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"Picture of the day" is with Daniel Asuncion in Halifax. Daniel and I grew up on the same street and he stopped by the hotel just before crew pick up last week.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Results are out....Captain D stays on the A320

Our new edition from Hawaii. Note the American registration. Pic sent in from YYC Dispatcher.
This year's second equipment bid closed and it looks like left seat on the A320 a little while longer.

Last bid had "bottom gun" at #829 on the B767 and it has slid to a whopping seniority #853.

Yes, there were vacancies, but it was just the senior guys shuffling around.

I am number 1171 (Getjets jests it adds up to a "ten." Oh well, she made me smile).

They say never wish your life away, but one can dream. Here's what number "ten" could hold. Heck I might as well play with the numbers.

I could hold:
Toronto B777 F/O at 61%. (For me...once a captain, always a captain. After all, I get to go to work always in a good mood.....that is priceless. Nope, no more F/Oing for me).

Toronto B777 cruise pilot at 1%. Yup, I'd be "top gun" running around to ensure there are enough pillows and blankets for my buddy pilots.

A330 F/O at 9%. (The A330 captain is light years away) Yes, it would be a downbid and I would be potentially frozen for four years.

B767 F/0 7% (Yup, frozen taking four years to thaw)

A320 F/O 1%. Yup, I would be the "big kahunah" but at 60 precent of my present pay.

Embraer Captain. 1%. Again, I would be "Captain Top Gun." No thanks, I don't speak "Brazilian. " LOL

But the good news is I went from 49% to 44%. I may be able to bid Christmas off. Still can't hold summer vacation though. But all of these numbers are called "on paper." It takes months to actually see it due to training back log.

But what's in a number? Everything! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug!

Too bad about not moving up the ladder but it's all about patience! :)

You say captain on the A330 is light years away. Is it harder to get left seat on one of those instead of of the B777?

I find all the logistics very interesting for all the seniority....slightly headache inducing but that's what computers are for I'm sure.

You asked in a few posts ago if I was still interested in something aviation-related. I honestly had not thought about it for a while but when you asked again the thoughts did start popping up in my head......so yes in general I am but I'm not sure in what eventual direction I'll end up! :) In the meantime I'll keep reading your blog! :)

Take care,


Cedarglen said...

Thanks for sharing the numbers, Doug. The seniority systems can be complicated, but that's the way it is done. On the bright side, you do not commute, wear four bars and have ~15 years remaining on your clock to find a larger aircraft. A 'semi-senior' captain who flies from home is NOT a bad position to hold. LMAO over the 1% for a B777 cruise pilot or FO on your current A320. You need-not explain; your readers understand that this will never happen . Best wishes, -Craig

Craig said...


Say you just happened to be able to get a spot as FO on the 787 when it arrives...still a no?

Craig M

coreydotcom said...

Kind of the same question as anonymous: what is the "most desirable" plane in the fleet?

Also, I thought you were closer to the 767 than the 777? You had seemed to hint a while back that the 767 was your next plane. Is this the case?

Further, do you wait to make the switch onto bigger equipment until you would be at the relative same level seniority or do you switch whenever you can?

Craig R said...

Hiya Captain Doug,

Thanks for sharing that, and congrats on climbing to 44% from 49%. Five points sounds like a decent jump for one bid. Would I be right in guessing the curve will accelerate over time as more pilots hit retirement age?

From the way you've been describing it, a pilot's career sounds a bit like a steak dinner. It starts with a tasty appetizer (i.e. cruise pilot on an A340), moves to a fantastic, juicy entree (A320 Captain) and culminates with a sweet and magnificent desert (left seat on the really big planes).

We all want to get to the ice cream, but one has to finish all their vegetables first. C'mon Captain D ... only a couple of green beans left :-)

Dave W said...

Hey Capt. D,

5% climb in a year? At that rate you'll be top of the tree on your 59th birthday!

