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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doug's Pub Crawl and more (sober!)

Okay. The weather gods were lined up in Halifax this weekend. Even the beer math was really, really good, however, I lost my F/O due to a CARs (Canadian Aviation Regulations) limitation. One can't fly 40 hours in seven days, but did you know you can't fly three 12 hour shifts in a row? Well neither did he or I. So we flew to Calgary from Toronto, then to Halifax and he deadheaded home. I went to the hotel all by my lonesome. :(((((

Translation I spent a very quiet Saturday night in the town I grew up in. So it was an hour before pick up and I decided to walk through Halifax to show you some of the places I used to visit. Where I spent thousands...enough to become mayor of the city with lots of bribe money. ha ha

So here it goes. There's 25 pics... (Click on the photo if you want details...no not those details) But I do have the time imprinted to show you I was moving....

The Public Gardens a typical British Garden nestled in the heart of the city.

A Gazebo where classical bands played throughout the day. 

This reminded me of the many parks I walked though in London, England

A unique name. A few days prior my F/O and I sat in the sun on the top deck and solved many of the world's problems. 

This store (getting a facelift) owned by a British entrepreneur sells unique food from all over the world.
If you are British you can get Hob Nobs and things.(I love those cookies)  Another reminder of shopping in London. 

Citadel Hill. This drumlin is home to an old fortress overlooking the city. 

Halifax Alehouse...one of many

In commemoration of the "Tall ships" in 2000. A bunch of pilots
own a local pub around the corner and it thrives. Yes, we get airline discounts. :)))
An old bank turned into..you guessed it...a pub...The Elephant and Castle.
Last year I visited this spot...I'll stop right there....

The Split Crow. If only I bought RESPs and investments instead of....ahem...
So how many navigation devices are named after pubs? Well take a look at the approach plate to runway 23 in Halifax. Yup, the Split Crow NDB. Used to be called the "G" (Golf) beacon, but how boring. And yes, this is the runway I soloed on 31 years ago. And yes, I mention it to all my F/Os. Hey, I'm captain now, they have to listen to all "my" stories."

Not sure if the "Bluenose" fix to runway 23 was named after this restaurant directly across from the Split Crow beacon. Maybe it was named after the schooner found on the Canadian dime? Or after the term "blue nose" for Nova Scotians when bitter weather prevails and their nose turns blue?

"I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier, the last of the Barrett's Privateers."
CAT III approach you'll know who sang that. Yup, Stan Rogers a huge folk singer who died in the DC-9
Cincinnati fire. I looked for his CD to buy...but no joy.  

The Lower Deck...thousands.... (I'll stop)

Theodore the Tug Boat was out and about. They did a kid's TV series on this guy. 

What would my blog be without a picture of ME. Captain Moosehead.
I had to ask one of the "female natives" to take this picture. I wonder what
she thought when I asked her, "can you do me a favour?" LOL
The "Bluenose" wind vane

The Harbour Hopper. This amphibious vehicle takes "out of towners" for a ride.
Overheard when it drove by me...."how many here are from Ontario? I guess you came to escape the heat."

I'm running late. Time to head back to the hotel. The Halifax Citadel clock is in sight. 

Note the numeral for the number "four." No, it's not a mistake. Apparently that's how
the four was suppose to be written.

Look at the top right pane. Do you see the impression of a head?
Folklore states this guy left an imprint during the famous Halifax Explosion in 1917.  

The "head" is in the third window to the right. This church is located
in an area of tons of pubs. 

Another row of eateries and pubs. Note the lady hanging out the window.

As we drove to the airport an hour later this was seen on a billboard for Coors light beer.
"Two things men love...cold beer and something else..." I thought it was funny.

We Canadians love our moose. No wonder it's on our quarter. Well not this guy. :)

Yup, been there...

Almost home. I remember this being a pizza joint during my university days . Looks
like you can get "other" things in there...passion, intimacy, love and pleasure.
Never knew you could buy that stuff. Who knew? Looks like I spent thousands on the wrong stuff.
I hope you enjoyed my lighthearted tour one hour before crew pick up. 


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Capt. Doug! Halifax looks like a beautiful city. I'd love to get out there one day.

An off topic question here....

Does AC still have guys jumping to left seat on the ERJ after just a couple years of seniority? I read about that a few years ago and didn't know whether or not it was true or not.


Mikeyyc said...


