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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Readying for a "Red Eye"

Lots of tourists on the go.....in San Fran...

Getting ready to head back on a "red eye." We touch down in Toronto at 5:30 a.m. But wait a minute, isn't there a curfew until 6:30 a.m? Yes there is, but there are about four flights exempt. I've been on approach where it showed 6:29 a.m. What do you do? Well luckily the flight made the curfew restriction but for others it meant a "go-around." Yes, the curfew is for noise abatement, but what does a jet sound like when at full power in a go-around? The games we play.

Only in California

Was that for us? 

I had to admire this guy's initiative and sense of humour. Captain "Softie" gave him a buck for the pic.

It reminded me of an old aviation joke.

Before I tell it...here's some background. Sometimes the odd transmission goes unnoticed by pilots so we tend to look at each other and ask, "was that for us?"


A guy walks into the bar... but prior to entering he noticed a guy sprawled out on the ground in a drunken stupor. The guy asks the bar tender what the scoop was with the drunkard.

The bartender said, "I think he is a retired pilot, because now and again he jumps to full attention, wide eyed and blurts out....was that for us?"

I thought it was cute.

Gone flying.

Captain Red Eye


Anonymous said...

Great photos...and cute joke. :)
Safe journey home. Say hi to the sunrise.

getjets said...

lost only to be found my friend.....you were in the scouts
An excerpt from a post many months ago........

Blogger From the Flight Deck said...

Getjets. Yes, I was in cubs and scouts until apathy entered the picture so there was no one to run it.

I even when to cub camp. It was located on a small island on a lake near the Halifax International Airport. Now when I pass the camp I mention to anyone that wants to listen, "I was there when I was 11 and they were building the highway we
are driving on." I usually get an "oh really" just to appease me. :)


January 28, 2011 9:16 PM


igloocoder said...

Timely post. I just finished my 20th redeye of the year. I'm here in the hotel suffering from what I call post-red-eye-insomnia. Nothing sucks worse than a 3 hour "nap" between YEG and YYZ in place of a good nights sleep. I'd even take SFO to YYZ at this point...i bet I could get a full 4 hours of sleep on that flight.

Brett.Wingerter said...

always wondered how one survives a red eye flight as a PIC :)

Bas said...

Hey Captain!

Did I get that right? You are in for landing, nearing the runway but you might have to go around due to noise abatement in the morning for the people that live near the airport if you're about to land too early!? So you're actually doing all the stuff you normally doing for landing, MAKING NOISE but you might have to go around... lol! A go around must sound like thunder then haha.

Regards from a 19 year old Bas now :) Our birthdays are both in July, only you were born a couple of decades before me :P

Foggy said...

"Only in California"...?

Done that down W 5th Ave, Mount Dora, Fl. Great fun... seems like a lifetime ago.

Curfew: A few years ago, Aberdeen (ABN) had a curfew starting at 22:30 Local. BAW???? was inbound at 22:29:55 over the approach lights when advised the airfield was closed... "...call Scottish Radar on *** decimal **, good night(!)"................. It was in a BAC 1-11, I believe, and the overshoot was NOISY. The only post red-eye cure that works for me is coffee on max-continuous and grilled bacon sandwiches - toasted bread - with Colmans English Mustard. Works a treat!

May have some news, hopefully later today - I'll let you know.

RTD8450 said...

Captain Doug:
Welcome "home". I cannot imagine how difficult it is to "red-eye" as PIC, but given the usual approach for YYZ, would love to hear what sunrise is like over the "Big Smoke" as you line up on final.
Cheers from here,

Captain Doug said...

Anon. Yes, I smiled back at the sunrise.

A welcomed sight after dodging thunderstorms most of the night.

"The 'red eye' .... while others slept through the night, others toiled through it's interment" Capt. D :)

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Not only are you the aviation person of the universe (is that what we gave the acronym APU to you for?) but you are a resourceful aviation librarian. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Igloocoder. I too am suffering from "post-red-eye-insomnia." I guess you are readying for a flight to Halifax?

I was looking for you to confirm your name and residency for that "super elite" question I wrote about for enRoute.

I bet you have more great questions. Love to get your name up in lights.

Captain blurry eye :))))

Captain Doug said...

