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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catching up on "Pic of the day"

I mentioned I was getting a little low in the pictures department from you guys so now I'm inundated. Funny how that works. Well I thought I would catch up with a post.

Thanks for sending them in....and if I forgotten anyone...email me. :)

...again click on the photos to make them bigger...

Sent in by my number one commenter...yup...Getjets. 
 Getjets (New Orleans) sent me the one below but the pic was too small. So Bas (Netherlands) modified it. It depicts airline travel in one year.
I think this picture of the world's airline routes looks like a "butterfly."
Maybe I shouldn't admit that? It may have ramifications just like a pilot saying clouds look like bunny rabbits. lol

And speaking of clouds...this cloud looks like it's on fire. Christer from Charlotte, North Carolina said air traffic was rerouted overhead due to these convective clouds that "just showed up."

This is the bus "James" (I posted a pic of James from Edmonton, Alberta) suggested I take to have a meeting with him. He was expecting Captain Doug this summer, but I stood him up. Sorry James.

CAT III Approach who lives in Saint John, New Brunswick but commutes to work in Fort McMurray took this in the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge. Note the YYZ tower in the background. But more importantly note the website. Best website out there. LOL 

Picture sent in by Mike who worked on the ramp for Air Canada in Calgary, Alberta. This Dash 8 flown by North Cariboo (note spelling) was sitting in Fort Nelson in British Columbia waiting out a storm.

Henry who used to live in Canada now resides in Japan. I've yet to respond to his email but this SIM shot is beautiful.

This falcon resides at Toronto Pearson airport and taken by Al (tail spotter) from Toronto. 

Sent in by Clinton who lives in the Sarasota/Tampa Bay, Florida area. This small aircraft was not having a good day and was captured by Clinton. Funny, I was asked last week whether it was mandatory for pilots to swim. The answer is "no." 

A picture of the Concorde sitting in Jeff's shrine in the Toronto area. 

I took this during the walk around in Calgary on September 11th. YYC Dispatcher told me about his bird. It's a DC-8 with upgraded engines. The night before I met "Heather" at her workplace in the YYC airport.


Brett.Wingerter said...

Where do we send in the emails? I got a nice sunset pic of the flying club planes

Anonymous said...

Great "pics of the day". I like this interactive part of your blog. :)

I like all of them. :)

CUUUTE pic of your son.

I like Getjets pic--looks like spiderwebs.

And Craig R.'s pic--years should be recorded...but also number of children--dramatic drops. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Hi Brett.

I have my email at the top of my blog and on the side as well.

I taxied by your club (Victoria) a few days ago. Lots of airplanes there.

[email protected]

Captain Doug said...

Anon. I too like the interaction.

But "number one" doesn't.

If I could make money then it would be a different story...

In fact, here's a website who wanted to latch onto my blog.

My name is Charlie and I work for Holiday Extras - a travel extras company - you can have a look at our website here; http://www.holidayextras.co.uk.

We have recently designed and produced an infographic representing information surrounding the history of commercial aircraft and wondered if you would like to take a look at it and let us know what you think? Or, even better, if you'd be interested in sharing it in a post on your blog for your readers to have a look at and generate some conversation around?

We have placed the graphic on our website here:

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Commercial Aircraft

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whywhyzed said...

I remember when Air Canada had DC-8s and they re-engined them and used them for cargo only. AC DC-8 cargo Apparently they were pretty quick off the line.

Captain Doug said...


We pilots remember those days too. Air Canada had quite a "strictly cargo" operation.

But someone decided there was no money in cargo. Tell Fedex, UPS, CargoJet and all the others this. LOL

Now, many pilots have it programmed to say..."there's no money in cargo" when we taxi by a huge cargo operation.

It's a cliche I hear all the time.

Thanks for the DC-8 link.

Heather said...

I really do enjoy the pictures! It makes me want to break out mine...and maybe I will! :)


Henry J said...

Oh, thank you so much for putting that photo up! I always thought it isn't to the quality... Anyways, it was ACA002 from RJAA to CYYZ, one of my favourite routes! It is a long flight though, 11 to 12 hours depending on wind... Love your blog!

Mikeyyc said...

Hey Doug,

Thanks for posting the pic of the North Cariboo Dash, the plane I'm currently flying. That pic is actually the one sitting in Horizon/Fort McKay during the start of the forest fires this summer.

This November will be 4 years since I left AC, time sure flies when your having fun!!!

Thanks again!


YYC Dispatcher said...

Captain Doug,

Glad you managed to snag a pic of NCR in YYC, definitely one of the best colour schemes out there IMHO.

A 0100 arrival might be a little late for an 'adult beverage' even if the math did add up!

YYC Dispatcher

Clinton said...

I didn't realize what a pretty bird the DC-8 is, and I love the paint job on the one pictured. Here I thought that Boeing was the only company that could make a beautiful aircraft.