Love YHZ! Great story about the Elephant & Castle. Went to YHZ for the AC softball tournament. We combined it with a stag for one of our buddies and ended up at this pub one night along with his blow up doll and all the AC employees in the tournament. Half way through the the night he did a solo dance with her after which the manager came up and asked us to leave. After this the entire ball tournament left the pub. It went from full to completely empty in a matter of minutes. Don't think the manager expected that!

DocSKB said...

Hello Captain
Nice walk of Halifax.. A note on the watchtower:
The digit 4 is always "IV" if written in Latin. However watchmakers tend to write it as "IIII" as it gives a better visual balance on the dial.
Great blog, by the way
Cheers from Copenhagen

Captain Doug said...

Anon. Halifax is a great city...when it's sunny and warm. It takes on a different guise during the cool damp weather. But then again, I guess every city does.

And the answer is yes to the Embraer question. Pilots are hired with ATPLs. Plus I am told we hire all potential captains.
So if your seniority entitles you to the position, you will get it. Having said that, there tends to be a baseline of 3000 hours for that
very reason. The under 3000 category was not working out too well when they went left seat.

Hope this helps.

Captain Doug said...

MikeYYC. Thanks for sharing the "Elephant and Castle" story! LOL

And you guys brought the blow up doll? Um, I better stop there with the jokes. lol

Sounds like the manager lost hundreds of dollars because "boys were being boys."

Captain Doug said...

DocSKB from Copenhagen.

I read the reason for this years ago and thanks for confirming it. It's all about looks. :)))

And speaking of which, enRoute (Air Canada's in-flight magazine) did some great write ups on Copenhagen in this month' issue.
The author called it, "the city of perfected happiness." You guys should be bottling that stuff up and selling it. The article is "Don't Worry be Danish."

One day (I say one day) when I get on the B767 one of my routes will be Copenhagen. I'll be sure to do a "walking tour" to check out you "happy" people. LOL

Thanks for checking in.

Captain D from Canada

getjets said...

Hey Captain Doug, Halifax...is so lovely!!!!!!....with an 'old town' feel, and clean...no trash

and with plenty of taverns....thats what they call them in the midwest...'taverns'....like at my "Old St. Charles town....in Missouri..
just love to be at one of those taverns...having a drinkie...and watching the planes....2 LOVES...1 SPOT....

Soooooooooooo what is spewing from your jet Captain.....????? If it's pee....thats fine....at least I know what I'm dealing with...

Whats worse....is that 'mystery fluid' on the outside of the 'Diet Coke' drink someone handed you through a window at the burger drive-thru...NASTYYYYYYYYY...GIVE ME A BALL OF NAPKINS......."STAT"

lets move on....shall we....
Aviation question,

How far did you have to run to get "airborne" to land in the moose jumpseat?????? well I guess if you seen one, you've seen them all......nice rack too.....smiling right????

And of ALL the people to be talking about anomalies on watch faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahem...watch strap....there's your anomaly...LOLOLOLOLOL

check this out..

and here's your moment of ZEN:



miss(remember to 'copy and paste')twa

[Paul] Daniel Asuncion said...


Last photo. I believe that's NIGHT MAGIC, top of Sackville St. [Or, so I heard, from...asking around]

Great that you were in town! I suggest that you check out DAL and SMU campuses. Beautiful changes. Remember the open courtyard of the Killam Library? Pigeons found it very convenient. Not anymore. A glass roof in place now.

Approach plate very interesting. Something the public never gets to see. Just a glimpse of the complexities that most of us never consider when we are passengers.

In that connection, we've all seen movies where, in am emergency, a commercial airliner is landed by someone without proper training. [With instruction from ATC] How plausible is that? When you were an experienced pilot of only small aircraft, could you have successfully landed an AIRBUS 320, with guidance from an A320 pilot and ATC?

getjets said...

may not have made it clear but really Loved the pics Captain.....very nice tour!!!!!

you would definetley be a person of interest for a job of 'Tour guide'...but isn't that kinda what ya do as a pilot.....?????

you take us places...Beautiful places!!!!!

and the 'approach' picture....I love it.....thats a keeper for the collection!!!:)))))))

Craig R said...

Great photos Captain Doug. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Way cool!

By the way, are you headed to or from YVR in the next few days? I'm on the A330 heading out, but my ride home Saturday night is a 321.

Craig R ..... which apparently stands for "red-eye"

Brett.Wingerter said...