Brett. Let's just say a "controlled nap" was a prerequisite. :)

Captain Doug said...

Bas. You read right. Foggy posted a similar rendition. I have raced against the clock several times.

A couple of decades? You are too kind. :))))

Does 19 make you legal to drink, as in most places in Canada, or does it come under the same umbrella as "other things" one shouldn't be doing but is legal in Holland? LOL

Enough of my banter. Many happy returns, Bas!!!!

Captain Doug- your three decade older aviation friend :)))

Captain Doug said...


Sounds like you played the game as well. We also did it one night while taxiing out in Tokyo, Japan.
The airport was closing within minutes and I think we had 30 seconds to spare. Not bad for a fully loaded A340. And I'm certain the Japanese would have stuck to the exact time. No such thing as a "baker's dozen" over there.

Maybe that's what I need? Tons of food which will make my "low cholesterol light" extinguish?

I'm wide awake with two hours sleep.

Foggy... myself and all of your blogging friends have our fingers crossed for you. :)))

Captain Doug said...


Twas a beautiful morning. But because we were landing before the airport officially opened we had to land on runway 05, a noise abatement runway.
The glitch was we had to contend with a 25 to 30 knot tailwind on final. Luckily they gave way to calm winds allowing Captain D to put it on nicely.

I looked over at my F/O while taxiing in and said, "we are here before it all starts." I got a grunt out of him. LOL

Thanks for the comment and WELCOME to the blog....

Captain Doug

shege2000 said...

Captain D,

I saw the Air Route DVD of AC 777-200 and 777-300 . In the 777-300 flight from CYYZ to Tokyo-CYZZ they only used two pilots. Is that allow? I know for sure that any flight above 6 hours , especially over ocean require extra pilots.


getjets said...

yes Captain......APU
I have my finger on the "AVIATION PULSE (not person) of the UNIVERSE....."

and yes, I wear glasses.....(libraian)

get some sleep....or let #186 on your list of things to do....CUT THE LINE.....go to the flea market and get another "big foot hide" watch STRAP.....

miss(gotta go)twa

Anonymous said...

Go to bed!

Captain Doug said...


I wish I could, but there are too many things bouncing around my "blogging" head. :))))

getjets said...

"blogging head".....did the word 'blogging' have a double meaning....ha

go to bed!!!

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Can't. I have a party to go to downtown Toronto. :)))

Craig R said...

Gotta love the red eye. I hope crew sked cuts you some slack after pulling one of those shifts.

getjets said...

did ya hear that.....?????

i'm playing my violin....lol

party downtown...YEP, got to be #1 on the list.....you'll sleep good after that....

have fun

getjets said...

@ Adam the Winnipeger....that is a AWESOME shot!!!!! and is that fuel glow I see in the my left engine????? so bad AZZZ!!!!!

Captain Doug, I new you would take that 'strap' pic off relatively quick....good thing I copied....ha ha

have a Cleopatra(Mardi Gras) float meeting tonight....so I will be toasting bout the same time as you.....

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. I think it's time everybody has a summer party! I'll follow your lead.

I will be heading to a crowd where their lifestyle is a lightyear different than mine, but they are great people none the less.

The host actually proof read my read book from a flight attendant perspective and I am always grateful.

Plus this guy puts on a spread second to none! Gotta watch my calorie intake with two hours of sleep.

Enjoy that float meeting!

Cheers is right....

P.S Yeah, i thought it was time to take down the "watch" pic. :)))

getjets said...

well have the BESTEST Time!!!!!!

and if your not too LOOPY when ya get home, check out my latest post.....tell me what ya think....

It's true....I HAVE NO SHAME!!!!! but somebody's gotta pick up your slack...LOL


Cedarglen said...

Thanks, Doug. Another great and relevant post. I wish that the 0629 Go-Around was funny, but it is not. I wish that I knew the correct answer, but a GA at 0639:30and lasting more than a minute at full GA thrust is not the right answer. Please tell me this is not really true: A full Go Around, with a full load pax, just becasue you were One Minute early on the noise rules. Please tell me that this is not really true. Rules are rules and violators should pay. Give a fine or something. It has got to be less than the fuel burn of a GA. Did I mention safety? Even a few seconds early, a stable, well established approach is **ALWAYS** safe than a last-instant go around. Where are the brains in this sutuation. This is a hypothetical case, right? Please tell me it is not true. Thanks... -Craig

Anonymous said...