Great pic of the 76 - that figure by the trucks looks familiar, is it a dewey eyed Capt. D looking wistfully upward??

Seriously though, I had my fingers crossed for you, looks like I'll have to transition over to Sparky in the sim and ask you for some tips instead of the other way round!

Keep smiling and regards to all

Dave from the UK

coreydotcom said...

Not really on topic but I'm sure consumers will be thrilled with the AC announcement of a check-in fee for the first bag on US-bound flights! Hurray!

Captain Doug said...

Cedarglen (Craig) You make a valid point about commuting. Many have to deny promotions in order to stay senior for the schedule.
I too had to resist bidding left seat when I commuted. Just another reason why I think commuting is for the birds.

I ask the new hire classes how many are going to commute and there's a good proportion who will play the game. Pity they are no longer entitled to passes right away. Should be interesting.

FYI I retire in 10 years not 15. The mandatory requirement for age 60 has been reinstated.

Thanks for checking in.

Captain Doug said...

Anon (Heather)

I was hoping I didn't scare you away.

I didn't mention about the B777 (left seat) simply because it's the furtherest away. How did Buzz Lightyear put it? Oh yeah..."to infinity and beyond!" lol

Hope you are chasing your dreams...no matter where it takes you. :)))


Captain Doug said...

Corey. I hate to bring up one of most overused cliches out there...."but size matters"...when it comes to pay. The bigger the better.

As far as pay goes it's the B777 hands down!

The B767 is the next airplane on the size scale. But our next contract may be implementing a "wide body" versus "narrow body" pay scale.
So the B767, B787, A330 and the B777 will be lumped into one group.

So "size matters" will be whether a pilot prefers to have a wide body or a narrow body. LOL

As far as making the switch, the choice is yours. I bid the B767 to the "bottom" but you can qualify your bid to 64%, 80% (to stay off reserve) or you can
even ask for a delayed course.

Who would think flying an airplane is so complicated? lol

Captain Doug said...

Craig R. Love your analogy. Boy did you ever send a morning smile my way!

I could go further with this but I won't take your thunder away.

Everyone wants their cake and eat it too! (Sorry I couldn't resist)

Again, great way of putting things right.

Captain Doug...still eating his veggies.... :)))))

Captain Doug said...

Dave W. I had to look at the original pic to find the figure you referenced. Spotted someone under the right engine. Good eye!

And yes, whenever I see a B767, A330, B777 or the glossy magazine pics of the illusive B787 I think, that would be a great airplane to fly.
That's the nature of most pilots, we are always looking for something bigger, faster, newer. But then again I guess it's human nature, many are not satisfied with the norm. We are always looking ahead or the grass on the other side of the fence. (Our backyard grass is cooked from this summer's heat...lol)

I think tonight I may have an appreciation party. It's time to celebrate what we have instead of what we don't have. Anyone want to join me? LOL

And with 10,000 hours of Airbus you better transition fast because I'm unlearning the airplane.
I guess it's like living with someone for years (yes, my 21st anniversary is within a week) and asking your spouse..."when did you start
wearing glasses?"

Sorry to turn philosophical on ya!

Captain Doug said...


I read about this in today's paper about the checked baggage fee to the U.S.

That's gonna go down like a lead balloon.

RTD8450 said...

Captain Doug:
After 35-plus years playing (badly, I might add) the "marketing" game during my now-done career, I am am sorry that the next rung on your ladder has (so far) eluded you. BUT, I do truly admire and envy anyone who gets up for work, and every day seriously and completely loves what they, and you obviously, do. The "electric jets" seem like real thoroghbreds - tough, agile, complex, sometimes unforgiving, and almost always fun.

Then, on top of that, someone gives you money,too!

Someday, I look forward to being a butt-in-a-seat, aft in steerage, when you're driving, so I can offer a post-landing libation. Or two.

Craig R said...

Captain Doug,

Happy impending anniversary!

