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"Pic of the day" sent in by Craig M from Ottawa. He watched flight tracker for days until he got the shot of all shots. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September's enRoute

The enRoute party saw at least 250 to 300 people attend. I'm glad I dressed up artsy-fartsy to fit in. I am also glad I brought "number one" because the scenery proved impressive and I'm not talking Toronto's skyline. But, below is a pic of it anyway. :))))

I met my editor-in-cheif but she was super-duper busy "PR"ing. But she did say my page is extremely popular and I thanked her for keeping me. 

Toronto's skyline seen from the roof top party

Click on the article once or twice and you'll get a readable size. For some reason enRoute did not post September's edition on their aviation blog so here is what I received. 


Foggy said...

Nice tie there, Doug... Oh, hang on!

Pleased you and No.1 had a good time; nice pic of Toronto Downtown as well. Now, what was that aboot the "other scenery", [edited to protect the accused]?

Going back to your last post, that was a good question from "YYZ". And we know what can happen from the LHA A320 attempt to land at Hamburg in high crosswind conditions at Hamburg, Germany, a few years ago. I've got the links bookmarked somewhere - I'll dig them out...

Kind regards / Foggy

Captain Doug said...

Foggy if I wore a tie to that party I would have stood out as much as I did while visiting certain establishments on a recent downtown New York city layover. And for those places it was nothing about ties. ahem Looking back it wasn't one of Captain D's smoother moves. lol

The Hamburg incident...was that a dual input scenario? Yikes. Standing by for the link.

Now that I dropped flying to attend the soiree last night, it's time to seek some extra flying before the end of the month.

Foggy said...

Ahh! It was THAT sort of party?!

Hamburg A320 - Duel Inputs? That's the one; links here:

In no particular order...


Crew offered alternate runway

Another video plus analysis

Inquiry details moments before LH A320 wing-strike in storm

Wing-strike probe queries A320 landing logic

I've seen another vid recently of a Thomas Cook A320 attempting a landing at Leeds/Bradford in similar conditions. They had a similar "one wheel" contact but got airborne again in short order - diverted to Manchester.

Enjoy the flying...

Captain Doug said...


Thanks for going out of your way for these links!
This incident sure had me asking some questions.
But it's easy to second guess pilots after the fact.
So I'll bite my tongue.

I will say those winds were very strong and they were tempting the "wind gods" especially when crosswind limits are supposedly demonstrated only. There is no way I would be taking on "test pilot Jacques from Airbus."

I too thought both wheels had to touch "terra firma" for the Airbus to think it was on the ground.

She's a complicated bird...but a fun bird to fly. :)))

Ed Murphy said...

Hey Doug,

Just read your "En route" article. I have a question about the last question on the article. You say you work out how far out you descend for the destination by multiplying by three the first two digits of the altitude. In that example, you gave 30.000 ft, I'm curious to know but how would you work out the rate of descent? Hope that isn't a silly question!

All the best,


Captain Doug said...


That's not a silly question at all! It depends on what you are flying because of groundspeed. But 1000 to 1500 feet/minute is a start. Of course the winds plays a huge factor, so one may have to pump it up to 2000 feet per minute. Remember on descent we are also doing LAR (looks about right) checks. I.E at 20,000 feet we should have about sixty miles and at
10,000 feet there should be about 30 miles left. As well, airport elevation plays into it. Plus when we transition from standard pressure to local pressure it too factors into the equation.

Thank goodness my airplane does most of the math for me.

So you didn't ask a silly question but somewhat of a complicated one. :)))

getjets said...

Hi Ya Captain Doug, Heavens you do look Handsome!!!!!SERIOUS!!!
and all that scenery...
Toronto is Beautiful at night......


don't let me find out you had those 400 yr old "Sansabelt Slacks" on!!!!!
can't always depend on Sear's to have that once a decade sale on Seersucker.......LOL:)))))))))))) and maybe GarAninmal clothes...ahhhh thought I didn't see that tag hanging out....kidding......i'm done...

Foggy, I tried to leave comments on your site.....will not let me.....is it me.....?????

I remember the Hamburg incident....that was serious...and you beat me to it Foggy, with at least one of the links to it!!!!I must have thousands of Aviation site's, pics, you name it....but no real system to file them...