A short trip around the 'hold' to the north-west of YYZ isn't unheard of early in the morning either, been there, done that in the early morning sunrise myself! Definitely a little quieter then a full throttle go-around though!

It is not unheard of for large airports in large cities around the world to strictly enforce their curfews. Airlines in many cities will often hold their aircraft on the ground and take-off at what they hope will be just the right minute to arrive just as the airport opens. A 1,000 nm direct en-route from ATC in the middle of the night can often throw those calculations right out the window and cause a go-around or hold to be necessary though. It is amazing how precise computerized flight plans are to actual flight times.

YYC Dispatcher

Christer said...

Nice pics of SF Doug, I was just across the Golden Gate Bridge to the north a bit when you would have taken those!

Regarding that NRT flight you referenced in an earlier comment to Foggy- I very well may have been on it. I remember being on Flight 002 on May 31, 2004 (I keep a detailed log of all my flights:)) and the A340 arrived in NRT 45 minutes before the curfew. It was several hours late due to a mechanical issue in YYZ. Zoned boarding was skipped, and all pax were asked to stow their bags and take their seats as quickly as possible so we would not have to spend the night. It was remarkable! Boarding and unloading of previous bags/reloading etc. was done in record time, and once we were airborne, the captain congratulated everyone on helping get us out, as we missed the curfew by a mere 45 seconds and would have had to spend the night.

The ride out was something else though. A strong storm had moved in and you could barely see anything out of the windows. The climbout was rocky and we received apologies from the flight deck for the rough ride, which was also partly due to noise abatement procedures forcing some less-than-desirable routings.

Now I'm wondering if you weren't up front that night.... The flight turned out great and everyone was glad to have left before it was too late.

Hope your party last night was a blast, sure sounds like it would have been a good one!

Take care,


getjets said...

Mr. Foggy...yes, I hope your NEWS in GOOD!!!!fingers crossed

Does Colman's English Mustard have Horseradish in it.....????
talk about hurt so good....!!!!:))

too much...at a time...you got about 3 "Full" seconds to get ready.....LOL....then time to pay the piper....and start all over again....

Captain Doug, were you the F/O , ....on Christer's flight# 002...in 2004???? What are the chances...still...
I love all these Aviation stories and recollections!!!!!
A-340....what a Beaut!!!!

Captain Doug said...


Gonna do some blogging tonight (...if I'm allowed...) and was going to answer Christer.
Believe it or not, I was in NRT (RJAA) Tokyo on May 30th, 2004 but I flew to Vancouver instead of direct Toronto.

And I agree, the A340 is a beaut! :)))

getjets said...


I can put this on mine....but the curiosity is killing me...!!!!!!!!

CAPTAIN DOUG...DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS ABOUT???? have you ever heard of a "JANET" flight??????

if this site does not go thru....Flightaware under squawks...scroll down a few...and the story appears...please don't make me feel bad about asking here....and there is no pressure....except my PAWS on your back..joking

besides my overindulgence with my comments that show no signs of ending...:))))) I am trying to better HUMANITY....now get your permission and get on this question of mine.....(you know I am kidding....)

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Just did a little "googling" and noticed the "TOP SECRET" military missions are called "Janet flights."

I've seen them parked in Vegas and they are all white-737s. The "google" pics have red stripes but I was told the all white ones I see are secret mission planes.

I heard they fly to area #51 where "TOP SECRET" stuff goes.

In fact, I think I flew over the area enroute to Vegas from Calgary, Alberta.

From your flight aware info looks like they are playing out of Atlanta as well.

I hope they don't shut down your blog for being so inquisitive. LOL

Captain Doug said...


Our flights over six hours are operated by only two pilots. Many American carriers utilize three pilots when flying to Europe - we don't.
Flights tend to be augmented with the third pilot around the "ten hour" mark. There are certain variables which makes this variable.
However, at 13.5 hours the flight is operated with four pilots.

So yes, a CYYZ to RJAA (Tokyo) flight would have three pilots. Maybe the third pilot was a little camera shy? :)))))

Captain Doug said...

Craig R.