Now, eat your vegetables.

Captain Doug said...

Craig R. Another aviation buff literally sent me lots of "funnies" about getting old.

I wish there was some way of posting this pic along with my comment but I'll paste it on my post for a few hours.

Hopefully you will appreciate the humour.


Bas said...

Heya Captain!
You'll get there, although the system 'looks' really weird for an outsider lol. Today I went soaring, any chance we shared the blue skies at the same time? (Only a couple of airmiles in between lol) I reached 2,500 feet, and you?
Have a nice weekend!

getjets said...

Captain Doug, you are a 10, no matter how you put it!!!!!

and if I didn't have this Migraine headache....I would give you a lot more hell...lol

not to mention Met Man Morris, did you send me Tropical Storm Lee.....he or she is going to be here a while....look out when this headache is gone.....LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

Oh no! You didn't scare me away at all! In fact, you keep me coming back! :)


getjets said...

I'm coming to your party tonite Captain 1171='s a very tidy # 10...see ya soon!!!!...even with the headache.....just soon have a good reason for one.....ha ha


Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

I found this link in one of my random searches I do about airlines. Anyhoo, perhaps there are some pilots out there that are interested!



Craig R said...

Ha - love the cartoon! Add in Christmas and .... well, that makes three times a year, let's not push it!

Thanks for the yuk!

Craig R

Aging and spinning

Captain Doug said...


I was saying that very thing to my F/O the other day as our coffee, cookies and ice cream were delivered in the flight deck...

"and to think there are people out there that complain about our job." :)))

If you are on my flight, go easy on critiquing my landing, we pilots are a sensitive bunch. LOL

Captain Doug said...

Craig R. "Aging and Spinning." Love it. I'll take down the cartoon. Wouldn't want people to think this blog is diverting to other topics. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Bas. Soaring? I thought you were taking your PPL?

I've been off the last few days. But saying I was off really means I was working....building a fence. Finished it this afternoon.

I don't return until the September 11th weekend.

Have a nice weekend as well.

Captain D

Captain Doug said...


Headaches are no fun especially migraines. No fun at all.

Maybe it's an over absorption of aviation? LOL

Hope it wasn't something I said. :))))

Captain Doug said...


Sounds like you like to party...with or without a headache.

Must be your "Mardi Gras" upbringing. :))))

When you get "screeched in" in Newfoundland I bet you'll have another headache.
Especially when you wake up in the morning and realize what you kissed.

(For those wondering what "screeched in" is....google it. It's about welcoming an "out of towner" to Newfoundland and kissing a fish and imbibing
a few drinks.

Captain Doug said...

Anon. (Heather) Thanks for the link. I'm certain many out there will appreciate it. Hiring is upon us!

Andrew said...


Long time no comment :\ (Don't worry i've read every post)

Your comment about the new Contract and "Wide" "Narrow" brought up a question. So the Wide pilots would make the same, and the Narrow would be the same, is the Embraer in that "Narrow" group. Does that mean people will start fighting over top spot on the Jungle Jet (I think thats what you've called it before)


PS I've finished my PPL Flight test, now just have the Ground exam

Heather said...

I'm trying to participate more in the comments! :)


Captain Doug said...

Heather you are no longer "anon." :))))

Now if you can convince YYC Dispatcher to drop "anon" then you two won't be "Anon" Albertans.

Captain Doug said...


I think the small Airbus and the Embraer would be the narrow body group along with the low cost carrier portion. Again, this is all speculation.

So you finished your flight test. Bravo!
I thought most complete their MOT written before they did their flight test?
Just wondering....

Andrew said...

Ya I have 1 year from the flight test to do the exam. And thats true most go the other way. But I did ground school 4+ years ago and with the Guelph Airpark closing down, I wanted to get the flying out of the way (so I don't have to keep paying through the nose)Shouldn't take me long at all.


Cedarglen said...

