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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Higher Seats of Learning

Yesterday involved driving three hours to Queen's University with a fully ladened SUV with my two daughter's university stuff. Actually the "ladies" flew to Kingston, Ontario (YGK) from Toronto Pearson on a Dash 8-300 taking 50 minutes gate to gate. Truth be told, three of them travelled cheaper than I did driving. One perk to my job. 

The "men"... my son and I.. drove. I got to listen to my 13 year old son's repertoire of music. I could not believe some of the lyrics with this hip hop, R & B music. I pretended I was in deep thought common to a baby boomer male going through a mid life crisis, but did I hear right?!?... "he is going to what her tonight, She wants what where? Disco stick?" Okay, okay we had some raunchy music in the 60s to 90s but the lyrics today...OMG! When we drove home, I called the shots as far as music and listened to the 70s stuff... Jeremiah was a Bullfrog, etc. ha ha 

People...for those out there with young kids..start saving!!! Not only is there tuition, residence for my middle daughter, some rent money for my eldest, but there are meal plans, ridiculously "highway robbery" priced books, and yes, I had to buy Diesel Daughter a brand new MAC book Pro Laptop plus a printer.  

My eldest displaying her dad's contribution to enRoute Magazine this month in the Dash 8.

I know I am sort of getting closer to Kingston with all these highway paint tests going on. 

Not only is Kingston home to Queen's university, Kingston Maximum Penitentiary, Royal Military College and hometown to our first Prime Minister, Sir John A MacDonald BUT it is a recent test site to Tim Hortons and their newly sized coffee cups. A bonus!

The day turned out well. There were parties on every corner of the streets in the university getto. This will last a week before they actually start classes. It kind of made me wish I was starting again. Oh well, I got to sign my book my daughter's classmate bought weeks ago. 

Regular school starts tomorrow!!! And I know of quite a few aspiring pilots that will be pining for the skies this week as well. 

To all the teachers, instructors and professors....all the best! Spread your knowledge and the love of the topic! 

Captain Doug...now home alone (sort of) with "number one." 


Adam aka "The Winnipeger" said...

Hey Captain Doug,
Interesting.... School starts on Tuesday in Ontario!lol jere in "The Peg", I will be heading back to my first year of high school on Wednesday!!I bet you have got this question a lot but, here it goes.
With the new 787's coming, will they be replacing the old 767's??
Safe Flying,

The soon back to school Winnipeger,

jack said...

Queens eh?

I have recently been looking there at engineering, which I also recently have found I am truely interested in. I guess if you keep your mind open to new things, you might find something you are actually interested in.

Anyways, quick question. I am thinking of doing all my flight training during high school, before post secondary. Then I will try to get into Queen's Engineering. If I get in, I will try doing my instructors rating around there and then try to get a job. Do you know if they hire instructors part time? From what I understand, an instructor only generally gets 250 hours a year. Would it be possible for me to do this during school, so that once I graduate, I will have 1000 hours TT. Obviously, I would be able to work full time when school is not on.



now I know why you're still doing your own landscaping, even on a Captain's salary!

Captain Doug said...

Adam - the soon to be back to school Winnipeger.

Yes, I've been asked that question many times. In fact, my "supreme boss to the nth degree" was asked it as well when he visited the new hire class when I was teaching weather.

He said, it will depend on the economics at the time. Good means they stay a little longer. Bad means they are out the door. AC wants to expand but they are still heavily in debt - so I'm told. But what is a billion dollars? It's only four brand new B777s. LOL

Captain Doug said...


Yes, they hire flight instructors part time. That's how I started. I worked as a meteorologist for Atmospheric Environment Canada and taught part time. Great way to survive on poverty instructor wages. Sounds like you can handle a huge course load. Engineering at Queens, or at any other university, is a huge commitment so working part time as a flight instructor sure will take commitment. But if you do it during holidays and the summer it should work out.

I assume you have about $150,000 lying around? You must be part of that affluent crowd my eldest daughter bumps into at Queens. LOL

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach.