Again, great pic Captain and seems you had a good time..... Doug.....too bad I have to wait a month to get my next EnRoute....They say patience is a Virtue......time will tell

oh Foggy, did you and Dave W meet up yet?????????????
and I will have to remember to bring my own copy of Captain's book for Ident purposes as well....down the road


Captain Doug said...


You'll have to get vectors to Toronto. Try due NORTH for a start. :)

Many people dump on Toronto but it's the most multicultural city in the world...so I'm told. You wouldn't know from landing in one of the most sterile airports in Canada. Rumour has it that may change.

Plus it's up there in the entertainment side. I rarely get downtown but when I do, I tell myself I could live there. Living in suburbia doesn't cut it for socializing. For example, it's mid afternoon and I could walk the streets naked and no body would notice. Okay, maybe they would...BAD example. And it's not good for job security. LOL

Thanks about my pic. After a glass of wine and a rum drink called something like "Captain's expectations" ...the smiles came easy.

The invitation came designed like a "boarding card" and the drinks had an aviation theme. :)))
I meant to keep the menu. It was cute with all the aviation innuendo.

Ed Murphy said...

Cheers for the reply Doug!

Just to add on, does ATC ever dictate to you the rate of descent they want you to adopt before reaching a certain waypoint? Or is it down to the PIC to make that decision?


Captain Doug said...

Ed, another good question. Yes, ATC may tell us to descend at a certain rate, "descend not less than 1500 feet/min" or they tell us "be level
30 miles west of the YWT VOR ay FL290" Then you can hear the gears grinding with mental math. Actually, we can "build" a waypoint in the FMS (flight management system) 30 miles west
of the YWT VOR and then put in the altitude constraint of FL290. Then we push the button telling "Airbus descend me to this point... at this level." Sweet!

Or they tell us be level at a certain time. Again, the mental gears grind. Or you can look at what the airplane predicts. Sweet!

Bas said...

Interesting one! Phew about the typo haha! I loved Craig R's possible explanation lol!
Take care, I'm going to brainstorm about a goooood question!

Captain Doug said...

Thanks Bas. My editor is looking for more goooood questions. :))))

Foggy said...

Doug, no issues with biting the tongue; after all, the "brass" read this also...

MissTWA - It's probably me, not you. I've had to crank up some computer settings to do with "certain stuff". You're not the only one who finds posting a comment difficult/im-flippin'-possible!! If you would like to post a comment - send it to me by the e-mail link; when I stop laughing (clean version)/picking myself off the floor I'll add it as a comment on your behalf. ;))

As to the "social event", that's 9/29 @ 18.30Z!!


Craig R said...

Interesting point, Captain D, about how some people (mainly Canadians who live elsewhere) love to dump on Toronto. When I travel in the US or abroad and tell people that's where I live, they almost always respond with a smile - "I LOVE Toronto" or "I've always wanted to go there." That's pretty much a universal response.

Toronto isn't perfect, but there really is a lot to like. Especially being in the suburbs - I can have all the big city stuff (sports, theatre, music, shows) yet still enjoy my quiet street at night. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

Pearson may b a bit bland, but it's home. Be it ever so humble ......

Doug Morris said...


I keep getting people taking pics of your articles from Enroute and sending them to me with your name highlighted! I just keep reminding them that I'm the better looking DM.
Keep up the good work on the blog! And in Enroute.
Still flying... just not on your flights!

The Other DM aka Sgt. Doug in Ottawa

Captain Doug said...

Doug Morris. It's been a long time! And yes, you are the better looking Doug Morris.

I hope YOW is treating you well. I think it's a great city.

All the best. The other Doug :)))

Captain Doug said...

Foggy. Now you and Dave behave. Or I'll send Getjets your way. She now has a passport (sort of) so she's pumped for travel! :)))

Captain Doug said...

Craig R.

I agree people abroad love Canada and Toronto.

I've said this before, but when people hear you are moving to Toronto it's as if there is a family death and they give condolences.

Many pilots and their families have the same thinking so they commute. It's a pity.