I am honored to see my pic here. The short version of the small plane in the water story is that the pilot and student had engine trouble, tried to head back to SRQ, but had to ditch. They were both okay and promptly picked up by a nearby Mote Marine Dolphin Research boat. Later on, another boat came and slowly towed the aircraft away. One of the few witnesses was a 4 year old girl who ended up being interviewed by the FAA. Her mother didn't believe her at first when she told her a plane had crashed.

Captain Doug said...

Clinton. Thanks for filling in the details about your pic!

I'll let that comment slide about Boeing and beautiful aircraft. LOL

Truth be told my next bird will be a Boeing product. :)

Captain Doug said...

YYC Dispatcher. Next time. There's always next time. :)

Captain Doug said...


How much time do you have now?

What's your plans?

Captain Curious :)

Captain Doug said...

Henry J

I'll respond to your other email in a day or two.

Flight 002 was one of my favourites as well.
Sapporo beer on the other end, working out in the hotel gym in the morning, the breakfast buffet and walking around aimlessly in the town of Narita.

Captain D

Captain Doug said...

Heather. Get those pictures or I'll post more of me!!! LOL

My readers are getting over saturated with pics of Captain D.

altstiff said...

Hey Captain Doug, love the shot of the old DC-8. I flew in the jump seat of a CP-Air DC-8 (back in the days when you could) just after Saint Helens erupted while enroute to CYVR from CYYZ so I have a love of the bird.

Wanted to ask, I see that DHL DC-8 there at CYYZ all the time. Does it have CFM engines? The old CP-Air ones had RR engines as I recall.

Captain Doug said...

Altstiff. Just googled DHL's engines and apparently it has the same engines as mine...CFM-56...

They have aluminum cowlings so it kind of threw me off.

Every pilot I knew who flew the DC-8 loved the bird.

Craig said...

Doug, here's another picture of the day for you. Only my second time seeing it (and first pic with the new camera).


Ever fly that one?

Craig M

Mikeyyc said...


Just coming up to 2000 hrs now. In a bond for another year then hoping for an upgrade. Probably on a King Air 200 or maybe 1900. Doubt I'll get a Dash but you never know.

I have the resume in at AC and Jazz, never know I guess. Don't have a diploma or degree, not sure if its still a requirement at AC.

Bas said...

Hey Captain,

Nice pictures, love them!
By the way, I stumbled upon your airplane (A321 I think) in my physics book lol. I'm going for the A321, and you!? lol) (Pic 's in my post)

Not sure what livery it is lol...


Captain Doug said...

Craig M Nice shot of FIN 264! Yes, I've flown it! If it's an Airbus, I've flown every one.

I'll post it tomorrow.

Captain Doug said...

Oops, I thought you were on the Dash 8. I guess you sent the picture... in anticipation. :)))

Right now, AC wants either a diploma or a degree but don't give up, apparently there has been a few sneaking in under the radar lacking other qualifications. I'll stop there.

In the mean time, take lots of pictures and write things down. Most don't and later regret it.

Captain Doug said...

Bas. I took a quick peak at your last post. They look like colourful A321s dancing across your book. :)))

Have fun with school. And be nice to your teachers, but I know you will.

Christer said...

I like all the pics Doug, especially that one from Getjets! Pretty cool.

Heading back into busy travel season, so will keep my camera handy for any pics for you.

By the way, a buddy of mine who flies into/out of LGA most everyday on another airline said he sees AC sending a 763 into there every now and then. He tells me they're good at cleaning up the mess from a backlog and he has jumpseated on an AC 763 to YYZ not too long ago. I'm guessing the 763 must be next to the biggest bird to visit LGA, although I recall seeing a few Delta 764s in times past. I suppose LGA could still be a thorn in your side once you get on the 76 eh? :)

Henry J said...

Thank you so much!!! Sorry about just asking questions and also loonnnggg questions m(_ _)m

Anyways, were you on the 343 on ACA002? I was wondering I remembered they did use 763 on the route but I just can't understand how that plane can make it there. I'm hardly with any fuel doing the late ACA35 from YVR-KIX on FS.

Aww, boy I miss flight 35, 36, 39, 40...

Captain Doug said...

Christer. It doesn't take much much to get a backlog in LGA. As you know...

Yeah, I guess it would be the biggest bird in there. Those taxiways are tight, runways are short and intersect. It'd be a work out.

Yes, keep that camera armed. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Yes, I've done both FLT 001 and FLT 002 for years. It was THE route our ex-AC boss wanted to have because at one time it was exclusive only to
Canadian Airlines. They ran a DC-10 on it...same story...it was tight on fuel.
The B777 does the flight now.

Henry J said...

oh, yup! The 77W is usually flown (as can be seen from my SIM photo) but I wonder why they sometimes use a 77L for the route?

Captain Doug said...

Henry J.

Could be load factors, equipment swap, etc. :)

Mikeyyc said...

You were right Doug I am on the Dash, been on it for a year already.