You are absolutely spot on! We haven't had a raise in 12 years, but tuition and everything else keeps going up. I know, I know...people out there think I make a zillion dollars so we get as much sympathy as doctors, dentists, postal workers,
auto workers looking for raises. I have lots of days off and would love to fly extra hours but CARs (Canadian Aviation Regulations) and my
contract keeps me home. Are they hiring part time in YMM? Yeah, I know they are. :)

But thanks for the sympathy vote. :)

Another reason I do it myself is because we can't get people to do small jobs. If we do, I have to pay "Oakville" dollars. That's where you bend over....well...you know the rest. LOL

Are you out East or West?

Captain D looking for part time work.... :))))))))))))


I hear you loud and clear about the lack of sympathy when people lump you in with doctors, lawyers etc...they never add in the "children" calculation do they?! lol.....

not only do you have to pay in "Oakville" currency there becomes an added premium I'm sure when the above analogy is applied if they realize you're a Captain...

$150,000?? oh....you were quoting your salary again .... LOLOL

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach. Spot on again!

Many think we pilots always want to tell people what we do. "Hi, I'm a pilot, how do you like me so far?"
But I try to keep it under wraps when buying/negotiating something. Or else I get...."Ohhhhhh, you are a pilot?"
Then I hear them thinking...."cha-ching, cha-ching..." lol

I know the tax man loves us. :))))

$150,000? Close... :))))


sorry.... I meant $150,000 is what you pay in taxes on your salary! lol

close for me too:):):)

and NEVER let them know what you do when negotiating for a car until after the deal....or there won't be one! lolol

at least if they say," oh you're a pilot" you could say, an entry FO for a small regional and see if they believe you:)

all joking aside with my above comment, I still feel there is no excuse this day in age for any entry F/O in any airline to be making less than 50K ....... no wonder there is going to be a pilot shortage. Like you say, everything goes up, but nothing changes. Mind on task, not if you can afford to eat your next meal, should dominate the flight deck. It's a safety issue pure and simple.

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach.

You're three for three! :)))

Low starting wages is more impetus for that perfect storm brewing regarding pilot shortage.

Mostly everyone that signs up takes a pay cut. And they are not 18 year old "250 hour wonders" anymore.

Many are married with kids. Can you imagine the look on the spouse's face when told...
"Honey, I've been accepted to AC and my starting salary is $37,000!"

A look of "WTF" usually ensues. :((((

[email protected] said...

Great city though isn't it .. kinda like Halifax, with history, the water, and great schools .. it's why I do that drive twice a week!

We'll have to catch up some time for a chilly one ..

Captain Doug said...

Chris. It does remind me of YHZ. Every time I drive there, I think of you and your weekly pilgrimage to the big smoke. I guess your car has automatic pilot.?!? :)

I see the Weather Network is expanding big time! Good to see. At least that's what the paper said. :)

Daniel said...

My dad feels the same way about the music lol. You'll grow on it :)

But yes, school started and I am sad D; . Although I got bigger things to worry about - a piece of wood ( 1cm ) stuck in my foot after I stepped on a splinter.

Edwin said...

That's one thing I thank our government for; free education! Hey we even have a free pilot program and there is one we're eligible for in Norway as well! We also had one for secondary school as well (my age) but of course it was closed one year before I was eligible to apply :(


Very true about the starting salary for a pilot! I'm pretty sure my friend working part time as a waiter this summer made more money than a regional new hire in the states would have.

Captain Doug said...

Daniel. That's all I hear on the radio and in the gym....Hip hop and R and B music.
Time to relocate my MP3 player.

Ouch about the splinter! :)

Captain Doug said...


Not much free in the "higher seats of learning" department over here.

There are a few subsidized pilot programs, but it's like winning the lottery.

I concur about part time waitering versus pilot salaries. But what about window washers and pilots?

Here's a link I found on our pilot forum. It's American orientated, but there are some great facts.

Pilot pay versus airport window washers

Brett.Wingerter said...

How big are the new extra large cup?

Captain Doug said...

Brett. If you click on my "Timmies" pic you'll see that "bad boy" holds 24 ounces!

If that doesn't light your fires, nothing will. LOL

RTD8450 said...