LOL about crew sked cutting some slack. Some crews will do four "red eyes" back to back.
We are paid a little extra for night flight so some pilots do nothing but red eyes. Not this pilot.

Funny, the "back end" after landing in Toronto at 5:40 a.m were to wait two hours and fly a five hour flight to Vancouver.
They were Vancouver based so it met with the contract, but I thought it was a cruel joke.

Captain Doug said...

Cedarglen (Craig). True story! That's why we go-around... to save the fine. You would be amazed who wants to throw fines at us.
Show up to a destination without the proper customs paperwork...someone is getting a $10,000 fine.

I was denied extra flying to Tokyo and back because my block for the month showed over by THREE minutes.

I landed in Montreal, Quebec precisely at curfew time. I had the "tower" controller tell me the time to get it on the tapes. A "cover my dairy-air" manoeuvre.

We pilots fly by the numbers in more ways than one!

Captain Doug said...

YYC Dispatcher.
I agree, I am amazed how accurate flight times and fuel burns are.

Yes, I have sat on the ramp in Edmonton and Calgary only to wait for the curfew window to open.

And yes, taking those "directs" during the wee hours of the night may cause a hold on the other end.

Been there as well!

Captain Doug said...

CAT III approach. So you are off to "Fort McMoney" again?

Nice of you to calm the "new flyer." You should have directed her to my enRoute column. LOL

Yes, Calgary can get pretty bumpy. The air gets quite unstable below 12,000 feet. Denver, Colorado sees it as well. The air is dry but it cools in a steep lapse rate. Translation....bumpy. I call it the "dry heaves." LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm more surprised if I have a smooth flight back into Calgary rather than a bumpy one...always get at least a few 'ripples' on the flight back in.

Is there a big difference on the fuel burns throughout the A319/20/21 fleet? Is there a much of a power rating difference between the CFM56-5A1 and CFM56-5B4 engines?

YYC Dispatcher

Captain Doug said...

YYC Dispatcher. For rough calculations we pilots use a burn rate of 2.5 tonnes/hour for the A319 and A320 and 3.5 tonnes/hour for the A321.

Good question as far as the different engines. As you know each airplane utilizes a "performance factor" based on engine type and it's inherent characteristics.

They range is from about 3 to 8 percent.
I was taken aback to see one of our A321's burns at 7% more than advertised.

Plus I'm certain you know we use a C.I (cost index) for every flight. It ranges from zero to about 50.


Christer said...

So you were in Narita on the 30th of May in 2004? So close! Except for the older non-XM'ed interior, I miss the A340. At least the A330 is still in the fleet:)

I agree with you and Getjets- she's a 'beaut!


Captain Doug said...


As mentioned. We were in Narita on the same day, but I flew to Vancouver.

I must check which flight I did when we had seconds to spare. I remember the captain but I can't find my memo book for that year.

Yeah, the party was a great one.

I embarrassed my daughter as the beverages kicked in. :)))

Good times.

Jim said...

"saw the Air Route DVD of AC 777-200 and 777-300 . In the 777-300 flight from CYYZ to Tokyo-CYZZ they only used two pilots."

Hi shege2000, After a quick review of the AC B777-300 video I noticed they started both flight segments from the inside the cockpit. As Captain Doug said "maybe the relief pilot chose not to be filmed" or the director just did not include that portion.
If you look on the back of the DVD cover you will observe three pilots in the crew shot.
Maybe we will be lucky and Captain Doug and crew will be featured one day on one of their DVDs. :)

Captain Doug said...

Jim. Good research on your part.

As mentioned before, these videos are done by supervisors.

There is something else brewing for captain Doug, but it's in its infancy.

Another few months before it gets airborne.

Jim? A newbie?


getjets said...


your going to be a daddy again....??????LOL....that was too easy....!!!!!!!

Thanks for checking on the "Janet" flights....had ya heard of them before?????

so do you think thats fire in the left engine of the pic from Adam the Winnapeger????

because every single time I look at videos, pictures, what ever of jets in motion...I look for the orange glow...and have really never seen it....All that heat and fire....inside those engines...and you really wouldn't know it except for the roar....that everybody loves......

excuse please....SHUT DOWN MY BLOG.......Is that wishfull think Mr. Morris???????????????
I DON'T THINK SO.....I should get the Nobel Peace Prize....alright quit laughing....

plenty of people have gotten the N.P.P. for doing absolutley NOTHING....MMMMMMMMMMMMM

shut down my blog....I have the brightest blog...and I mean that in many ways...did you bother to read my post on sweets....NOPE....????
thats right you were out Galavanting.....ok ok, I am done...
no answer ....

getjets said...