No matter what, it's the land of opportunity. End of my T.O rant. :))))

Yes, CYYZ is a bit bland as far as passenger amenities, but it's effecient. A passenger approached me awhile ago and asked where
there was a god place to eat. I was lost for words. Tim Hortons???

Yes, it can move airplanes. Many pilots are spring loaded to think CYYZ's ATC lacks. Usually, you'll find they never flew overseas.

But here's some stats on aircraft movements (not bowel movements but take offs and landings) and it's not to be compared to passenger movements (and not that movement either) Sorry my wit is astray.

Any way
CYYZ ranks 18 in the world!!! Movements are up almost 3%!!!

We beat out JFK at 21, EWR (Newark) at 19, SFO at 23, LGA 27 and BOS at 28.

So we are in the big leagues but being typical Canadians we would rather bash than praise.

Geez I'm on a roll tonight. Must be the dark chocolate I'm eating. :)))

Craig R said...

Here (hopefully) is a link to some interesting

aerial photos

of Toronto, some dating back to the 1920s. (In the event I messed up the hyperlink, the URL is http://leenks.com/link381165.html).

The pictures of the Island Airport (CYTZ) and what is now Pearson (CYYZ) are particularly interesting. The shot of the intersection of Jane and Lawrence, circa 1950, looks quite different from what you see out the airplane window today (it's visible to the south when on short final for 24L/24R).

No doubt Toronto's 'movements' were a bit less than they are today. But you can see the greatness percolating :-)

Captain Doug said...

Craig R.

Thanks for the links. There certainly have been a few changes. The good ole days!
When pilots were....oops...I better stop there.

Agreed. You could see the greatness effervescing. :)))

I see they are closing the Canadian Air and Space Museum at Downsview (Toronto).
Pity...my book sold there. Well at least it did when I visited the place about 3 years ago.

Well at least I finally infiltrated the Ottawa Aviation Museum. I think? Maybe they just humoured me about acquiring my book.

Anonymous said...

From the Hamburg incident...
"Airbus has responded with a justification of the system design. It states that the limitation of the flight controls during touchdown is designed to avoid pilot-induced oscillation during landing."

"Pilot - induced oscillations?" - wait! Who's flying the plane?!I think pilots should have complete control of the aircraft at all times. Or if it is really necessary, keep the system, but have it disable when the pilots apply FULL right stick. There's a reason they're applying FULL right stick or do pilots routinly use max. control inputs during landing?

Captain Doug said...

Anon. One would be "to the stop" during a maximum crosswind landing, but immediately after landing you don't want the airplane flying anymore.
I guess this is what they are getting at. But this incident was pushing the airplane to its capability. When you are near the envelope, you better be on your numbers.

I'm gone flying this afternoon and I'm hoping Captain D won't be doing full deflection of anything.

getjets said...

Captain Doug, ....Due North Vector to the CYYZ in a couple of months.....

how appropriate to fly "JAZZ" air out of New Orleans......

@ Craig R....maybe I can get a peek at ya while there.....didn't realize you lived that close.

lets see who else can I corrupt...MMMMMMmmm lol

FYI....I have a REAL Passport "Book" and Passport "CARD"
which allows me to walk, crawl, swim, drive, fly my beeehind anywhere even that scary Vector Due SOUTH YIKES.......!!!!!!

to hell and back....
chances are he who dons the horns.... would return me and want double his money back....can't say I didn't try.....have to open my own place......:)))))))))))

KK Mr. Foggy....I will send my NC-17 at times comments via e-mail....yea go ahead and clean m up.....

so today is the big meeting ...probably right now....ya'll on your 3rd vino.....?????

should have hoped a plane...lol....it's 13:45 here....I hope we get plenty of pics.....can't wait to see.....

Captain Doug said...


Shall I suggest a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) because "the lady with the big red bloomers" will be infiltrating Canadian airspace? LOL

Glad you have finally been granted your freedom to travel. I can tell people are getting nervous. :)))

I'm off on a very short turn this afternoon to top up the month. Gotta start saving for your visit. LOL

Captain D

getjets said...


Yes, LOL, by all means send out a NOTAM.... that the one with the Crooked Halo.....AKA...the one who has her APU....is waiting in the "Wings"....so to speak....to plan her Vector North....for the kick off of the C.D.A.S.(Northern terrritory branch....ha)
surely the UK can't have all the Fun.....:)))))))
it' will be such fun....

