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"Picture of the day" is with Daniel Asuncion in Halifax. Daniel and I grew up on the same street and he stopped by the hotel just before crew pick up last week.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


An equipment bid closes tomorrow and there is some hiring involved. We need 15 B777 captains, 6 A330 captains, 2 767 skippers and 5 A320 captains based in Toronto plus 10 B777 F/Os. Translation...I'll be moving up the ranks slowly, but surely.
(Actually there are other positions needed to be filled and also at different bases, but I'm just talking about how it relates to selfish Captain D) :)))

This is mainly due to retirements i.e no expansion...yet!

I teach another 20 new hires on the 29th. There's also a class in September and October.

Here's one forecast on retirements in the next several years. It basically means 10 to 12 pilots will be flying their last flight every month. Note the peak in 2015. This is one list of many so I am unsure of it's accuracy. I am seniority #1171 and I hit the road in 2021. Translation....get your pilot license! Again, this is just retirements. Wait until the B787 shows up on the ramp. :))

2007                                    120
2008                                    102
2009                                    116
2010                                    119
2011                                    130
2012                                    139
2013                                    131 
2014                                    150  
2015                                    168
2016                                    142
2017                                    125
2018                                    110
2019                                    132
2020                                    111
2021                                    117 
2022                                    139
2023                                    120
2024                                    138
2025                                    127
2026                                    129
2027                                    108
2028                                    107
2029                                    76
2030                                    82
2031                                    53

Out of the blue I received this email two days ago recruiting pilots in China. Rumour has it, this gentleman was walking the airport asking pilots   to come fly in China. I asked if I could post his email and he was more than willing. Too bad my company is not offering leaves- presently. I'd like to take up the challenge for a couple of years. So, for you new aspiring pilots, just don't think legacy carriers, look at the world as your oyster. I mentored one pilot with Jazz and AC is not responding. What's he doing about it? He has an interview with United Arab Emirates, another company looking for pilots....BIG TIME.

Dear Captain Doug Morris

I got your contact from your book. - From the Flight Deck, I am impressed that you are an Air Canada Airbus 320 captain and a certified meteorologist. You write  a monthly aviation column for enRoute, Air Canada's in-flight magazine, as well as for newspapers and other aviation and weather publications.

Pioneer Aviation Services is a professional pilot recruiter for the Airlines in China. I am from Toronto office of Pioneer Aviation Services.
We are recruiting A320 Captains for Juneyao Airlines. Hopefully, we can get 30-50 Captains by the end of this year. Juneyao Airlines is planning to hire 100 Captains from overseas.  Now Juneyao Airlines has 24 A320 aircraft, however, there are only 210 pilots in total 210 including Captains and FOs.  They do have new aircrafts orders from the portion of the 150 aircraft transaction agreed between Airbus and China Aviation Supplies Import and Export Corporation ("CASC") in 2006.

I attached the package of Captains job from Juneyao Airlines. Please visit our website for more information about us. www.pioneeraviationservices.com

Could you please advise whether you are interested in this opportunity or please forward it to your friends who might be interested in it? I am looking forward to receiving your response.
Bin Du | Pioneer Aviation Services

China Juneyao Airlines Pilot Recruitment Notice

Presented by Pioneer Aviation Services (Toronto) 2011-Aug-12

1.Be a national whose home country shall maintain diplomatic relation with the People’s Republic of China; 
2. Be a valid license holder as pilot in air transportation. Has a valid class I medical certificate;
3. Be a national of a contracting party to ICAO
4 Age between 30 and 60 years old
5. 3,000 hours and above in flying hours and 600 hours and above in PIC hours as captain of large aircraft 
6. English proficiency level ICAO IV and above 
7 Qualified for CAT I landing standard
8 No flight accident record 
9 No criminal record 
10 Has ano flight accidentcertificate issued by the former employer
11 Experience-losing period of type rating is no more than 12 calendar months
12 Can accept other large aircraft captains besides A320 series.

Base: Shanghai China

1 before hired as a captain (1)For foreign pilot who has yet to hold a Chinese flight license: 6,000USD/month after passing background check by CAAC 8,000USD/month after commencing flight assignment (75 hours per month)
Salary (after tax):
(2)For foreign pilot who holds Chinese flight license when accepted by Juneyao: 8,000USD/month after transfer of flight license 10,000USD/month after commencing flight assignment.( 75 hours per month) 2. After officially hired as captain: 17000USD/month, ( 75 hours per month) If fly less than 75 hours, salary calculated according to actual flight hours times 226USD/hour.
If fly more than 75 hours, the exceeding hours will be rewarded as 226USD/hour. If flight hours exceed 900 hours per contract year, the exceeding hours will be rewarded as 340USD/hour.

Contract Period:
3 year for A320 series captains 4 years for other large aircraft captains.

2 round international tickets and 2 round domestic tickets per contract year..
7 days in the hotel when first settling in Shanghai
40 days. Can be divided into several times


getjets said...

Captain Doug.....you know what...that is the most beautiful shit I have seen ..that's New Orleans BABY....

just so lovely.......and I will assume it was a good deal......even though you paid...my friend..

they are so BEAUTIFULL....

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. I knew you would like it!

They have some great shots and there were good times had by all.

I should have tolerated the heat and joined them but my sister-in-law went. Oops, I'll stop there. :)))

And yes, my daughters are beautiful. Not sure what side they took after.
Doesn't matter.