Zack....what a pic!!!!

Captain Doug said...


It sure looks like the #2 engine is glowing. Good point, everything seems so subdued with a jet engine except the noise but there is a fire burning mighty hot inside.

Just kidding about your blog and security.
So who is the "sour puss" now? LOL
And yes, I just paid your blog a visit and YES I posted a comment. :)))

YZF_Elite said...

I had the misfortune a few years ago of being on the YEG-YYZ red-eye on a night the clocks were going back...YEG wanted to shut down and pushed us back at the regular departure time and we then had to sit on the tarmac for an hour, followed by 30 mins of holding north of YYZ waiting for the curfew...not fun.

Captain Doug said...

YZF Elite. Not fun at all! Thanks for sharing your story even though it caused more than just "red eye." :)

We have about four flights exempt from the curfew. The SFO red eye is one of them. Sometimes we can "swap" with the others to let us land
earlier. Sounds like your flight did not have that option.

YZF elite. You have not commented since September 2010?

getjets said...

so whats brewing for the Captain but still in it's infancy...so no little Captain Doug, Jr's running around the house in the forseeable future....TeLL us Captain!!!! I promise...not a peep outta me....lol
better not be going anywhere....

Captain Doug said...


Just something with Air Canada and the social media. If I tell you anything more I'll have to ship you out
on one of those "Janet" airplanes to the middle of the desert. LOL

And no, there are no "little Dougies" arriving. LOL


YZF Elite...I think I was on that same flight!! We pushed then shut engines down on the taxiway and waited...ugh.....

Captain Doug,

Someone has to try and make as much $ as you pilots. LOL

CAT III Approach.......

and a possible Enroute question...


sorry...it didn't take.....

What do the colored red and yellow signs at airport tell you? Do the colors mean anything?

Bas said...

Hey Captain :)

In Holland it's legal to drink when you become 16, so no problem at all. It's only the green stuff here in The NL that's legal, or sometimes not :P

I've sent you an e-mail with a picture in it I took about exactly a year ago, two Air Canada's! :)


Craig R said...

Captain Doug - you mentioned that AC has about four flights that are exempt from the Pearson curfew. How to they gain that exemption? Is that just a Transport Canada thing, or is there something unusual about those particular routes / time slots / aircraft?

I often take red-eyes home from the Left Coast, but try to route through Vancouver, rather than fly directly from Calgary or Edmonton as those flights often do wind up circling around waiting for Pearson airport to open. Nothing worse than being woken up to bring your seat back to the upright position etc .... then continuing to fly for another 40 minutes! If I'm only getting three hours of sleep that night, every minute counts.

whywhyzed said...

Those ghost 737s out of LAS are daily flights out to the desert and back carrying employees of US Defence contractors (Lockheed Martin and others). These people work on top secret programs, usually fighter aircraft and the like.
Remember the SR-71 and the F-117? No one even knew they existed until someone saw them in the sky.

Who knows what's being developed today? Some say there is a plane called Aurora that does Mach 5?

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

Looking at your post, I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how Air Canada only has slots for about four flights to arrive during the restricted hours from 0030 to 0630. A quick check on Flight Aware yields eight Air Canada flights arriving from Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Fort McMurray, Santiago, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Los Angeles during the restricted hours. Are there any aircraft specific clearances or exemptions to operate during this period or do all aircraft require clearances? I can not seem to find to find anything in the CAP GEN about aircraft exemptions during this time.


Captain Doug said...

Bas. Sixteen? Wow! Thanks for the pics! Stay away from the green stuff. LOL

Captain Doug said...

Craig R.

About ten tears ago there were about four "red eyes" exempt. I should have specified red eyes but Nehal has pointed out there are a lot more since.
In fact, I think I wrote about it in my book, but do you think I can find it? I could get an official ruling from my flight dispatch contact.