Hey Doug,

I went to Halifax in July and i loved it there! I did that harbour hopper thing haha turns out i was in the only seat that actually splashes water in my face!On our first day we got there at 1130 local time and we jumped when they fired the daily cannon at 12! Did you notice lots of construction in Halifax? It seams like there lots of construction sights there but nothing is getting done :P also went to peggys cove and visited the Swiss air 111 memorial... Very sad :(

Bas said...

Awesome pictures Captain!

Was this tour for free? :P

In Amsterdam don't lend out your camera to let someone take a picture for you. I've seen someone running off with a new iPhone...he was only asked to take a picture...Oops! Well I guess you had a good look as to who you asked =).


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug!

Loved the pictures of Halifax! Makes me miss the place. Looks like it was a perfect day there for your layover!

Heather :)

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Yes, Halifax is a relatively clean city. But as of late they have more and more vagabonds.
I can't walk to get my morning coffee without two to three asking for money.

But the city that takes the cake in that department is downtown San Francisco, but I love that city.

That "pee" either emanates from the galley or lavatory sink. I'm amazed they incorporate such a thing. I guess it's like the railroads peeing on the tracks. But for a self contained aluminum tube it always surprises me.

Love the Boeing/Airbus spoof!

Thanks for the link!

Craig said...

Cool pics. I never thought much of Halifax (no offense, lol), but it seems like it would be a fun little trip.

And Doug, judging by the post 10 minutes ago, I take it you're not having to deal with this wonderful weather tonight? Awful for pilots, nothing but entertainment for av geeks like me sitting here listening to YYZ and YOW ATC.

Craig M.

Captain Doug said...

Paul (Daniel) Asuncion

One day I'll walk up to the Dalhousie campus and check out the Killiam library.
Sort of reminds me of our brand new employee parking lot. They designed it similar to the Kiliam library with an open roof.
The only glitch was the threat of snow/ice falling. So they blocked off walkways because of it.

Funny you should ask about whether a non-pilot or inexperienced pilot could land an Airbus.
I have thirty or more pages written in a book called "Autoland." It's where both pilots are incapacitated on a flight to San Francisco but two
teenage Microsoft simmers who fly the Airbus on their computers is talked down to a successful "autoland" landing. It would make for a GREAT Hollywood movie. Heck, if they can make a movie about snakes in an airplane my book should be able to "fly" as well. LOL

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. I agree, this blog is like a "tour guide" to aviation as well.

Doug the tour guide.

Captain Doug said...

Craig R (redeye).

Thanks about the YHZ pics.

Actually I'm heading out to Victoria on the weekend. I'll race ya to the West coast. :)))

getjets said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Brett.Wingerter said...

Doug when are you going to Victoria? I'll be flying around there in a Victoria flying club plane practicing for my flight test, maybe I'll hear you on the radio!

Captain Doug said...


Sounds like you got around in Halifax and did all those touristy things. :)

And you did Peggy's Cove and the Swiss Air memorial?
Somewhere I have pics when I visited the memorial.

I did one voluntary flight for the grieving relatives and friends from JFK to YHZ. I still have the nice gift Swissair sent.

Captain Doug said...


That's what I call my trips with my family..."Doug's tours." And when we arrive in our driveway after getting in from the airport I say, "Be sure you tip your driver on the way out." No response.

I think it's okay if you ask someone randomly to take a picture. The problem lies when they offer first.
Reminds me of the time when visiting the Taj Mahal. They all wanted to take your picture. But I was forewarned if they did so, there would be pick pocketers taking your wallet instead of taking your picture.

And yes, I had a good look at the two young ladies I asked. LOL

Although there was a slight hesitation when I asked them. They probably thought this "old man" was after more than just a picture. LOL

Captain Doug said...

Heather. It truly was a perfect day. When the weather is like that you can't beat a Maritime summer day.

The only glitch, they are few and far between. You have to really appreciate them when they arrive.

I haven't heard from you in awhile.

Hope you are still thinking about something aviation related. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Craig M.

No offense taken as far as Halifax. Heck, I didn't think it was worth commuting to work for.

Again, I happened to be there on a phenomenal day but they were plagued with dismal weather this summer.

As far as the weather, nope been sitting home on a series of days off. Although the power went out.

But before it did, ex boy scout captain D fetched his flashlight.

Captain Doug said...


Seems like you have a "bee in your bonnet."

I hope it is not how "number one" reacts when she finds I didn't build her a fence.