No Need to be Nervous....LOL

Captain Doug, Too funny, I am low maintenance....so no spending spree here.....

and so far no one noticed I spelled the word "hoped" wrong on my last comment.... where the hell is BAS.....LOL

Captain Doug, I Thank you for the invitation....maybe not the right word....but to get a chance to meet ya....and get my International feet wet....

I am the one who will be Nervous as Hell!!!!!!Serious....
but I am a big girl.....


ps...Safe "bunny" hop flight Captain Doug today!!!!

Foggy said...
This post has been removed by the author.
Foggy said...


Just dropped Dave W at his residence - enjoyable evening had by all. 2nd meeting of the CDAS - UK Squadron - will take place shortly at a time and place to be NOTAM'd... Watch this space!!

As I was driving - 1 Green King IPA only, for me, then OJ 'n' Soda!! Put the world to rights - polito's take note, or butt oot!!!

^J^ - "KK Mr. Foggy....I will send my NC-17 at times comments via e-mail....yea go ahead and clean m up....." I'll post 'em as they come - and may your deity of choice have mercy upon my soul................

Cheers / Foggy - complete with small Oban single malt (now I'm not driving ;)

...edited far rubbish speeling

getjets said...

Captain Doug, next to the word "Altitude"....on this post of a page from your EnRoute......there's a logo of a jetplane(yes one word, Bas...ha)....anyways...it's a circle just a hugging away on a(red and white)... jetplane with 4 engines....

Does the Air Canada fleet have any 4 engine jetplanes??????????

Well...I am so happy that Mr. Foggy and Dave W's inagural meeting of the CDAS (UK Squadron) went real good....!!!!!!!and book 2 in the works......

yea Bad mouthing people can be time consumming.....:))))))))))))

I want to hear at least some of gossip...........LOL...and perhaps a pic or two....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Foggy, your reflections on way home...and no need to clean my comments...they are self-cleaning now.....and I can only hope the deity of my choice...well .....will figure in the heart as well as the soul....

or guess I'm outta brownie points....it's all good....except when it's not....

and maybe I have put the cart before the horse with my trip in the works.......I certainly appreciate all the Pearson pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and scoop....

miss(sure can talk some rubbish...)twa
hey I'm starting to talk like I live on the other side of that silly pond.....

^J^ {) ....been thinking my halo is bent...Nope, shape of my head....

Hope your home safe and sound Captain from your hop, skip, and jump flight:)))))
who knew....Crown Royal and water ain't cheap....LOL

Cedarglen said...

Hello Doug and all. Don't know how we got onto the LH044 wing strike, but interesting. I saw the video years ago, but interesting to read Foggy's background links. Yup! I'll bet that Capt. Doug had some BIG questions at the time. I also note that the LH FO has less that 600 total hours! That's not much for driving an A320! Non-pilot me still questions why they attempted that landing in the first place; they MUST had had other options. Pushing the edge of "Demonstrated" x-wind might be OK for experienced test pilots under research conditions, with not with PAX aboard and a 24-YO (600 hours) driving. Our Capt. Doug does not fly that way and regular readers know it. (Thanks, Doug!!)
Foggy: Great that you had a good meet with Dave. Here's for expanding the fan club. Also nice to see some new posts at your homebase. Agree with GJ's note about posting comments there. That was the subject of the back channel note via Doug some weeks ago. I too have never been able to leave a compliment on said blog. Again, a nice enRoute page Doug.
-Craig (Of Cedarglen)


I did finally read about the "incident" caused by the turbulence you asked about on Sept 25th....a certain A330 from YYZ to YUL?

Dave W said...

Hi folks,

Brilliant night of conversation with Foggy, I believe his blog only scratches the surface of interesting stories! Can't wait for the next one! Its fair to say as I did not drive I consumed enough "beverages" for both of us! Sorry to say one of us was a little camera shy so no pic I'm afraid (I took my camera and wore a clean shirt!) Oh well, I'll bring a false beard and dark glasses for the next meeting and I for one hope it will not be too long till then! Can you believe we live within 5 miles of each other? Small world.