As to who gets the exemption I am not sure how that is allocated. But for AC being the biggest tenant at Pearson it should come with some perks. LOL

And believe me there are groups around the airport keeping a close eye on things. I remember visiting the tower and the controller saying when they change runways they can expect a call
from those concerned.

Keep in mind during IROPS (irregular operations) we can gain permission to land or take off via an authorization number. Sometimes dispatch posts it on our flight plan or datalinks it.

Captain Doug said...


As I mentioned to Craig R, I should have specified "red eyes." But you are correct there is Fort McMurray (a relatively new flight) and some international flights.

When I flew in from New Delhi direct we too had a landing slot inside the curfew.

I just check my old "Route Manual Supplement" but I can't find where it stipulates which type of aircraft are exempt. But airplanes are much quieter. The cargo aircraft departing during the wee hours also have exemptions. And some of them have not been modified with hush kits.

Again, maybe it's time to get an official ruling from my flight dispatch contacts. :))))

In the mean time, I'm off to Victoria. Their tower closes for the night at 0800z.

shege2000 said...

Thanks Captain Doug and Jim for your comments.

Captain D, hope what is brewing is going to be good. I am the first on the line to lay my hands on it. Is it for viewing or Reading?

shege2000 said...

Baptain D,

Your view of the incident with AC-34?

I am a big fan of 777, should I be worrried? I will be taking 777 to Beijing in September

Captain Doug said...

Shege2000. It's for reading and perhaps viewing down the road. My contact wants things under wraps.

It won't happen until September.

Thanks for your support!

Captain D out the door soon for the Canada's West Coast. :)

Captain Doug said...

Shege2000. Looks like "fire and rescue" deemed it a minor issue.

The media labelled it smoke in the galley. Sounds like when I cook...I know it's done when the smoke detector goes off. LOL

But seriously, the crew erred on the side of safety. It's probably the reason why were voted world's second safest airline next to B.A.

Now sit back and enjoy that September flight of yours.

Dave W said...

Hi Captain Doug,

I can't believe how many comments you get - you must have a big following!

Love the joke!

I also saw the piccie of your watch strap before you took it down and it got me thinking - I am a sim fan and am currently getting to grips with a B763ER - took me 2 weeks to start the thing! Switch of the packs, stupid! (I found yours and Capt Dave's FL390 blogs looking for cruise performance tables, how sad am I?) but my set up of joystick and throttles (I know the Boeing has a yoke) is effectively that of the F/O in your a/c - how do F/Os find the move to the Captain's seat as they surely have to learn to fly with their left hand instead of right? I tried cleaning my teeth with my left hand instead of right the other day and nearly poked my eye out! (I heard that was good for brain development but it sure isn't good for your eyesight!)

Keep up the good work and the great blog!

All the best,

Dave from the UK (EGHI)

ps, when I've mastered the Boeing I'll have a go at Sparky!

Captain Doug said...

Dave W. Somewhere buried in my blog or enRoute blog I have answered this very question... what is it like to switch seats?
Maybe someone can find it for me? APU? I'm out the door to go flying.

But I like your analogy...brushing your teeth with the other hand.

Driving on the other side of the road is another.

Or as this pilot described it..."it's like being married for over 20 years and then having an affair.
It's different and yet exciting." LOL

Gone flying

Captain Doug

getjets said...

APU....on it.....but in the mean time

Mr. Dave W.....yea wasn't that piccie of the Captain's "Faux Flea Market"....short sided watch strap nice.....lol I have a copy...

ANYWAY....not that it's any of my 'middle of the road' brain....

I have heard that when you do something(task) with your "non dominate" hand...you make a memory.......

when I use the company credit card...and I am returning it.....

I put the credit card in my left hand...and slap it into the hand of the person it has to go back to....
ooops there's a memory.....they won't forget I popped the heck outta their hand.....and there's no disputing I returned the card.....

save's me from the pen....kidding....

watch out....with cleaning your teeth....Have you tryed a tooth brush.....??thats a joke....

I think there's a back log on glass eyes.....lol(hope)

Captain Doug........how Victoria...?????
I have the live CYYZ ATC on....so I will be listening....
Roger that!!!

well time for this fright brain...I mean right brain cajun woman to go.....

miss(my comments are for entertainment purposes only)twa

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. I'll be offering the F/O the first leg (as I always do) so there's a good chance of hearing my voice as the PNF (Pilot Not Flying).