Ahhhh... I remember taking both of our "kid's" to their IN SEPARATE CITIES post-secondary schools, back-in-the-day. Son was on co-op which meant it was a four-month rotation in and out of residence and a boarding house. Daughter changed schools so we never went to the same place twice...

BTW, on another front, ANY chance you'll be doing an LAX to YYZ routing late next April???

getjets said...

A cold northerly wind prevails here(frustration)

but the pressure is rising (more frustration)

and those low based stratocumulus clouds will dissipate under the influence of a building high pressure system (frustration out the WaZoooo)

and it's associated subsidence giving way to (momentary relief of frustration)sunny skies and seasonal temperatures(only to repeat it frustrationg self agian)!!!!!!!!.

Spoken like an oatmeal cookie crumb eating MUDDA....LOL....

Hi Captain Doug,
Now...your done....you just wrote your weather book!!!!!...funnin with ya....

'Passion for Aviation' seems to be paying much less these days, and you can count on eating Bologna for years, at 35 thou....this ole world gone backwards!!!!!

all that and then be afraid to say what you do....

because NickO, the neighbor who sells..."CA" "CA" to the enviromentalists....get the 25% off with a $10.00 purchase of Charmin....with Tuesday being "double coupon day".....not fair...!!!!!!!!

maybe you can get a job at the HOME DEPOT....LOL....I mean you got the uniform for that too.....

would selling Avon really be that bad....pass the little catalog to the PAX while in flight....They sell "High End Purfume" on the A-380 Korean Air....flights....whats the difference....it's all toliet water anyway....OH NO>>>>

just trying to put a smile..on a long range forcast for Aviation that is stormy and anything but smiling!!!!!


Foggy, I have tried to leave a comment on your blog....I will try again....giving me trouble....maybe I have it coming to me....ha ha....
I wrote this comment from the heart....BAM!....it was gone before posting it....I will get "mid evil"....before it's over....kidding of course....Mmmmmmmm

getjets said...

Adam.....the 'peger'....LOVE THAT AVATAR.....!!!!!!!!keeps em guessing...:))))))))b

Craig R said...

Sounds like a pilot's compensation arrangement parallels that of a lowly journalist - it's possible to make a decent living, but only after going deep into debt and earning sawdust for decades.

Fortunately, I've been on the job for 25 years, and had only one kid to put through school. As a result, I can almost afford that new XL Tim Horton's.

Mmmmmmmmm ...... XL Tim Horton's.

Craig R

Bas said...

Hahaha Captain, the new generation lol. I see my dad struggling with this from time to time lol, makes for funny moments.

Julie I don't know how you do it, but you make me laugh in every comment you make :P

Take care everyone,

Andrew said...

Wow doug, you're becoming so popular! I had to scroll for a while to find the comment button.

Sounds like you could write a Hip Hop song about Oakville currency.

Still curious why people hate the Jungle jets. Is it just because they do such short hops?


Captain Doug said...


I'm hoping I don't get a call saying my middle daughter is not doing well in school.
You've recently joined us but my middle daughter is known as "Diesel Daughter" because she inadvertently put diesel fuel in our gas engine car. But she did text us saying she is having a great time. There's nothing but parties and she is posting lots of pics of males on her Facebook. Hmmmmm???

As far as LAX to YYZ next April, I can let you know next March when we get our schedule. :)))

But that route is a Airbus 320 route so you never know. Sounds like you are travelling and it sounds like you are travelling with AC? :)))))

This is all good!

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Yeah, I guess I did write a weather book...just another 200 pages to go. :)

I thought about Home Depot. Actually, I recently flew with an F/O and that's where he worked when he was
laid off or lost his job from companies going Tango Uniform. He also drove a school bus.

Captain Doug said...

Bas. Yes, Julie keeps everyone on their toes. I gotta make sure I keep things straight and level or else.... :)))

I see she keeps you in check as well.

Captain Doug said...


When the Embraer first arrived there were lots of teething pain.

It frequently required major resets on the ground to get the systems back.

I have to watch what I say because I may be stepping on toes, but I will say there is one acronym what Embraer stood for:

Every Mechanical Breakdown Requires and Electrical Reset. :))))

But this airplane was the first to introduce our new video screens and passengers love the large windows and two seats abreast.