Hi again, Doug. Humph! I always learn something new when you post and I love it. Your note to Corey mentioned that bids can include percent of class, perhaps to maintain home base etc. Another new one for me, but it sure makes sense. No commuting for you, even if you stay on the A320 a bit longer. I hear you, 5x5. So, when the 767-Left is viable @ Toronto, will you bid low and fly as reserve captain for a while? Before I forget, happy anniversary to you and t he most patient Number One. Three wonderful kids, a nice patio and a new fence and a bit of flying every month. What more can a guy ask for? Best wishes, -Craig

Captain Doug said...

Andrew. So the Guelph Airpark closed down?
I hope you didn't lose any money.

Flying clubs seem to be having a hard time. Funny, I think it's time to start spooling up.

Just another parameter brewing for a perfect storm regarding pilot shortage.

Captain Doug said...


You got it! Because I don't commute I can accommodate the hassle of being bottom guy on reserve on the B767. Having said that, being on reserve has its advantages too....because some very nice flying pops up as the senior guys book off
burning up their sick days before retirement. But you didn't hear that from me. :)

And what else could a guy ask for? Well there's a couple of other things but one can't be greedy, can we? LOL

Thanks Craig

Dave W said...

A beautiful pic of the day!

I remember standing on the flight line at Farnborough some years ago just behind the Concorde as it powered up for take-off - an experience I will never forget - it gives me goosebumps just writing about the memory of the heat, noise and smell of those four Olympus' powering up.......

I am lucky enough to count one of the guys in charge of maintainance of the BA Concorde fleet as a friend and I could listen to him talk for hours about how all the systems work - he was also on 747s and L1011s and even older stuff.

They have a Concorde (G-BOAA) at the East Fortune Museum of Flight in Scotland and when I visited in 2009 I called up my friend and said I was standing by one of his babies, he then proceeded to talk about that particular aircraft for 30 mins as I walked around it - a great treat!

Just one of those memories that sit dormant to be rekindled at the sight of the pic of the day!

I'll have to go through my back - catalogue!

Regards to all (hope you feel better soon Getjets!)

Dave from the UK

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get your bid. But I did hear some personal good news from that bid, as a friend from high school was hired by AC this week. So about 8.5 years after graduating high school he's finally at the Company he wanted since day one. I imagine you'll be teaching him weather one day soon.

On the aviation insanity front, you can follow along on our crazy journey next week as we go JFK-FRA-MUC-ORD-YUL-DEN in 5 days. Attendance ranges from about 70 on the European part to 170 on the North American part. Fun events include a tour of Bombardier (and time in their new C-Series sim), two legs on a chartered 737-900, and parties with AC, UA and Hyatt. Lows will likely be the results from too many 'beverages'.

Fly safe.

Ryan (a semi-anonymous Albertan)

Anonymous said...

And the actual link...



Captain Doug said...

Dave W. You seem to be a frequent contributor to my blog and with it comes some solid stuff. :)

My only Concorde experience was when I stepped inside Air France's simulator in Paris. (It's where I did my first course (A340) with Air Canada).

I couldn't believe how many buttons and switches the airplane had. As you know Airbus has "up, down, off and on."

Do they still have the one parked on the extinct runway at Heathrow? I took a picture of it one day while taxiing by and it's in my book.

Thanks for your story.

Captain D in hot southern Ontario during the long weekend (Labour Day).

(I knew I felt a little off...I'm not working the weekend nor this holiday...means one thing...I'm getting senior in my old age) lol

Andrew K said...

Capt Doug,

On the topic of logbooks this summer... do airline pilots keep a paper logbook or is it all computerized?
If it's paper, how long does it take to fill one?

Captain Doug said...

Ryan (Semi anon Albertan) LOL

So your friend is 26 or 27? In my last class one young lucky guy was only 25. Another 26.
They are looking younger because they are younger. :)

Your crazy journey of yours....is it associated with the Flyer Talk club?