With reference to the Lufthansa A320, I attach another link for your perusal:

A320 wing strike report

And with reference to CATIII's comment, see below:


It is only fair to say such incidents involving passengers are extremely rare and for those who observe the seatbelt signs, almost unheard of.......

Capt. D, felt guilty for not having read your book - only 2 left at Amazon.co.uk, you'd better send 'em some more! Look forward to having it signed in person at some point in the future!

Regards to all

Dave (with a sore head!) from the UK

getjets said...

@ Dave W.....Love the pic of you.....and to hear a couple of the stories shared...

and live just 5 miles apart.....what are the chances of that....well aparantly 100%...but still....!!!!!!!

glad there will be a follow up...meeting.....

funny I have a book looks just like that......mine is full of cards and pics and maps....but no autograph....working on that though.....LOL

oh and Thank you for the link as well!!!!!

Hope all is well with you Captain Doug......I looked in my EnRoute, doesn't seem to be any 4 engine jetplanes anymore.....with your A C...???


Captain Doug said...

Getjets. There you go teasing the masses again with a dead end link(flickr). This is what it says, "Oops! Looks like you followed a bad link."

My "bunny hop" yesterday proved interesting. You are going to hear about it later today. :)

Captain Doug said...

Do you scrutinize each pic with a magnifying glass? Nothing gets by you. :))) You should be working for the FBI (Flight Blog Investigators).

Most people identify an airliner with four engines. I guess B747s? You'll even see it used for airport signs while driving.

Do you think we should tell enRoute there are no Canadian registered four engine airliners? Or just keep it a secret between you and I and my blog? LOL

Captain Doug said...

Cedarglen. You pegged it about the questions I was asking regarding the LH incident. But again, it's easy to second guess.

But we have to bestow confidence in our co-worker so there is a fine line sometime. For example, I offered my F/O the leg into La Guardia on an A321 last night. It's near the top of the list as far as aircraft size landing in USS LaGuardia.

The F/O did an amazing job!

I'm off to LAX this afternoon which everyone knows is a super-duper crazy busy airport. And yes, I'll offer the option of the first leg. It will be the first time we meet as well. How's that for trusting? LOL

You are probably asking, "don't I get tired of landing back in Toronto." The answer is "no." I'm just glad I'm along of the ride.

They better not use me as a negotiator for our pending contract. LOL

Captain Doug said...

CAT III approach. That's it. In fact, Dave W found the link. :)

Captain Doug said...

@ Dave and Foggy. Well done as far as the rendezvous! Sounds like a good time!
The North American chapter must now organize a similar one. LOL

Dave, I read your link about the wing strike. I noticed the report, which suppose to be objective, slipped by mentioning the f/o's gender.

And thanks about the Aviation Herald link. That was indeed the incident I heard about. I am amazed it escaped the media.
The Aviation Herald certainly has it's ear to the ground when it comes to the "goings on" in aviation.

As far as Amazon, that's how they operate. They carry a bare minimum supply and are continually ordering.

By the time you read this, your sore head will be back to normal just in time for more. LOL

Foggy said...

Dave W - Good link, and the link in the article to the official report: downloaded for future analysis. Some of the article comments were, I'll say: interesting!

Doug, I think the detail of the F/O gender is a requirement in German Law. Having worked in Germany, and with German's elsewhere, everything official is required to be "in Ordnung" - in order - I believe the phrase is.

Looking forward to the "hop, skip 'n' jump" report... LAX with a "new" F/O? No probs... if they've been there before. Enjoy.


P.S. apologies for the major "comment drift". I was just responding to an answer you gave another contributor on the previous post.


Captain Doug said...

Foggy. I have a "hop, skip'n jump" report coming out soon about my flight to New York last night.

No problem about "comment drift." There's no blog police here....yet....

Gotta start packing...on the road again...

getjets said...

Oh Captain...Thanks for posting as pic of the day...that silly cartoon....not like it's going for the belly laugh....just a smirk will do..... ;/

It's probably best you can't pull my "tease" site up.....after think about it....

I'm telling ya....it's works for me....but you have to hold your icon JUST right on that top bar....

Nope...not much gets past me.....unless it does....ha ha..
true most people identify jetplanes...with 4 engines....
what ever you do...don't tell them....lets keep it our secret...phewww that was close....

can't wait to hear about your bunny hop.....skip....