You are right, this airplane flies many sectors into high density airports. Translation...a work out!

Captain Doug said...

Craig R.

Sounds like the journey of a journalist and a pilot "wanna be" has indeed many parallels. But doesn't most jobs?

There's struggling actors, singers, athletes, politicians (don't know why I mentioned this one), authors, etc.

But sometimes it's hard to swallow when passion has to pay the mortgage or rent.

Craig. First...it's a great meal, then a beverage and now coffee. You're my type of guy!

I could try writing hip hop and R and B music to woo young chickadees, but "number one" may raise an eyebrow. :)))

Clinton said...

Captain Doug;

I thought I'd pop my head in and say hello. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions I sent you.

Now, if only Tim Horton's would only open a franchise in Florida. During the winter it seems half of our population is from Ontario or other places in the North. They would probably get a ton of business from the snow expatriates.

altstiff said...

Doug thanks for reminding me of Jerry. He was a good friend of mine. Never understood a single word he said but he always had some mighty fine wine ;)

Captain Doug said...

Clinton. Welcome! At one time Tim Hortons did operate in Florida, but I guess it didn't catch on.

Rumour has it they are trying to infiltrate the American market again so they may trickle as far south as Florida.

Again, thanks for joining in.

Captain Doug

Captain Doug said...

Altstiff. LOL!!! You brought a smile to my face. Yes, "he always had some mighty fine wine." :))))

Craig R said...

Hiya Captain Doug,

I always wondered where the term "diesel daughter" came from. I imagine that's one she won't soon live down. But maybe she can make it up to you. Being of the right age, maybe she can help you write .... a hip hop weather book! Cross your arms across your chest, tilt that AC hat sideways and get rapping .......

"I'm a ho-slappin' Captain
From da neighborhood
I keep watch on 'dem skies
I keep watchin' real good!
Clouds be bangin' lighnin' hangin' convectin' CBs hide the sun
And I jam my plane through them
and earn cash for Number One!

Pays for the yard work, ya know what I'm sayin?
Ya know what I'm sayin?
Ya know what I'm sayin?
Ya know what I'm sayin?


Okay, I'll stop now. Been into the wine. Can you tell?

Craig R


Captain Doug,

I hear you about the "WTF" look....especially when it follows with "but I get a raise to 45K in 5 years! " I do not envy those who have to go through that scenario. Then to have the live through the pain of scraping by until the years tick by and the salaries only "inch" up....

As for the "jungle jet" haters...I've lived through many a "reset" on the gate/taxiway/runway during it's infancy and my only complaint is lack of communication from the flight deck....I hope all the Captains and F/O's hear me and take it to heart....there's nothing worse than a passenger sitting in a cabin going through a reset thinking "what if you need to reset it in the air??!" and no words of comfort from the flight deck to explain the reasons, issues, why it's ok as the minutes tick by. Having said that, now that the issues seemingly are ironed out for the most part, I do enjoy the two by two and the ride. The seating surfaces have, however, gotten very "hard" after only a few years of use.....and man does that fuselage "flex and bend" more so than any other plane in moderate turbulence....even taxiing you can see it bend from the rear looking ahead when going over the bumps.

Craig R......that's funny stuff. Nice.

Craig said...

Ugh, the more I hear and see going away stories, the more wish I went away for college. Oh well.

Also, I love the pic of the day! I've spent waaaay too many hours in that Level-D 767. Simply the best FS add-on out there if you ask me. And speaking of which, time to boot up a long haul in it before I go to bed.

Craig M

getjets said...

Craig R.....I am friggin dying laughing......:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

the more important question:


AND DOES IT COME WITH IT'S VERY OWN BROWN (of course re useable..puke) PAPER BAG.....


hey it's 3 am....you got it going on Craig R.....funny funny

so does it come in 3 ounce bottle's with a 3 ounce paper bag....for carry on of course.....

isn't 3 ounces the max limit for liquids to carry on the plane....??????????

so technically....you could bring a case of 3 ounces bottles of the "slap you momma ripple".....you carry it on...they carry you OUT.....

or is it the coffee beans????
oh hush and

"well I've never been to Spain....but I kinda like the music....say the ladies are insane there...............oooops, wrong song....ha ha

time for a couple of pm's

Dave W said...