My blog is starting to look like a travel guide. LOL

getjets said...

Captain Doug, I read about this as well, I believe from Craig R's article he posted within one of his comments of recent....
Something doesn't seem right about the practices of these "so called" recruiting companies!!!! Promise the world.........well, where are all the happy pilots flying for China, I would like to hear from them......

at this early glance, I could be wrong.....though

Bas said...

Has a“no flight accident”certificate issued by the former employer

Will you get this certificate if your landing gear fails to come down and you make a belly landing succesfully?


getjets said...

Captain....those kids of yours got the Best of Both worlds I am sure!!!!!!!! Smiling children don't lie!!!!!!!:)))))))))

So glad everyone had such a good time.....!!!!

Tim G in MN said...

Did you see this about an incident involving a Juneyao flight...

What equipment will you likely move up to next? Does AC and/or Canadian Gov't. have a mandatory retirement age of 60?

Thanks for sharing the travel stuff too!

Tim G in MN

getjets said...

@Tim G in MN....read about the incident....Qatar B773 and a Juneyao A320......

seems may be "Atittude" over "Altitude".....with some

Captain #1171....will the B767 be your next weapon of choice??? ha ha

whywhyzed said...

I guy I know just got checked out in the B777 -- moved up from the 767. Skipped right over the A330.... easy transition I would think.

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug,

Very interesting and informative post! Great to read about all the retirement statistics...interesting when you really think about how many people are going to be retiring in the next few years. The drop off near the end of that list is something to think about for sure....

Great point you brought up about the opportunities outside of AC. There's definitely lots to think about out there! The Emirates one you mentioned would be absolutely fantastic if you wanted to live in Dubai. I'd love to do that one day....just gotta put in a lot of time...build up them hours :)

- [email protected]

Captain Doug said...


You speak volumes of truth. Basically they (recruiters) are using you for your license. One screw up and you are punted out of the country or thrown in a room with bars as the decor. Most countries never heard of a union and when I went for such an interview six years ago you had to disguise the word as "onion."

Having said that, if someone is open minded and wants to get away from living from pay cheque to pay cheque, avoiding the tax man for awhile, or to skip alimony payments then these places can be very rewarding.

Captain Doug said...

Tim G in MN

I read your link. Interesting.

We did have a mandatory retirement age at 60 and it was challenged. Two gentleman regained their seniority. But into the courts again and now it's been deemed...age 60 stays....for now.

The challenge will happen again but I always joked this issue won't be resolved until I retire...another ten years.

Because of it...there will be lots of pilots walking out the door.

My next airplane will be the B767. But stay tuned on that front, I new contract may change that.

Captain Doug

Captain Doug said...

Whywhyzed. You sure do know lots of people in high places. LOL

Yes, the transition would be sightly easier. After all both airplanes having that funny thing between the pilot's legs...called a "control column"... I think. :)
I know, it's my Airbus retort.

But remember, the technology on the B767 is kind of old whereas the 777 is hip. :)

Captain Doug said...


Good point. It depends if the company wants to put you up on the pedestal as a hero or rake you over the coals and blame it on pilot error. Look at BA on short final with the B777. That poor captain did a roller coaster ride in that department.

I better bite my tongue.

Captain D

Captain Doug said...

[email protected]

There sure is lots of grey hair in the flight planning room and that includes me!

Rumour has it, YVR is really top heavy.

So yes, start building them hours. :)

Brett.Wingerter said...

Do you need an ATPL to get hired with air Canada?? I hope to be knocking on there doors in about 4 years only I probably won't get hired until 7 or 8 :P

Captain Doug said...

Brett. I was under the impression you DID need an ATPL but I've now heard of several who slipped under the radar.

Maybe they are enforcing it again, because you definitely require it when you go captain.

We taxied by the Victoria Flying Club around 6:00 p.m last night and I saw you guys were having a huge BBQ.

I opened my window and waved but no one waved back. You guys better up your scan. LOL

Actually I did get a wave from a guy about your age.

My F/O wanted to go and crash the party.

I'm now off back to Toronto and then to Montreal and back where they are forecasting 45 knot winds for my arrival.

Brett.Wingerter said...

Haha ya unfortunately I didn't go to the BBQ last night I was stuck at work pouring coffee and getting doughnuts for customers :P

Brett.Wingerter said...

So what other things are required to get hired other than the flying stuff? Do I need to know French, does it help? Do I need any degrees or anything?

RTD8450 said...

Captain Doug:
Given the, er, "interesting" contractual negotiations at all levels in "the Company" of late, how long do you think it will take for a move to the 767's for you? And will you go right or left-seat first? I.E. - is a "Captain" always a "Captain"? As always, cheers from here!!

aircraft ground support equipment said...

Hey Captain Doug! Really thanks for sharing this sheet. I am grateful to get this.

Captain Doug said...

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (now that's a mouthful lol)

Your welcome. i assume the sheet you are referring to are the retirement forecast. :)))

Captain Doug

Captain Doug said...

Brett. No, you don't need French, but another language is a definite "brownie point."

You either need a degree or a diploma. The degree can be in "basket weaving" as long as it is a degree.
The diploma should be an aviation diploma.

Gone to welcome the new hire class.

Captain Doug

(Looks like I posted this in the wrong post. Oops)