Dave W.....AGAIN....I love your pic....now was that taken before or after beverages....curious.....can you sing the alphabet?????

Thanks again for the post of cartoon Captain(dark chocolate)yummmmm
when are you going to post, if packing.....Mmmmmmmmcan't copy and paste but drives a bus.....Holy Moly....LOL
Safe flight.....


i love how the report says" if the F/O had have made the move 1.5 secs earlier there wouldn't have been a 23° bank" LOLOLOL

police reconstruction...." well if you had have hit your breaks 1.5 secs earlier you wouldn't have hit the car infront of you!! LOL

how about the ANA flight that rolled 130°?! trust would be out the window after that.......but makes you realize Doug, just how much trust you instil in someone right off the meeting.....let's think about it differently....you meet someone for the first time at a gas station....they say "hey, nice Bimmer you have".....and you throw them the keys for a 4 hour drive without hesitation.....hmmmmmmmmmmm.....not sure the same would apply LOLOL....now add a snowstorm on top of that.....wow......you really do have to "trust your counterpart"

Safe flying all.....

CAT III Approach

getjets said...

Good Lord, I hate this......you know I meant nothing by saying "you can't copy and paste, but you drive a bus".....

I got that damn nagging in the back in my mind....is Captain Doug gonna take offense....maybe cause I am having a weak moment.....ahhhhhhhhhh, well you know I was just funnin with ya....

Now, I can give my "TWA RED" painted fingernails a break....

won't be so lucky next time....besides hurry up and post ugly bunny slipper hop, skip, and jump....post you have us all waiting on pins and needles.....LOLOLOLOL

did i just do it again....oh well.....

did you wear the same shorts out on the town as last time..in the York......come on give it up....

Daniel said...

Good questions!

( Oh, if you got those emails from my email today im sorry. It sent a lot of spam out today ( it was me ! ) lol.

Captain Doug said...

CAT III Approach. That's exactly what I did today... threw the A321 keys to my F/O. First time we met. In fact, you'll see most pilots walking
around in flight planning asking ..."are you going to .....?"

We had a fully loaded A321 to LAX. I got James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) to sign my book. Apparently, these flights are loaded with celebrities.

Good analogy about the BMW. Actually, it would be equivalent to letting "number one" drive. Oops, I better duck... LOL

And yes everyone, Pierce Brosnan is as good looking in real life. :))))

Foggy said...

More comment drift - Pierce Brosnan is a really nice, genuine guy, by most accounts. Never got into those JB movies, but he was certainly better than Mr. Moore. For me, the re-make of the Thomas Crown Affair was a lot easier on the eye, but then I was mostly watching Rene Russo through THAT dress! Talk about WCS...............

Captain Doug said...

Daniel. Yup, got some spam from your email. I treated it as such. :)))

Captain Doug said...


I think Mr. Brosnan can be read the wrong way. Case in point, one of the F/As ( actually a few thought he was pompous, etc)
Then "James Bond" was reluctant to remove his personal listening device for take off. One flight attendant approached him and mentioned the rules. "James" shrugged him away. The F/A entered the flight attendant in a tizzy. I'm thinking, here we go, I am going to have to call the police on James Bond.

I believe if the passenger persists in not listening then so be it. They were warned.
When the flight attendant left, the F/O and I looked at each other and said, this could be interesting.

I figure if James Bond wants to fly in his underwear to LAX, then let him. He is a zillionaire and the negative publicity is not worth it.

Things settled down during the flight. I exited the washroom the same time he came up. He stood there with the body language, "get out of my way." But when I said hello he responded in a respectful "Hello, Sir." Again, he is probably read wrong all the time. Can you imganine what it would be like to be hit on by pretty women every five minutes? For most of us, it is a fantasy but in reality it would be far from it.

The incharge got him to sign my book and she showed him my column. Now I'm waiting for Hollywood to call. LOL

In the mean time I am in Montreal about to launch for rain infested Halifax.

P.S I wanted to go back and say (just like the Bond movies...my name is Bond...James Bond )...My name is Doug, Captain Doug.

But I hid in the flight deck instead. :)