Thanks for using the pic Capt D, I'm honoured!

I'm waiting for someone to look closely and tell me my approach speed is too high!

Craig M, I'm chuffed you like the pic too, for the record its actually the Captain Sim 767 but I am considering getting the Level D as I understand it is the more complex with regard to system fidelity.

Regards to all

Dave from the UK (wishing he was on approach to VRMM for real!)


getjets said...

Russian jet carrying KHL hockey team crashes!!!!!!!!

Rescuers work at the crash site of a Russian Yak-42 jet on Wednesday near the city of Yaroslavl, on the Volga River about 240 kilometres northeast of Moscow.
The Russian emergency situations ministry said the plane was carrying KHL hockey team LokomotivYaroslavl. Misha Japaridze/Associated Press

"Professional Pilots rumor network"...has a lot of info....(although some info may just be speculation)
one member not on the plane, was at a camp(hockey,I believe) in St. John's....
43 dead.....

I am still reading....anyone else heard.......????

Just Tragic!!!!!

getjets said...


copy and paste...hope it works...or go to the Aviaiton Herald.com site....if interested...

failed to climb????????

hit airport beacon antenna??????

not a T-154, but looks similar?????
if pics are accurate?????

getjets said...

R.I.P. is an abbreviation for requiescat in pace ("may he rest in peace", often, though somewhat inaccurately, translated as rest in peace), a short epitaph or idiom used to express wishes of eternal rest and peace for a person who has died (and therefore seen frequently on gravestones).

just ....but may they all....RIP..I don't see how they can....

Seems such a violent death....and expect to Rest In Peace....or am I wrong....and have the belief that there is an "afterworld"....??????

or once 'breath stops'....the end?????
ok....it's the living(family, friends, world..etc) that have to try and R.I.P.....maybe thats it more.....
maybe should have kept to myself...too many questions....always asked after the fact....better start living right now.....i believe....
getjets over dramatic....for the world to read....
should have put all this at my site.....sorry Captain Doug....:((((((((

Captain Doug said...

Dave W. I think it's a great shot! Remember I store them at the bottom of my blog.
I'll be changing the pic soon.

The Maldives...another place I've yet to go. Just privately emailing another reader of my blog. They will be visiting Australia, New Zealand, etc this coming spring.

Captain D

P.S Your approach speed is a little high. Kidding. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. I see the crash had many high profile hockey players on board. Even a Canadian hockey coach.

Looks like weather was not an issue and I'm not familiar with the airplane type.

But as I write one has to remember there are thousands of planes in the take off, landing and cruise mode. Sometimes the odd one deviates from the norm. It doesn't make it anymore easier to accept, but it's a fact of life.

But we all like it when you bring humour to the forefront. Leave all the sad stuff for someone else. :)))

Besides, It's my 21st anniversary today...I gotta be thinking happy thoughts.

Happy Captain Doug :)))

Captain Doug said...

Craig M.

It's never too late. Even for me, after 30 years of being away from formal school, I kind of miss not taking some sort of course.

I guess I will have to wait for the B767 ground school. I could take night school...maybe French (but I've done that) or maybe ball room dancing? I flew with one captain who was "way up there" in dancing and the stories he told of his dance partners.
That does it, I'm signing up. LOL

Captain Doug said...

Craig R. LMAO! Great job! I can see you took some creative writing in your journalistic trek.

Love it! :)))

But you know, it's not contentious, doesn't use the "f" word, or have the "in your face" mentality.

But you do have the slangish "da"s and "ya"s. :))))

Again, great job....wine or no wine!

One day we will meet for a great meal, a few beverages and do some rapping. :))))

Ya know what I'm sayin?

Capt'n D da man

YYC Dispatcher said...

Captain Doug,

Happy Anniversary to you and 'number one'.

Seems summer is continuing out west, our reward for a crappy spring!