And is this the Ryan that bought my book and I met up with during the last Flyer Talk pow-wow in YYZ?

Enjoy that five day extravaganza!

Captain Doug said...

Andrew K.

The last F/O I flew with actually brought out an official logbook and wrote in every leg. I thought that was cute.

Only a few do that. And they are all neat writers! I haven't touched my logbook in over six years. I had to update it for my United Emirates interview. We get a break down of hours flown every month and I keep those papers. The paper logbook is computer generated because times are recored to within the minute.

As well, we must log our take offs and landings and that too I am a little slack in doing. Actually very slack. On the big birds take offs and landings are an issue but not on the "little bus." I can do more take off and landings in two days than some overseas crews do in three months.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

My friend is 27. What's the lowest rung on the ladder these days? Jungle jet F/O or cruise pilot for something?

And you could certainly spot me from a mile away. It's that Ryan and that trip mostly FlyerTalkers (and some crazy spouses). I'll see if I can get some good shots for the 'reader submission' part of your blog :)


Captain Doug said...

Ryan. Yes, send some pictures our way!

The lowest wrung is right seat on the jungle jet and cruising on the B767. Remember, no matter what they are awarded they are paid the same. They are locked into the "position group" possibly
up to five years. It's a cruel joke and I won't elaborate. I hope this disappears in our new contract.

Although I noticed our last equipment bid needs new hires direct right seat on the A320.
When this happens you know we are hiring! :))))

Hope those "crazy souses" will enjoy the aviation blitz as much as you Flyertalkers. :))))

Paul [Daniel] Asuncion said...


Logbook discussion interesting. Something passengers don't give much thought to.

Wondering. What kind of logbook and other paperwork did Capt. Sully and his crew have to fill out after landing on Liquid Runway-1?

Captain Doug said...

Paul (Daniel) Asuncion.

Funny you should ask that. I received an email from an aspiring pilot this morning. He wanted to know if it was mandatory for pilots to swim. True story! I told this "pilot wannabe" there are some pilots that have a fear of heights. True story.

Good one though....liquid runway! :))))

getjets said...

Ahhhh Captain Doug,,,,have to be one hansome azz fish for me to kiss......

and after it's fryed ....in the fryin pan....I will not only kiss, I'll eat it......AH OH!!!!!!!!!! you started it.....LOL

Hopefully "SCREECING SOON" to ST. John's.....the city with the worst weather...but the clearest liquor.....guessing....:)))))))


ps...Heather....I love your Avatar!!!!!!!!


Captain Doug said...

Getjets. That fish is the whole fish in its entirety.

There are several bars along George street qualified to screech you in.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I have been truly screeched in. :)))

But what a membership!

Jose Vial/surgical oncologist/Brazil said...

its Portuguese,not Brazilian and iam very proud of Embraer ! that flies all around the world .. on the other hand, Bombardier..........you dont risk to fly in Air Canada!!

Captain Doug said...

Jose Vial.

I'm well aware it's Portuguese not Brazillian. That was my poor attempt of humour.
I've been to Sao Paulo so I do realize Brazil speaks Portuguese.

Our pilots love flying the Embraer as a jet, but don't like the many sectors and high work load.

And as far as the Bombardier RJs made here in Canada, I'm glad we gave them away to our connector, Air Canada Jazz. :))))

Sorry to have struck a nerve. You seem very patriotic about the Embraer, and rightly so!

Captain Doug :)

Anonymous said...

Captain Doug.

Can you do a detailed post on how this bidding thing works? What can be bid for? What are the chances of pilots getting the days off they want? etc...

Thanks (whether or not you post)

Heather said...


Thanks for the compliment! :)
I made it in the basic paint program. Perhaps I should make something more aviation-related.... (although they are bees...)



getjets said...