I better start gargling to get that deep, calm, authoritative airline pilot voice. LOL

You didn't take long after I beckoned for your help.

You are a great aviation librarian. :)

Captain Doug with a deep airline voice (not really)

P.S I like your credit card analogy. :)

getjets said...

"AC191 cleared for take off 6R..."

"CONTACT DEPARTURE...128 decimal 8"

Captain Doug(i think) "See Ya"...

official take off 4:01 EST

you need some better "rabbit ears" on that A319..ha

Safe Flight....

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. I'm still home. I'm taking the later flight. :))))

They said, "see ya?"

Many supervisors would give us heck even if we say, "cleared to go."

We should say, "Cleared for take off, Air Canada 191."

F.Y.I Usually it's the F/O reading back the take off clearance as the captain is simultaneously setting the take off lights to on.

Then, if it's the F/O's leg, the captain will give him/her control by saying "you have control."

The F/O will then say, "I have control" applies take thrust and then removes his/her left hand from the thrust levers so the captain has control in case
of a reject.

Lot's on the go, on the take off roll. :)))))

getjets said...

Captain 1193(?????) ....yes, they said "seeya"....one word....but the reception wasn't that good....and it was quickest seeya word ever spoken....I've heard "seeya"...many times...

I won't get to listen....afterall..ok dry up your tears.....I have a previous engagement....besides you said you were out the door, gone flying.....etc 6 hours ago....

but I must say AC 191 are making some really nice "green long/lat ticks...on my screen....not bad at all..:)))))

Safe Fight....


cleared for takeoff runway 5 I think??

busy night by the sounds of things....:)

"contact departure 128.8 air canada eleven ninety three"......

by the book Captain.....caught it for ya getjets....lol.....

Safe flight sir.

CAT III Approach..

no seeya in there!!

getjets said...

"CAT III"....I hope you don't mind, if I just call you by your first name...ha ha....

thank you...for telling us....how cool was that, hearing it from you!!!!!!!!

yea, that's our Captain....by the book!!!!!

so let me see where you are Captain Doug.....CAT III...my partner in crime.....
Safe Flight Captain ^D^

Jim said...

"Jim? A newbie?"

Actually no. I have posted here before but just do not have a logo like other folks here. But thank you for the welcome just the same.)))

I have the new WAR Air Canada Airbus319 and321 DVD and thus far have only watched the first segment which was a flight to Bermuda. On approach to airport in Bermuda with the A319 there are some gusty winds and the Captain does a nice job of keeping it smooth all the way to landing.
It got me thinking about if the A321 is more sturdy in high winds than the A319 or the A320? Or does size matter here? :)))

getjets said...

Jim...if you like.....I would love to go shop for a Avatar for ya!!!!!!


Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach. You are spot on! I knew someone would be listening from my blog so I made sure I got it right. :)))

We had to wait for Eva's triple 777 to land, then there was another "lander" up our butt so we were cleared for take off with no delay on the roll. With this technique I give the F/O the thrust levers while I steer it on the centre line. Then give him full control. Works out nicely.

Captain Doug said...

Jim. Bermuda tends to be very windy. Sure the A321 has more weight to throw around and has a "feel" of a large airplane.

But the landings can come up and bite you. We have to watch our pitch to avoid tail strikes so the guys are concentrating more on that than the flare,
BAMMM! Another oopsie. LOL

I'll take the smaller perky A319 anytime. It has pep and bite. Grrrrrr

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Sorry for leading you astray for the departure time. I didn't realize how late the departure was. Really!

We arrived in Victoria, British Columbia at 2:10 a.m Toronto time.

We had one missing passenger (had to sequence their bag), one passenger with a strong allergy with two pets on board and then a disruptive drunk whereby we had a "meet and greet" waiting for him in Victoria.

Looks like it's time to post. I'm up to 77 comments. This must be a record. Then again, half of them are from me meaning I talk to myself...a lot.

Captain Doug in the small town of Sidney, B.C

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have quite the comment record here.

Thanks for clearing up the confusion for me there, I did not quite realize you were referring to red eyes.

Furthermore, before I forget, thanks for signing my copy of your book at the Runway Run in June.


rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.


Hello Captain!