CYYC 072300Z 04002KT 40SM FEW090 27/04 A3025 RMK CU1 SLP241

CYYC 072038Z 0721/0818 VRB03KT P6SM SKC

YYC Dispatcher

getjets said...

Deal!!!!!no more :(

I think even one of the players played for the ST. Louis Blue's or a coach....no more sad...

Happy 21st Anniversary!!!!!
I mean that.....I hope your ........drinking some vino....from a paper bag.....

so Captain Doug.... your legal now....Mmmmmmmm

Craig R....where's your wheel .....you know the wheel....of "Mrs. fortune" (i mean missfortune...same difference)
the 'happy happy wheel'....with the husband spinning his wheels, so to speak.....with the funny looking boxer's on...they're inside out....getting old...yuk...

but you only half to wash half the clothes, half the time....;)))))thats a joke....

better Captain??????

I hope you are having a Wonderful Anniversary......!!!!!!time to put that fence to work for ya.....on that Beautiful patio.....serious.....
again Happy Anniversary....


Captain Doug said...

YYC Dispatcher. Glad to see you guys are getting some nice weather. 27C Wow!

I hope you still have that nice weather when I fly there on Saturday. I've been off for nearly two weeks
on days off. Time to return to the mother ship.

Captain D

Captain Doug said...


No wine here. Unfortunately "number one" is at a hockey meeting tonight.

Oh well, "21" is just a number.

LOL about spinning the wheel. Agree...getting old is yukkie...but then again it's not so bad.

Thanks Miss TWA for the positive spin on things!

Craig R said...


"Wine" is a loose term. It started with a delightful 2007 Niagara Riesling, then progressed to an even nicer Chianti. I get silly when I drink Italian reds. But I don't usually rap. Let's hope that doesn't happen again!

Happy news tonight as I learned our upgrades cleared for our upcoming CDG flight. I'm astonished we both got confirmed on such a popular route, but hey - I'll take it! And She Who Must Be Obeyed will be thrilled. Nice start to a long-anticipated vacation.

Captain Doug - happy anniversary, and congrats. 21 may be just a number, but its one a lot of couples never see. You're both very lucky.

Back in a couple of weeks. Vineyards must be inspected.

Craig R
(and yes, another red-eye)

Captain Doug said...

Craig R.

Glad to hear you got your upgrade. I hope you like our "lie flat" seats. Don't be drinking too much wine on the flight. Because those seats make it next to impossible to get lovey-dovey with your spouse. And no, I'm not speaking from experience. LOL

Paris in the fall. Wow!

Happy vineyard inspecting!

Paul [Daniel] Asuncion said...

Happy Annversary! I remember when you introduced her to me.

Looking at the photos [and reading about the expenses], makes me think about how much your kids' lives have been shaped [and enriched] by career decisions you made when you were Kirk's age...

Captain Doug said...

Paul (Daniel) Asuncion

Good point about my son's age. :))) In fact, I frequently go into my "when I was you age" mode.

And when I was his age I helped build Jamie Burgess' house. From there I went on to Ray Hartlin Painting and Decorating at a ripe old age of 15.

It costs money to chase dreams! :)))

Bas said...

'Yep got the little Fokker in sight' lol!

Love the picture of the day! KLM Royal Dutch Airlines....hmmmm :)

Too bad KLM is phasing out the F70, the Embraer's are nice, I've flown on it with KLC but the F70 is also 'Made in Holland' :)

@Carlton, hope you are reading this; Do you live in The Netherlands or work for a Dutch airline now? Lovely pic!

@Craig R, LOL! That's genius!


Dave W said...

Capt. D, congrats on the anniversary, I've only managed 10 so far and we already wonder where the time went....i turned up on our first date with baby oil and a big bar of chocolate - bet you can't trump that! :-)

Craig R, great news on the upgrade, but hey, looking at the miles you put in it would seem you derserve a little pampering! Great rhyme by the way.

If any of your readers from this side of the pond are interested theres a great Flight sim open day coming up soon on the south coast. I go each year, in fact, I'm in the pic on the front page (on the right with a green top on!)

Take care everyone

Dave from the UK

Captain Doug said...

