157.....maybe even pulled up to the gate next to you?? LOL.....

Chris Gardner said...

Happy belated B-day buddy. I can sing happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe style scray isn,t it lol. However I been told I do a good job at it. When is your next stop in St. John,s love for you to sign my book. As one key chain I once saw said I,m not 50 but 29 with 21 years experience. Take care and happy flying, Chris.

Cedarglen said...

Captain Doug Achieves 250,000 blog Hits! Wow and Congratulations, Sir! I'm thinking it is just another, modest birthday present for the best DIY blogger on the web. Take a moment to reflect, good sir about how you achived 250 thousand hits in sich a short period. I have some ideas about how it happened: Fun, interesting and relevant posts. Posts made on a frequent basis. Unqualified support and encouragment to the next generation of pilots. An obvious sense of good humor and never failing courtesy to all comers. And within the constraints of good taste, company loyalty and the ever present security thing, frank and honest answers to all questions. And, all done as a DIY hobby, without commercial sponsorship. That, good sir is how the 250K hits came to be. You have every reason to be proud of the milestone and congratulations from yet another regular reader. -Craig

getjets said...

@ Cedarglen(Craig)....One huge,over the top, and one waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down under "AMEN" OF "AMENS" on your most recent comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!about Captain Doug's achievements......

and @ Mr. Chris Gardner....hey I will give my Mariyln Monroe shot against yours anytime...
I should be visiting the rock the not too too distance future....might be a plan.....lol, and even if we didin't sing....lol

Captain Doug, I do hope you are moving along in your 50+ years with just as much swagger as the last 50 someodd.....give em Hell!!!


Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach. Good eye! I adjusted the year.

We did flirt with thunderstorms in the Edmonton area but luckily they moved to the east while on approach from Vancouver.

We were told we would have to wait 20 to 30 minutes for a gate. Even a gate opened up for us. The planets were aligned that day. :)

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach. I flew flight 161 to Vancouver but we were running an hour late. Got into Edmonton on flight 246 an hour and a half late.

The schedule has been taking a beating the last few weeks.

Mother Nature sure can mess things up.
But I can't blame her for everything. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Hi Chris. Maybe I'll bid some "East Coast Hospitality Stops" for August. :)))

I'm already getting tired of my Edmonton layovers. It's the longest layover drive in the system (next to Deer lake, Newfoundland) and there is construction
meaning the speed limit is being enforced to a snail pace. The driver said his co-worker was nailed with a $550 speeding ticket. Ouch!!!!!!

Captain Doug said...

Cedarglen (Craig) You sure know how to fuel the fire with charm!

But to twist one Chinese proverb, "he who compliments all the time, compliments none of the time." LOL

Having said that, I will take your kind words and run with it. I do know you are full of the charm but can also set people straight if they stray. In other words, you keep us bloggers on our toes. :)

Yes, my blog is a "nuts and bolts" aviation blog. It's a few notches up from "we pulled back and started flying" but my writing style of "putting a square peg in a round hole" pales to some. It's why people visit, stay for awhile, and then leave.

But as you mentioned the "hits" exemplify someone is poking around on my blog. LOL

I would like to clarify one thing.... "page views" are somewhat different than "visits." Once you click on my blog it's deemed a "visit" but
if you venture further into my blog there can be several "page views." From what I can derive, about 800 "page views" is about 400 visits.
Not "frequent flyer status" but we are getting there with kind people like yourself.

Captain appreciative Doug

Captain Doug said...

Getjets (Miss TWA)

I am moving along. One person suggested I run a marathon, another thought triathlon training would be good for me and one "wannabe" about to venture on his aviation career asked me for guidance for diet and exercise.

I was thinking of that very topic in the gym this morning..."what's next?"

I think learning the piano would be a neat feat.
Don't laugh!!! I remember talking to a skipper going through an obvious mid life shift and that's what he did. Forget about the fast cars (and what they attract)...I think an instrument is where it is at.
I need more music in my life so it's a start. LOL LOL
Maybe this time next year I can host a mini concert?

So yes, this "square with edges" plans on going full tilt.

Thanks for checking in with this ole man. :))))

carlton said...

Yes, I too look forward to having a few pints with you in London. Boeing 787? Would that be a possibility in your career? If so you really would be on "cloud 9"

Hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Carlton, in sunny Italy

Captain Doug said...

Hi Carlton in Italy. Lucky you!

Yes, the B787 is on the horizon for my career. I still have ten years for Boeing to figure things out. LOL

Actually, a recent court ruling stipulated age 60 mandatory retirement will stick for awhile longer. That means movement!

I'll be teaching a new class of 20 this month. It will be our largest and the fact we are training in the summer means we are short.

The weather sure has broke in this neck of the woods. Hot and sunny every day.

Thanks for checking in and say hi to Elana.

carlton said...

Good for you, exciting stuff!

Unfortuantely Elana has had to bring work with her, she is sat working on a busy deal as we speak...

I hope the class of 20 realise how lucky they are, about to embark on an exciting career track in aviation!

Cheers, Carlton

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Doug!!!!