I just happened to open ATC live and your flight # was the first ATC transmission I heard so I stayed tuned!

I heard ATC mention the 777 and the one on approach...must get a little tense, making sure you nail the throttles on time to get out of the way......if you don't for some reason and the "lander" has to go around, do you also have to abort the take off roll, or does ATC have enough of a slot for the go around to allow you to roll as well? Loaded question I know, but it just wouldn't be me if I didn't ask...:)

Sounds like a slew of paperwork for you for that flight!

Safe flight back....hope you're enjoying BC.

I don't mind you using my first name at all "Get" LOL....

Take care, and as always, thanks for the responses..

CAT III Approach

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Hey Captain Doug,
Just got back to the "PEG" today from Gimli!! I was on my computer and i saw that Air Canada operates seasonal routes from St Johns to London Heathrow with A319s!! Have you ever flown there with a A319?
Safe Flying,

The Wininpeger,

Jim said...

Hi getjets, i appreciate the offer about the avitar. To be honest I am not that computer literate to even know what an avitar really is or what is involved in obtaining one.

YZF_Elite said...

CAT III small world. I believe that was my last red eye not in a pod.

Doug, I may not have commented since September, but I do check in every 2-3 days. I may even have commented as anonymous a few times, can't recall.

Keep up the good work...back to YZF for meetings Monday, now YOW based.

Captain Doug said...

SFO Rob. Either way, they look like they were having fun on the Segways.

I'm off to San Fran this evening. The best thing about the layover is the chocolate chip cookie we get when we check in. Mmmmm.

Actually, "certain math" adds up tonight so I may be having a beverage to wash down the cookie. Mmmmm LOL

Gone flying....

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach. I'll say it again, Toronto ATC does a great job moving airplanes. they moved up from 22 to 18 as far as busiest airports.

It's just another "get on, get off" airport. HIRO (high Intensity Runway Operation). :)))

I'll be barrelling down the runway this evening for a five hour flight to San Fran. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Adam the Winnipeger. You of all people should know only Winnipeg A320 based pilots do the YYT-LHR routes.:)))))

You must have missed that on my blog. LOL

It's because they must be ETOPS qualified and since YWG is our smallest base, guess who is off to see the Queen?

Doug is off to get his chocolate chip cookie in San Francisco. I know... boring... but anything else means trouble. :))))

Captain Doug said...

YZF (Yellowknife) Elite. Thanks fro checking in.

Maybe one day our A320 will get there? I assume it's Jazz and our Embraer that goes there. Correct?

Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

I had no idea that YWG based pilots get to fly that route! lol
I have been reading and researching Air Canada and YWG for quit some time now and never came across it! Thanks for clearing that up for me!! lol
Off to Gimli today its the viking festival this weekend!!

Safe Flying,
The WInnipeger,

YZF_Elite said...

Just Jazz 3-4 times a day spread from YYC, YEG and YVR depending on the time of year. Took the E190 to YXY last year, believe they make it up there in the summer.

YOW-YYZ-YEG-YZF on Monday...320 on the YEG leg.

Captain Doug said...

Adam. Off to Gimli? That's where I did my commercial pilot license in 1982.

After tree planting for the spring season and hitching a ride with another tree planter I was picked up at the Winnipeg airport and flown to Gimli. I'm not sure if Interlake Aviation still exists.

Look out for those fish flies! I still can't believe how the town is inundated with those flies every summer.

Keep your heads up for "Gimli Gliders. " :)

Doug in "San Funcisco"

whywhyzed said...

What kind of training is involved in ETOPS? The entire AC fleet consists of twin engine airplanes, so what's the deal? Are ETOPS planes different somewhow? Maybe more redundancy?

Captain Doug said...

Whywhyzed. Yes, each pilot must be ETOPS qualified. They have to take on-line courses. Then they must have line indoctrination.
Yes, the aircraft have to be ETOPS qualified as well. Certain fire suppression in the cargo holds, HF radios, etc. I believe the endorsement lasts two years. Looks like I expired. :))))

So it was thought a small base like YWG would be more manageable than Toronto. Montreal base did the ETOPS A320 run as well.

Captain Doug said...

YZF Elite. Looks like you easily make "elite" status through "segments." :)))

Maybe one day I'll add YZF to my airport list?

Doug in San Francisco

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