Bas. I thought you might get a stir with that shot of Carlton's. :)))

Carlton now lives in London but I'm sure he will comment as well.
(Plus he owes me a beer) :)))

He and I met this Spring in Toronto.

Captain Doug said...

Dave W. The first date you showed up with "baby oil?" Ahem...you're right...I can't trump that! LOL

Thanks for relaying the link. I "have traffic in sight" regarding your pic. You are the best looking one there! :)

Seriously though, looks like a neat place to spend the day.

Let's hope you make it to anniversary #21 (baby oil or no baby oil) LOL

coreydotcom said...

I never went to Queen's but I sure as heck remember making the drive down from Montreal for homecoming! Don't worry, the partying isn't too wild :P

Heather said...

Hey Doug!

Happy Anniversary! Hope you are enjoying every moment of it! :)

The picture of the day from Carlton is beautiful!


Captain Doug said...

Hi Heather and thanks.

Carlton assumed I had lots of pics of the Rockies and none of the Alps.

He was right!

I'm hoping to celebrate my anniversary on a long Victoria layover this weekend.

But I have to go to YYC first. Might be meeting up with YYC Dispatcher.

The "certain math" looks pretty good for a downtown rendezvous Saturday night.

Maybe our paths will cross...

Captain Doug said...

Coreydotcom. I noticed a huge difference from the first year we dropped off my daughter.

There were people to meet us and lots of students (mostly engineers dressed in their conspicuous purple jackets) taunting the new kids. Buy sadly there have been a couple of deaths so things have abated for a while.

One young American lad thought he could "fly" from a high rise student building. :((((((

I know Diesel Daughter will be (is) partaking and my engineering daughter will be wearing her purple jacket.

All I have to do is pay for it all! LOL

carlton said...

Hi Bas, as Capt Doug said I now live in London. Although KLM City Hopper are based in Amsterdam there are several UK bases that used to be Air Uk . I actually left the airlines and work as a Radiographer now, but have fond memories and miss the buzz of the aviation industry (my heart will always be in aviation) - even when the "Fokkers" did go tech! lol

Thanks Heather, it is probably the first and only good picture I have taken, the views of the alps were always amazing.

Doug, happy anniversary to Charlene and yourself and it would be my pleasure to buy you a pint or three!

Cheesecake C-CAKE said...

bahhaha Fokker. Where did that "Fokker" go? :)

Happy 21st Anniversary Captain Doug. How do you do it? I want to know the secret when I get married. Is it being married to a Captain, or the great yardwork, or that smile? It's probably all :)

Thinking back to earlier this year I've met your wife, son, and diesel daughter (I think that was her who came for the blackberry) but not your other engineering daughter. Maybe I might run into you guys at a mall someday lol.

clinton said...

Okay, I had to Google the term "Jungle Jet" and had a good laugh when I found out what it referred to. I've been on a few of them, and when I first found out where they were made I was more than a bit surprised and even a little scared that they actually made jet aircraft there. I'm sure they are a safe aircraft though, or they never would have been certified. My flying nervousness goes up a few ticks whenever I am on something that isn't a 717 or 737 anyway (gotta love Air Tran - the lesser of evils).

Paul [Daniel] Asuncion said...

"When I was your age"

I'll bet fathers have been saying that to sons, as long as there have been fathers and sons...

I think your aptitudes will live on in him, but they will manifest themselves differently in him. In other words, he will have abilities that you don't have.

Paul [Daniel] Asuncion said...


E.g. My father and I both like to write. He likes structure; I like to make it up as I go. With the screenplay I'm working on, sometimes I arrive at the library not knowing what scene I'll be working on.

His style works for him. When he taught at the medical school, the 1st yr anatomy study guides that he wrote were popular with students preparing for Board Examinations.

Captain Doug said...

Daniel. I didn't realize your father wrote. I hope that screenplay you're writing is going well.

grantingram said...

Speaking as one of those people who works in one of those Higher Seats (albeit on the other side of the world)- thanks for keeping the industry afloat! :-)

Seriously though, I hope the University course opens some doors for your daughter. I know doing my degree was one of the best things I did and I remain extremely grateful to my parents for stumping up the cash!