(remember to copy and paste, class)ha ha

preliminary report on the Kansas City air crash....how awful!!!!has the video....I believe he was a 747 pilot.....has not been a good month in Aviation....:(

we just got one "HELL-OF-A" Squall from Tropical Storm Lee....Hey "Met Man Morris".....mind giving me a prediction on it.....?????

I would love to talk Aviation, but you barely work for a living anymore....LOLOLOL

about the storm....
besides the blocking high over Texas, no stirring currents, must be a man....can't make up its mind...where to go...THATS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!

Suject matter: NEW FENCE..... on a scale of 1-10...that ......fence is a 1171....LOL (right?)...

oh and the picture of the builder with one dirty knee....and no watch....yea you wouldn't want to mess it up building a fence....ok I'm done.the picture is a keeper with the "sh....t" eating grin and all!!!!!!!!
Very nice "bob the builder belt"....i'm funnin, you know......

@Heather...of course your Avatar qualifies.....bee's have wings....and their beautiful..just like jets!!!!!!

time for some wine.....brought especially to me by hubby from the Grand Country of Chili....
Cheers to all!!!!!!

miss(somebody put a lock on my computer after a glass of wine....PLEASE)twa.....

I hope I made somebody smile.....not sure about refunds here......:))))))))))))))))course if you used a coupon....ah never mind.....in trouble again....

getjets said...


somebody has to hold down the fort....ha

getjets said...

And Dave W from the UK.....Thank you for the well wishes......!!!!!!!!!

and like you I have a very UNhealthy interest in Aviation.....ain't it great...:)that's why I make a complete PEST of myself here....but as it turns out...you should check out my blog......misstwa.....you can't miss it....IT'S VERY RED......

it's so much better now....!!!
raising hell....not for the faint of heart....

Captain Doug said...

Anon. There are two kinds of bidding. One for the equipment bid and for monthly bids. Not sure which one you are after.

As well, I think I posted on these very subjects many moons ago. But do you think I will/can find them? :)))

YYC_Dispatcher said...
This post has been removed by the author.
YYC_Dispatcher said...

Time to get a Google Account started I guess and join everyone else!

(No Longer Anonymous) YYC Dispatcher

getjets said...

YYC Dispatcher...run..yes, but ya can't hide.....no more Anon.....love it...!!



Captain Doug said...

YYC Dispatcher. Glad to see you Albertans are coming out...so to speak. LOL

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. Your flight aware link didn't work. You are teasing us again. lol

Glad to hear and see your headache is gone.

Go easy on that Chilean wine. That husband of yours is good to you!

Captain D with the dirty knee...:)))

Dave W said...

Captain D with the dirty knee! He's a poet and didn't know it!

Thank you for your kind words, and Getjets, of course I have checked out your blog! That old video of the Convair is something else, belching all that smoke it looks like it has 4 engine fires going simultaneously!

Dave from the UK

Captain Doug said...

Dave W. You caught the rhyme. :)

Glad to see Getjets' blog is getting some exposure.

Bas said...

Aaah, a picture of Captain HandyMan again! lol!

Captain Doug said...

Bas. I know, I know...too many pictures of Captain D.
Waiting for others to send in their personal aviation pics. What about YOU during your soaring extravaganza?!? Surely you must have gotten one of yourself? :))) I know I would have, but then again, I'm not shy in front of the camera.

(I'm certain that egotistical comment will raise a few eyebrows). :))))

whywhyzed said...

Another question on seniority:
If a new hire gets awarded A320 F/O and presumably his seniority number is right at the bottom, how does that affect all the EMB F/Os who are patiently waiting to bid that position? somehow doesn't sound fair?

Plus after the two year period when they go onto salary, they'll be making more than the EMB guys who joined the company much earlier?

Captain Doug said...


You are bang on! Well done! And you are right, it's not fair. If a new hire is awarded F/O on the A320 then they escape that "Hotel California" dreadful awful position group faster- in two years. The Embraer F/O and the cruise positions are locked into a flat salary for up to five years.
They have to move on....to get onto "formula pay." It's the way we treat our young.
Maybe it's why some new hire candidates are actually denying their acceptance? They can't afford it.

