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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thank You!

Thanks Everyone!!!!

......gone flying.......

Captain Doug Morris

Received this from a young fan on one of my last flights.
I mistook the 'control tower" to be a submarine. :)

From the same artist

From my last school talk. "Number one" says part of the pact will be no more "freebies."
I think it's a gorgeous mug.



those are great pics! great little aritists

brings a smile to your face I'm sure :)

COOL coffee holder! I mean HOT coffee lol....I want one...trade ya for an oilsands one? They're not as nice though.....hmmmmmm.....I'll come up with something..lol

CAT III Approach

getjets said...

I believe it is Canada Day....and if it is...my wishes...............




and Captain...you can't fly your A320 under a sub...just ask Sully...

Captain Doug said...

CAT III approach. You worked at Oland's while going to university? Talk about the job of all jobs. You must have been king on campus. LOL

I knew the brewmaster way back when and he took us into the brewery to "pick up a few." Talk about kids at a candy store. :)))

You want a Global Express? It sure is pretty. :)

If you have been thinking about taking lessons, you owe it to yourself to take a "fam" flight at least. Promise me that!

Happy Canada Day to you too. I'll be steaming south for five hours to Mexico City. My last one for a very long time.

As far as fire works from the air, it's very anti-climatic. One year while building time, I took "number one" over the ones for Halifax Natal Day.
Boring. You don't hear the associated noise or the cheers from the crowds.

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Yes, it's Canada day - a holiday.

Hence, I am working. :)))

Bring you bloomers in, I'll be flying by later today.

getjets said...

oooooooook......too late....
oh you didn't know....besides all the holidays...going on...

it's also

so you better look like saluting...when you do your 'fly-by'.... ~~~~~~~~all 6 pair~~~~~~~just a blowing in the wind....lol

short notice...best i could come up with....bout what time will you be passing....that be....maybe i'll throw in a 'moon'...YIKES..........

besides i gotta keep up my "Rep"...here


what is a "fam" flight?

have you heard about the combat missions you can "fly" in Pheonix???? My buddy I work with...ex military just went down with a friend...It's like paintball in a plane...wow...

Why " for a very long time " What's up?

I was a crowd favorite....let's put it that way! lol! Sure was the job to have back then!

you have a point about the noise and the crowds for sure!

CAT III Approach


I'm guessing a "familiarity" flight? will have to look into that....

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach.

Yes, it stands for "familiarity flight." They tend to be a little cheaper as the local flying club wants to
woo you into aviation. :))))

There's also similar flights you can do in Niagara Falls as far as air to air combat.

"For a very long time" meant there are better places to point the airplane. I heard the long layover is great
but you can have the short layover in MEX. :)

Gotta go iron a shirt on Canada Day. Oh well, and as my best friend in the world used to say, there are worse atrocities in life. :)

I better slow up in my responses....people may think I am back. :)

Anonymous said...

That boy who drew those pics is quite the artist!

It's hard to get people to come to the classrooms to speak--particularly because teachers don't have a budget. Many thank you gifts were often bought with my own money.

It's a tough decision to make...is it worth doing freebies?

Well for the kids you inspire--yes. For you? Well, only you can decide that.

Captain Doug said...


It's so true about inspiration. It's why I did it. To inspire. I know I would have been inspired if an
airline pilot walked into my classroom. But these visits/presentations/talks/seminars/speeches/ all take time.

Maybe schools should open their budget a little to guest speakers? There will be a lot more inspiration going on.

Heck, I've tried to get into my son's and daughter's classes. They all agree it's a great idea but don't act on it. Only the ones that truly think it's worth the extra mile, do.

Myself, I would continue but others have a different take on things.

Thanks for your comments.

Much appreciated.

In the mean time, I'm gone flying. :)

getjets said...

please no reply Captain.....

got carried away....sorry Cap
and your point, Julie....

miss(hard head)twa

Ruby Khan said...

Have a safe flight Captain and yes, slow up on your responses. You need time for yourself and family. We really care about you. :)))

Happy Canada day to you and have a safe one.



Bas said...

Great drawings! I happen to have a visitor all the way from YYZ two days ago flying over my head, pics are on my blog (No advertising Bas!)

Just wanted to let you know that you don't have to comment on everything I'm saying Captain :) I know you're reading them, but don't feel forced to comment :))

From accros the pond,


Cedarglen said...

Happy Canada Day, Sir! I loved the drawings in the post and yes, they alone are worth it. I certainly appreciate Number One's position, but I hope that she will make the odd exception for a few school-based talks. I well remember the senior NWA pilot who visited my class for 10th grade career day (about 1966?) OK, he was also my girlfriend's Dad!
News: On 13 July I begin Ground School. No, I'm not going flying again. I found a nearly free opportunity to audit some GS courses just to enhance my 30-year stale knowledge. Call it "Active Arm-Chair Flying," if you like, but it helps to keep the neurons firing. I'm looking forward to the weekly sessions. Regards, -Craig

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day Captain Morris!

Thank you again for everything you do on your blog, you continue to be a mentor for many.

I finally found some sun and warmth in southern Ontario, thanks to the crew on AC140 and 7761 last night!

YYC Dispatcher

Craig R said...

The sad truth is, I'm 48 years old and the kids still draw better than I do.

Happy Canada Day one and all ... safe travels Captain D.

Tang said...

I like how that kid added the wingtip fence onto the BLUE Air Canada! great job kiddo!

Foggy said...

Happy Canada Day for yesterday - here's to the next 144!

That sure is one cool ATC Tower and the designer's of such structures should take a look.

As for the beverage container - that's HOT :)

I agree absolutely with the comments on inspiring the youngsters. I used to go into my local school near that secret RAF Lincolnshire AD base doing drawing and painting demo's; watercolours and pastel crayons, etc. Got a real sense of giving something back, and the kids were interested. Cycling back to work after a late lunch one day, half the class were in the castle grounds with their sketchpads; the others were in the village square by the Market Cross. Tried recently to do the same at my local school here on the south coast - not interested! And I would have had to go through the whole vetting process - not required generally, but "local" policy!!! WTF?

Doug, e-mail this weekend - i've had some "issues!".

Cedarglen said...

Captain Doug: If I may offer an addendum to other readers; the mentioned sites operated by Foggy and BAS are well worth a visit. To be honest, for North Amerikan readers, some of BAS's seriously funny material will require some translation, duw ti military acronyms and those always pleasant differences is language. His posts ARE worth reading and, once one gets it, funny as can be. Foggy too have some great stuff. Thanks guys; much appreciated! If you have to cut back a bit, an easily understood need, these guys will help to fill some of the void. Heart-felt thanks to all,
-Craig, the Craig from Cedarglen.

Captain Doug said...

Getjets, Cedarglen, Craig R, Foggy, Bas, YYC Dispatcher, Ruby. Thanks everyone!!!!

Just back from Mexico City.

Off to Edmonton tomorrow.

Ruby Khan said...

You're welcome Captain!!!

Have a safe flight to YEG!!!


Anonymous said...


Just dusting this blog off and sweeping away the cobwebs. Speaking of dust and webs, isn't it someone's birthday tomorrow?


Daniel Asuncion said...

Why, yes...that might very well be.