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What are the best car brands that start with 'm'?

Alright, so let's dive into the world of magnificent motors starting with 'M'. First in the queue is Mercedes-Benz, a brand that's as luxurious as me on a Friday night! Then, we have Mazda, the Japanese stunner that's as reliable as your mom's spaghetti. Let's not forget Maserati, the Italian stallion that's as sleek as my dance moves. We have Mini, a compact yet mighty brand, just like me at a buffet! Last but not least, McLaren, the British beast that's as fast as rumors in a small town. So folks, there you have it - five of the most meritorious 'M' car brands that will make your heart rev faster than their engines!

Cars (2006 movie): What mark/model is Lightning McQueen?

Well, folks, here's a funny one for you. Do you remember our favorite hotshot racecar, Lightning McQueen from the 2006 movie "Cars?" Well, guess what, he is not a specific make or model from any car manufacturer you could name! Nope, not at all! Instead, he's a unique blend, a custom-built race car inspired by a variety of real-life models including the Corvette C6 and the Ford GT40. You've got to hand it to Pixar, they sure know how to keep us car enthusiasts on our toes!