The aviation industry is one of the most rewarding things I know, but it can also be one of the cruelest.

But heck, that's what they say about marriage. LOL LOL

Craig R said...

Hiya Captain Doug,

Like the Picture of the Day, and nice job on the fence. But your lawn looks ...... well ..... it looks just like mine! Uh-oh!


Captain Doug said...

Craig R. LOL about my lawn. Yeah, I let it go. That's next spring's project. An irrigation system.
Many of my neighbours have it and yes the "grass looks greener on the other side. "

How was the Burlington Rib Festival? I've been to the one in Ottawa.


Anonymous said...

Nice 'pic o' the day' there Cap'n D. The ''elf 'n' safety jobsters' will be with you shortly! No 'hi-viz' jacket, safety glasses, hard-hat, work gloves, knee/elbow pads, ear defenders, safety boots, coveralls, face mask... need I continue?

Nice fence though :)

Kind regards / Foggy, on a borrowed outernet computer

Andrew said...

The flight school closed down in April, and the Airpark went up for sale. Someone has just recently bought it and is upgrading it as well as bringing back the flight School.

I didn't loose any money besides the fact the Kitchener Flight school is a bit more expensive.

getjets said...


Another plane crash it seems......

Captain D with the dirty knee.....ha ha..... and Dave W....Thank you for the vote of confidence...and Dave W.....cool video....huh....???thanx for checking it out.....

FOGGY....WHATS UP??????????

Craig R said...

Captain D

Ribfest totally rocks! Likely going back tomorrow for another load-up. Labour Day weekend is always bittersweet for me. It marks the end of summer, which is sad, but also brings ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, roast corn and cheap beverages. If one is going to mark a change in the seasons, it may as well come with a decent meal :-)

Craig R

Bas said...

Heya Captain, Naah it's not egotistical ;) It's been a while since we've seen you in your HandyMan uniform though!
Love the fence, it's hard work! (Well, our fence was...lol)
P.s. I'll make a funny picture for you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

@ misstwa
'FOGGY....WHATS UP??????????'

Not a lot! Not so much as you have down your way. Just seen on ABC that 'LEE' has dropped 12" of rain on New Orleans. I guess you must have had something near that?

Hopefully, my outerweb connection should morph back to the internet sort later today; 15.00 GMT - Groundcrew Meal Times - is the latest forecast.

Kind regards / Foggy...


anyone see the ERJ 145 overrun in Ottawa on the news?

not only was it the same type of plane that overran last June in Ottawa, it was the SAME aircraft!

On the flip side, glad all are safe.

getjets said...



Captain Doug....and CAT III.....
Another over run...same jet...one year before......what are the chances.....?????and yes Thank God no one hurt!!!!!!!!!

Are those jet spotter's over at the Ottawa there.....distracting those pilots......ha ha...:)))))

Foggy......so Good to hear from ya.....!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))

will be checking and I hope all is moving in a positive direction for ya!!!!!!!!!!!

yes time to say Goodbye to Irene and now..LEE.......then last night I hear....although small chance at this point.... possibility that a disturbance could form at the bottom of this "cold front".....pushing depression Lee up and away from us....time will tell......

If so.....Met Man Morris/Bob the Builder/.....mind building an "Ark" for us down here.....we may need it.....
hell, I'll help, if you let me wear your tool belt.....just 5minutes.....LOLOLOLOL you know I ma funnin!!!!!!

again Foggy, so good to read your words!!!!:)))))))))))

misstwa up at the crack of dawn on a holiday..........oh, back to bed......

Anonymous said...

Hi gang,

@getjets--LOL...it wasn't me distracting the pilots! Now, if you were there with your red bloomers... :)) (you know I love ya!)
In all seriousness, I did drive by and see a lot of commotion but didn't know what was going on til I watched the news that afternoon.
Pretty shocking that it was almost a repeat of the last time.
I'm glad everyone is okay.