I had fence post diggers coming to dig and set posts. They never showed. Looks like Captain D
will have to bring out the pick and shovel although with all the water from last night's thunderstorms it might not happen.

So I will be hearing some nasty stuff tonight after her arrival from KMSY.

Then again, maybe New Orleans' hospitality and Southern "laid back approach" may have worn on her.

Here's hoping. :)))

Christer said...

Thanks for the virtual tour of Halifax Doug! It's been a long time since I've visited there, and your pictures make me want to go back again. My wife has the east coast and PEI on our must-visit list. She's never been there and I'm sure YHZ will be one of our stops, hopefully sooner than later!

I'll have the pleasure of a few segments on AC's 320-series next month- if you're on any LAX-YUL-YYZ-LAX flights I may finally get to see you in uniform. Keeping my fingers crossed:)

Take care and thanks again for the post. Oh yeah, I also did some catch-up reading (been out of the loop for a bit), and have fun with the fence while you're at it! After the excellent work you did on the patio, I don't think the fence should be too much of a challenge:)


Captain Doug said...


I'll be heading your way Saturday. Sorry I can't give particulars but you are a pretty tech savvy guy. :)))

And yes, it would be me working the radios if my F/O accepts my offer for him to fly first.

Captain Doug said...


Your wife is right....Halifax and the East Coast is a must. Prince Edward Island is gorgeous in the summer. But not this summer, they too were plagued with so-so weather.

CYYG (Charlottetown) brings back memories of me getting checked out on the Dash 8. When the last flight arrived from Halifax we would take it up for training during the wee hours.
One night we were asked to fly down the beaches to spot an overturned boat. No joy. They found the drowned man the next day.
Boy, you know you are getting old when you start having memories. LOL

Just received my September sked. Unfortunately there are no LAXs. Looks like you'll have to wait a little longer. LOL

That's the problem. Number one liked the job I did on the patio, so now it's the fence, and then the shed, and then the....

getjets said...

There were several bee's in my bonnet to say the least....but I don't regret all my buzzing!!!!

hopefully your 'number one' will be rested and refreshed...although with the
"Heat wave" here...she may be thrilled to be back home....fence or no fence....
either way...you look to be well packed for your get away.....
safe as always Captain Doug


Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Yup, I'm packed just in case. LOL

Hope you solve your bee problem. :)

getjets said...

Hey "Big Chief Airways".....with the sh__t eating grin on the front....LOL

Thank you for posting Captain Doug....see......you are going to heaven!!! I just hope I am on your flight at the time....LOL


Captain Doug said...


Let's hope that flight to you know where is for years and years to come. :)

In the mean time, happy blogging!

Captain ^D^

getjets said...


RTD8450 said...

Captain Doug:
Many thanks for the "day-trip" to YHZ, one of our - my "number 1" and I - favorite places in Canada, or mostly anywhere. With a tip-of-the-hat to you, I now have an updated list of new places to vist the next time we haul down there from mid-country.
Cheers from here!

[Paul] Daniel Asuncion said...

AUTOLAND...AUTOLAND. I'd pay to see that movie. [And I think many others would too]

Sometimes, we think alike.[Don't let that scare you!]

Because you wrote it, such a film would be heavy on realism, even though it's speculative.

Realism is compelling. E.g. Oliver Stone's PLATOON.

Captain Doug said...


Glad to to hear you want to visit the East Coast again.

And of course you will fly AC getting there. :))))

Captain Doug said...

Paul (Daniel)

I agree, we do think alike! I think we are both deep thinkers. Must have been the street where we grew up. LOL

Realism is compelling! But fantasy is a neat place to visit just as long as reality tugs you back. :)

How's that for thought provoking deep thinking? LOL

Thanks Dan

JB in KTPA said...

Capt. Doug,
Halifax looks like a wonderful city - Thanks for the tour. Is Theodore based in Halifax? My daughter, now 15, absolutely loved the Theodore the Tug Boat show. About 10 years ago Theodore cruised into Tampa and my wife and I took our daughter to see Theodore live and in person - she was thrilled.

Thanks for your trip down Pub and memory lane!!!

Captain Doug said...

JB in Tampa. Yes, Theodore is based in Halifax. You can take tours and it looks like I captured him doing his thing in the Halifax Harbour.

Gee, I didn't realize the show was that popular. But then again, for a Canadian show to make it into the American market, it must have be good.

You should come and visit Theodore's birthplace. LOL