And great hearing from you, Foggy! :)

PS...Ribfest? Craig, I've been to the Ottawa one--yummy is right!!!

Bas said...

I saw the overrun on airlines.net, there's a picture there. Same airline, aircraft AND registration!? Weird!

@Julie, Lol... Bob the Builder building us an Ark xD


Anonymous said...

LOL! Bob the Builder!! Doug the Digger...

Either way, the amusement park (as Getjets calls it) is coming along fabulously! :)))

getjets said...



Captain Doug said...

Hi Foggy.

I removed my safety glasses for the pic (show biz). The knee pads are used for other things...begging with "number one." LOL

But you are right, if a union type visited the site, Captain D would be shut down. :))))

I hope the winds are changing for you!

Captain D with no more projects...for awhile. :)))

Captain Doug said...

Andrew. Glad to hear a new flight school is resurrecting from the ashes.

Hope your flying goes a little more smoothly. :)

Captain D

Captain Doug said...

Craig R.

LOL about food. As we males age our stomachs do our thinking unlike when we were younger with other anatomical appendages doing all
the thinking. :)))

But I hear ya, you can't beat a great meal and that includes before or after "other" things. :))))

A good meal and a few great beverages makes one ask, "what else is there."


Captain Doug said...


You are correct, it was hard work. I told "number one" the first day of digging and setting posts, "I wouldn't want to do that for a living." Makes me appreciate my "cookies and ice cream cushy job at FL 390" a heck of a lot more. :)

The job satisfaction of doing it myself is dwindling. I should be golfing on my days off. Not digging three foot (1 meter) holes in clay. And getting dirty knees. LOL

Bas. I received your personal pic. You are a handsome young Dutchman! You better not post that on your blog. You may have some making non-aviation visits. :))))


Captain Doug said...


You are a tease! Three links and all three just teased me.

Having said all that, here's another link to the incident in Ottawa.


Ottawa Incident

Looks like heavy rain, hydroplaning and Bob is you uncle and not "Bob the Builder."
Poor joke. :(((

Glad there were no injuries.

As far as Arks, I have yet to build one, but looks like Lee dropped a load on you guys.
And Japan got hit hard as well.

Glad I'm on days off!

Captain Doug said...

Anon, Getjets and CAT III Approach. I would blame those airplane spotters near the button of runway 25, but this incident was on runway 32.

Sometimes, when I taxi to the button of 25 I see families waving, but I'm kind of busy to open my window to wave. Unlike the competition I am told,
where they stick their hand out to wave. Those Teal guys! LOL

Captain Doug said...

Anon. There's a cold northerly wind out there telling Metman Doug the seasons are changing
so the "amusement park" is closing. :((((

Captain Doug said...

Getjets. You are working on Labour day with all these comments.

I guess solid aviation reporting takes no holidays. :)))

And Happy Labour Day to you too!!!

A cold northerly wind prevails here but the pressure is rising and those low based stratocumulus clouds will dissipate under the influence of a building high pressure system and it's associated subsidence giving way to sunny skies and seasonal temperatures. Spoken like a true weatherman. LOL

Great weather for the first day of school for Ontario.

With two in university and my youngest going back to school it sure will be quiet at home.

I hope "number one" is happy with just "me" being home.


Bryan said...

yes! My hometown of Kingston! It's truly a great place! Queens is pretty awesome. Good luck to your daughters! And the Pilot House has the best fish and chips around! I'm in Ottawa at Algonquin College now about to start my aviation program.

Happy Flying!


Captain Doug said...

Hi Bryan.

That's what I had, the fish and chips! Not bad. :)))

Although I've been to many places around the world where they claim to have the best fish and chips. :)))

I know quite a few starting their aviation career this week. Good luck to you all.

Hope YOW treats you well!

Captain Doug